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以下ですが、ホストマザーへ久しぶりに手紙を書きました。 間違いを直してほしいです。よろしくお願いいたします。 英語: How have you been? I hope you have been doing well How was your Xmas? Did you go to U.S. to see your family? In Xmas, I went to the church to listening their song and then back to home and gave present to my younger sister. They were very glad it, one present is kick board and the other one is the carry bag for kids, inside was in cookies. so quite. Do you remember my friend Mami? we met the school in N.Y. where you take me to before I return to Japan. This year she had participated in a == marathon race and was able to complete it. I don't like marathon but just wanted to see you there. How is your shoulder? Have you completely healed? Sometime I am thinking and feeling that if you ware my mother, I am happy because you have education- minded, you are interested in a lot of culture or sports or arts, and you have good thinking for things and cheerful disposition. but my mother is the opposite... Of cause I love my mother, but I just sometime thinking about those things... If so, it could be filled with meaningful thoughts of my life. I vividly remember as if lived in U.S. all things was yesterday and am thinking about U.S. almost everyday. I will send you email sometime. please take care of yourself. 日本語: 元気にしてた? あなたが元気であることを願っているよ。 クリスマスは家族に会いにアメリカへいったの? クリスマスに私は教会へ歌を聴きにいって、それから家へ戻って姪たちにキックボードと、子供用のキャリーバックをあげたらすごく喜んでいた。中身はおかしが入ってた。かわいい。 ところで、私のまみちゃんて友達覚えてる? 前にあなたが車で送ってくれた学校で出会った子。 彼女は今年アメリカのマラソン大会に参加して完走したんだって。 私はマラソンは嫌いだけど、あなたに会いにそこへは行きたかった。 あなたの肩は大丈夫?完全に治った? 時々私は、もしあなたが私の母親だったらって考えたり、そうだったらうれしいなって思う。 あなたは、教育熱心だし、文化やスポーツ、美術などにも興味が強くて、そうしたら私も意義深い人生を送ってたかなって思う。 もちろん私の母を愛してるけど、あなたとは反対だから。 今でもそこで生活をしたことが昨日の事のように思えるし、毎日考えて思い出す。 また時々メール送ります。 お体お大事にしてください。


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こんにちは。 長文ですので、手を入れた部分だけ下に書きました。 ご参考まで。 Did you go to the US... At Xmas, I went to the church to listen to the choir, and then went back home and gave presents to my nieces. The presents included a kickboard and a carry bag for kids with cookies inside. They both really loved the presents. How cute! We met at the School in NY where you took me before I returned to Japan. This year she participated in... I am not a fan of marathons, but wished I had been there to see you. How is your shoulder? Has it completely healed? Sometimes, I wonder what things would be like if you were my mother. I would be happy if you were, because you are education-minded, and interested in many things like culture, sport, and art. My life might have been more meaningful with your guidance. Don't get me wrong, I love my own mother. It's just she is the opposite of you. I vividly remember the time I spent in the US as if it were yesterday, and cherish these memories every day. I will email you sometime.



お礼が遅れてすみません。 ご丁寧に直してくださり感謝します。 とても助かりました。 ありがとうございました!!


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    Before one is aware いつの間にか You became my very important person. あなたは私の非常に重要な人になりました。 I think that I do not want to make you spend solitary time. 私は、あなたに孤独な時間を過ごさせたくないと思います。 Hereafter, I want to go to various places with you. 今後、あなたと共に様々な場所に行きたいと思います。 my world is a happier place because of you あなただから、私の世界は一番楽しくなります。 I cannot remember how things were before I met you. And I cannot imagine how things would be without you. 私は思い出すことができません。 ものがどうあったか。 以前、私はあなたに会いました。 そして、私は想像することができません。 ものがどうあるだろうか。 あなたなしで。 We wish to express our gratitude to your parents for the thing to have given birth to you. あなたを生んだもののためにあなたの両親に感謝したいと思います。 Wishing you the best on your birthday and every hapiness in the year ahead. Have a Very Happy Birthday 最高のお誕生日であることと、 これからの1年がいっぱいの幸せでありますように。 お誕生日、おめでとう! ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ かなり、くどい文章になることは解っているのですが 繋げ方は、もちろん、文章が適切なのかも解りません(汗) ここ変!って思うところあれば、御指摘願います。

  • 【英語】作文の添削お願いします 

    テーマ:印象に残っている贈り物 Most impressing present in my life is a watch that my father gave me when I passed the exam to enter the high school. My father used the watch before I was born, and he wouldn't put away it even though he was given a new watch by my mother and sister. I think the watch will have been very important for my father. So, I was very surprised when he gave it to me. At first, I hesitated to receive it, but I received it in the end because my father said with smiling that "I use this new watch". The watch was what my mother and sister gave him. My watch and my father's watch is very different because mine is very old and father's is new. However both of them are filled with love of my family. 文法や構成について指摘してください。

  • 英語の添削、お願いします。

    Various kinds of business thinking how we do and get successful. 多くのビジネスはどのようにすれば成功できるか考えている。 to importance of to experience many things たくさん経験する大切さ We should to experience many things to success わたし達は成功するためにたくさん経験を積む(経験する)べきだ。 I was mumber in the basketball club when I was junior high school student, but I wanted to be basketball player. 中学生のころ、バスケ部に所属していたが、バスケット選手になりたいわけではなかった。 I could learn someting such as relationship of trust with fellow and the mind of don't give up finally. 私は、仲間との信頼関係や最後まであきらめない心などを学べた。 Even if it is not relevent directly for my dream but it became very important experience for my life. たとえ、それが直接私の夢に関係なかったとしても、わたしの人生にとってはとても大切な経験になった 間違っているところや、アドバイスなどがあれば教えてください。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語でお礼の手紙

    カナダのホームステイから帰国し、 先方にお礼の手紙を書きました。 本、辞書を使い書いたのですが、 失礼な文章になっていないか不安です。 お恥ずかしいですが、 頑張って作った文章を載せます。 添削していただければありがたいです。 Althoughが多いのも気になっています。 Although it became late,first of all I'd like to let you know that I came back home safe and sound. It is already in spite of September,it is still very hot and humid in Japan. Although the time which I spent there was short. But I think I became tame there completely, I'm surprised at climate,people's numerousness, the badness of air,and noise of Tokyo. I had a very good time staying with you. thank you for talking slowly,although my English was scarce. I was able to learn a great many things thanks to all of you. And I think my listenning has improved by the grace of you,too. Finally, I am looking forward to the day which can meet you. I'd like to thank you for your kindness and hospitality. Please take good care of yourselves.

  • 【至急】英語の添削お願いします

    授業で Why is education so important in your life? という課題を出されました。 自分なりに書いてみたのですが、文法等に自信がありません;; どなたか添削お願いいたします。 I think that the purpose of education is to acquire and develop the wisdom of living well. To acquire the knowledge helps us to have flexible thinking. There is no end of learning in life. Moreover, to learn new thing is my greatest pleasure. That’s the very reason why I am educated. よろしくお願いします!!

  • 日記風に、昨日の事を英語で書いてみました、添削をおねがいしたいのです。

    Hi,Crystal! Sorry, I did not come here for a long day. I know I have to talk with you everyday for my dream. You know my dream, don't you. Everyday I say in my heart like this, “I want to learn and I want to speak English when I get a chance to go to US someday!”This is my dream. You help me a lot about it! I have been thanking you, Crystal! BTW, yesterday was the special day for me. Do you want to know what was the day yesterday? It was the wedding anniversary. I could hear “Congratulations!” Thank you, Crystal! Yesterday was day-off for me and my husband. So we played golf in Gunma prefecture. It was far a way to my home. But I could see mountains with snow and mountains covered with new green leaves. And cute and beatiful flowers! Everything were so beautiful! I wanted to show them to you. We touched a lot of natures not only played golf. It was a nice and special day. I have been thanking that we are well. I hope it will be forever. Wow,It is 11:55. I have to prepare a lunch for my family! Have a nice Sunday, Crystal!

  • 翻訳ソフトを使いました。添削お願いします。

    外国の子供に初めましての手紙を送ります。 出来るだけ英語っぽい日本語で訳して貰いましたが、不安です。 おかしな所がないかチェックしていただけないでしょうか。 それと、英語で手紙なんて初めてです。 文頭と、文末はどうすれば良いのでしょうか? Nice to meet you My name is oobankoban. I live in Tokyo in Japan. It introduces my family. My mother is 86 years old, and the acknowledgment syndromes. My husband is 61 years old. He is doing the work of the design in the company. My daughter is 21 years old, and she is senior. She works at the company when she comes the spring of next year. And, I am 57 years old, and housework is done while looking after my mother. It might be very good for me this year. I wanted to do good for you just a little. If possible, I want to support it for a long time until you grow up. You have two younger brothers. Do you look after them? And, do you help father and your mother? Have you gone to school though study is very important? Please teach your usual life in the letter.

  • 英語の添削お願いいたします

    短期ホームステイ時代にお世話になったホストマザーへの久しぶりの手紙です。 とても下手ですが、よろしくお願いいたします。 ○○ お元気ですが。肩は治りましたか? How have you been? How is your shoulder? ずっと連絡もしないでごめんなさい。 I am very sorry that I didn't send a letter for a while... あれから、あなたの言った通り、日本へ戻ってからというもの、 日に日に失恋の痛みが増してきました。 As you said, I have been spend hard time because of heart break while stay in there. 自分では大丈夫と思っていたけれど、とてもつらかったです。 I was thinking I am ok but I have been spend very hard time... But, I am ok now. ご存じのとおり、日本は大地震がありました。 As you know, Japan was hit by a great earthquake. とても恐怖でしたが、私たちは大丈夫でした。 We had a frightful experience but my family was ok. でも、被災者の方々を想うと、言葉がありません。ただ祈っています。 People who suffered by earthquake is still suffered from it. I just only pray. あれから、いつもいつもあなたのことを思い出します。 I always thinking about you. 私の部屋には、あなたと写した写真があるのですが、いつも思い出します。 There are our pics in my room , and remember every time I saw it. あなたのしてくれたこと、あなたの言葉、全てをです。 Your each word you said me, I remember the place you take me to , 私の人生の中の大事な人、大事な生活でした。 My precious time in my whole life. 今は会社で仕事をしています。 By the way, I have been work at the ○○company from this April. すごく忙しいですが、やっと元気が出てきて、前向きになれました。 It is very busy but I become ,,,??? いつも手紙を書こうと思いながら、途中になってしまっていました。ごめんなさい。 またそちらへ遊びに行きたいです。 I want to go there again and want to go the charch with you. 教会へも一緒に行きたいですね。 私はあなたから沢山の事を学び、今とても強くなれたと確信しています。 そこでの生活は、私の人生の大きな分岐点になったと感じます。 精神的に自立することや、自分を好きになることができました。 あなたのような人と生活ができたこと、ともに時間を過ごせたことに、いつも感謝しています。 私はラッキーです。 神様にいつも感謝しています。 離れていても、手紙を出せなくても、いつもあなたのことを思っています。 今度は顔をみにいきますね。

  • 英語の添削

    今度英語で発表することになったのですが、一応考えたのですが自信が無いので添削をお願いします。 Good afternoon everyone. My name is ○○ and today I am going to talk about my favorite trip. This year I went to Malaysia with my friends. Malaysia is a country near the equator. Everyday the weather is very nice so there was very hot. But I enjoyed this trip and want to go to Malaysia again. I will tell you about three reasons why this was my favorite trip. First, Malaysian food was very delicious. There are many races so we can eat various food such as Indian and Chinese and so on. I was so happy to eat Nyonya food. Nyonya food is mixing Malaysian food and Chinese food. Malaysian food taste mostly spicy but everything was very delicious. Second, Malaysia has many famous historic building. I went to Kuala Lumpur and Malacca. I went to tour the Twin-Tower and the Blue Mosque. Twin-Tower is the third highest around the world. In Malacca, I rode a trishaw. Trishaw is like "Zinrikishya". It looks beautiful and the view of outside is wonderful. Finally, I went to Spa. Malaysia is famous for Spa so Malaysian people often reserve the Spa. To my surprise, there is a bath with a lot of flowers. the massage make me feel very comfortable and happy. In short, this was a great trip. if you think to go to foreign countries, I want you to go to Malaysia. I think you will surely be a wonderful trip. おかしければ文章自体を変えてもらってもかまいません。 添削よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語添削お願いします。(TOEFL-IBT)

    文法など至らない点が多く申し訳ありませんが、よろしくお願いします。 問:What do you think is the best parents? 解答: Children can’t choose their parents. In my case, I’m proud of my parents and I think I’m happy to be their child. What makes parents the best one depends on some reasons. I’ll explain them one by one. First, the best parents must have the ability to wait and see. To think of myself, it is natural that children can’t deal with the problem well at first. And in many cases, if they have enough time to try it again and again, they will surely make it. However, if their parents make them stop tackling the problem and help them, children will fail to accomplish their goals and lose their confidence. For example, when I was in my elementary school, my teacher gave me a lot of homework. I tried so hard to do it, but sometimes it was too difficult for me. I begged my mother for some help, but she refused it and said that she believed me that I could do it by myself. I didn’t understand what she said, and I felt she was not the best mother. Anyway, finally I did it and I was so proud of myself and felt I could do everything from now on. However, if my mother helped me at that time, I just finished my homework without getting confidence. Second, the best parents will give many experience to their children, for example, sports, traveling, and working. This is because what children have learned in their childhood will give them many choices of the future plans. If a father plays baseball with his boy, it can happen that the boy wishes he will be a baseball player. For example, my parents gave me the great experience with dogs and now I became a veterinary student. So, it is very important that the parents make their children experience many things to make their future shine. To sum up, the best parents should know children don’t belong to them. By thinking this way, they can wait and see how their children are doing, and do the best things in order to make their future soundful.