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about lots of thongs you say im no fun when im sad okey. i thought some suporrt from you good bye i'm hurt too you say im no fun because im sad and have problems how can you say this to me??? i wanted Yuri support.. i thought you say you dont need me because i have problems and i am sad how should i feel???? Nina asking me month to tell you im so poor... you understand? yes Nina asking me month time to tell you this so thats why im so depressed i was holding this inside me


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    いちおう訳してみます。 about lots of thongs いろんなこと you say im no fun when im sad あなたは私が悲しい時、私が面白くないと言う okey.                                         よろしい i thought some suporrt from you あなたから何かサポートがあると思った good bye                                      さようなら i'm hurt too you say im no fun because im sad and have problems あなたは私が悲しく問題がある時は面白くないと言う how can you say this to me???  あなたはどうしてこんな事が私に言えるのか? i wanted Yuri support..   私はユリのサポートを欲した i thought you say you dont need me because i have problems 私に問題があるからあなたは私を必要としないと言ったと思う。 and i am sad だから私は悲しい how should i feel???? 私はどのように感じればいいのか? Nina asking me month to tell you im so poor... you understand? ニーナは一ヶ月私が貧乏だとあなたに言うよう頼んでいる yes Nina asking me month time to tell you this そうだ、ニーナは一ヶ月これをあなたに言うよう頼んでいる。 so thats why im so depressed これが私が憂鬱な理由だ i was holding this inside me  私はこれを(私の)中に持っていた。     以上が、一応の訳です。エストニアからはヨーロッパへの移民が多く、イギリス北部の都会などではタクシーの運転手はみんなエストニア人だというほどです。言い換えれば本国では職が無いという事でしょう。悲しさが伝わって来る文章ですね。




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多くのことについて、 あなたは私を詰まらないと言う、私が寂しい時に。 いいさ。 私は、あなたから支援を求めていた さようなら 私は傷ついている。 あなたは、私が寂しく、そして問題を抱えているから、私が詰まらないという どうすればあなたは、私にこんなことが言えるのか??? 私はユリの支援を望んでいた 私が寂しくて そして問題を抱えていから、あなたは私を必要としないと、あなたは言っていると私は思った どう私は感じればよいのだろう??? ニナは私に月(month)を求めた、私がとっても可哀想だとあなたに言うために。。。あなたには分かる? そう、ニナは私に月を求めた、あなたにこのことを言うために。 そして、それが、私が沈んでいる理由だ、 私は、このことを私の心のうちに秘めている。 この書き手は英語の文法を正確に守っていませんので、良く分からない箇所がありますが、多分、こういうことを 言いたいのだろう推し量って訳しました。ご参考まで。





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    Yuri i'm scared when you act this way real yes yes i'm tired of be alone i want marry life and peace you want me live here? um lets talk about this when meet? privat? i explain i make song to Yuri why worry? money? i understand so if you worry so much maby dont go... you know i have no job and i'll work as officer only in 11money big i know come here you don't see okey you sad worried i can tell only one thing...if i lose you i won't live

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    Sorry for not writing you. I was at risk of going to hospital, now i go for another check up. I hope i'll be okey... in short i have acetone breath from my belly... and that means something is very very wrong with my organism.. i have to take a diet.. if that acetone breath not go away than its ver horribly bad.. it can be diabetes .. or kidneys problems... it just my breath smell now... have to take a diet and wait what happens next. if acetone breath go away and dont come back im okey. but if not... there is a possability of ery horrible things for me diet, milk, tea and use 2-3 spoons of sugar. now that acetone breath is gone. now waiting what happens next. but ... i always look after my self... why did this happened to me... i get real diagnosis.. now just wait and see what happen after diet .. if dont get better than its seryous i just prefer to fight sicknnes my self.. medicine harms liver and other organs.. so if one medicine treats - other hurts i'll be okey i'm not afraid of dieing or anything... had many hard times... so this don't scare me... just makes me more and more angry. i feel no happynes any more. other people drink smoke and don't get this problems.. i always get problems always have to torture my self.. always be afraid of something i'm tired of this life you just don't understand.. i hate my life... i cant drink i cant smoke, i cant find a job, i have no money, no car i have nothing and you are very far away... how should i feel??? .. ;( no one askes me what wrong with me... never... its hard to take this.. alone! i have too many problems and now this health risk started... so whats next??? what else should go wrong for me? why life is so cruel to me.. what did i do wrong.. damn it

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    so im not young in Japan too in two yeras umm so you have to marry in Japan soon? i guess i understand for example 25 yer old can marry 40 year old and no problem yes?

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    my health is good and i feel stronger every day! and my family say that Yuri make supre good influence on Arturas and i change :) and Nina say :D Arturas listen to Yuri only one person who Arturas listen is Yuri only like to wife

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    下記の私のメールに対する返信が届きました。 【私の文章(英文で書いてます)】 あなたは私とコミュニケーションをとるのは、面倒ですか? 私は確かに、英語は少ししか話せません。 前のメールでも書きましたが、コミュニケーションが容易ではない事は重々承知の上です。 それから、今回の出来事であなたは呆れてるでしょうか?今回あなたに頼ってしまった事は申し訳なく思っています。 【相手の方からの返信】 ※こちらの文章の訳をお願い致します。 I don't understand what is happening with you, that's to say, why you are asking me if you are annoying me or I'm avoiding you, so that, please this will be the last email I'd send you, and I hope you respect it, I don't want to keep in contact with you from now. Once I took you a report, and I call my wife to help you. This is my manner to process, because of my profession, till here everything is correct, but from this point on I shared two hours join my wife with you, nothing else. As I told you before, please respect my request.

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    自分では所々理解できず困っています...。 よろしくお願いします。 i will go to japan this summer always want to .... i will try to go there in my birthday so you can say happy birthday to me in person ... i be so happy really happy for you to be the first one to say it ...... :) and i be so glad for you to show me around..... and remember this,your emails and you are special to me ..... so please dont ever think that you are bother me ... I love you emails and love you! i am glad that you are special for me and hoping to see you soon .... You are so beautiful and sweet.

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    Martynas wants to be EVERYBODYS friend, but he dont undastand that you cant be everybodys friend and need your company we used to be big company martynas , toma, monika me and so on but martnas has this thing that he is runningaround difarant companies and this way he loses friends so thats his problem i dont tolerate this some times looks like Martynas does not care about any friends he do what he like i dont know.. im angry at him and i dont tolerate this behaviour in short Martynas needs no friends but it not real friends

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    when party and drink alcohol it cause reaction on nervous system and then can cause this feeling understand? alkohol damage my nervous system and when nervous i feel this way i was ok on saturday but yesterday saw you cry + alkochol and i feel like this mix of nervs and alkohol very bad for me i told you yes i'm that type of man i hate man who have lots of women i'm happy too you teach me one important thing ;) i tell you when we meet i think about it every day i try explain when we meet ok? its very important i miss you too i every morning get up and think of you and alwasy wait when you get home you made my life very happy and colorful you understand? it's culture thing Japan woman best to love dont know how to explain

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    英文メールを日本語へ訳して頂けませんか(英語苦手) hello ermm... i know it's quite strange to ask you a favor... but it can be say related to you. well i think i'll just ask... it's about your mother's blog in mobile phone. i've known the reason from other website why you don't post your mother's blog anymore. and they wrote you'll just post the articles on your personal blog only. so i try to find the original promoter's blog. which i think is this blog. so im asking you if you can let me see your mother's blog updates article and photos? im dying to see the updates. :) PLEASE!! i'll try to promise the requests you want me to do! dunno if you can understand my English >"< Please and thank you ! : ]

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    よろしくお願いします。 ・You had such a lovely thought. ・I know I say this frequently, but I wanted to spend a couple of word to say how much I appreciate you. • I got attached to you somehow. •You know, I don't usually get so easily attached to people, as I often find sonething to criticise them for. • as soon as I met I knew you whete good • I felt like you would love really appriciated you. •after cheering you up when you were sad, I forgot to grob a video from the pc, turned it on, and you sent me a message in that exact moment,because you had woke up for some reason. •it must be good for sure.