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★大至急★ !以下の英文を日本語に翻訳お願いします

my health is good and i feel stronger every day! and my family say that Yuri make supre good influence on Arturas and i change :) and Nina say :D Arturas listen to Yuri only one person who Arturas listen is Yuri only like to wife


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え~っとぉ、原文が文法及びスペル間違いが多くて、 俗に言う「壊れた」文章ですので、どこまで送信者の真意に 近づけるか、一抹の不安は残りますが、おおよその意味として 解釈させて頂き翻訳させて頂きます。 僕の健康面は良くて、毎日強くなっていっている事を感じてるよ! そして僕の家族はユリがArturasにとっても良い影響を与えたと言っていて、 僕は変わったよ(にっこりマーク) そしてNinaが言うには(笑顔マーク) Arturasはユリの言う事だけは聞き、ユリが言えば言う事を聞く、まるで奥さんみたい。 となりますが。。。意味は通じましたでしょうか? (^_^;) 頑張って下さいね~ (^.^)/~~~





  • ※大至急※ 以下の英文を日本語に翻訳願います!

    about lots of thongs you say im no fun when im sad okey. i thought some suporrt from you good bye i'm hurt too you say im no fun because im sad and have problems how can you say this to me??? i wanted Yuri support.. i thought you say you dont need me because i have problems and i am sad how should i feel???? Nina asking me month to tell you im so poor... you understand? yes Nina asking me month time to tell you this so thats why im so depressed i was holding this inside me

  • ※大至急※ 以下の英文を日本語に翻訳願います!

    Yuri i'm scared when you act this way real yes yes i'm tired of be alone i want marry life and peace you want me live here? um lets talk about this when meet? privat? i explain i make song to Yuri why worry? money? i understand so if you worry so much maby dont go... you know i have no job and i'll work as officer only in 11money big i know come here you don't see okey you sad worried i can tell only one thing...if i lose you i won't live

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    下記の英文の翻訳をお願いします。 Recently,after 55 years of marriage, I lost my loving wife. I lost my sweetheart, my gourmet cook, my nurse and my best friend. In the 55 years we were married, I sent her grave twice a week. I kiss her picture every morning and tell her how much I love her. Before she went away, my morning greeting was, "Is the coffee ready?" Somewhere I read the following: "Carve not upon a stone the dirgeful words the mourners say at graveside, rather tell me while I live." I wish I had another chance. No one has "another chance," but because you took the time to put your thoughts on paper, somewhere just one thoughtless husband may see himself and show his young wife by word and deed how much he loves her. The "chance" you missed is still available to countless young men - and women, too. Thank you for a priceless reminder.

  • 【至急 (長文)英文→日本語】翻訳して下さい

    下記の私のメールに対する返信が届きました。 【私の文章(英文で書いてます)】 あなたは私とコミュニケーションをとるのは、面倒ですか? 私は確かに、英語は少ししか話せません。 前のメールでも書きましたが、コミュニケーションが容易ではない事は重々承知の上です。 それから、今回の出来事であなたは呆れてるでしょうか?今回あなたに頼ってしまった事は申し訳なく思っています。 【相手の方からの返信】 ※こちらの文章の訳をお願い致します。 I don't understand what is happening with you, that's to say, why you are asking me if you are annoying me or I'm avoiding you, so that, please this will be the last email I'd send you, and I hope you respect it, I don't want to keep in contact with you from now. Once I took you a report, and I call my wife to help you. This is my manner to process, because of my profession, till here everything is correct, but from this point on I shared two hours join my wife with you, nothing else. As I told you before, please respect my request.

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    Someday I'll explain to you what a lovely and good man, * no matter what language, no matter now do not understand me ... Thank you:) you have changed my mind about women ... Proved to me that something beautiful can be .. Never mind that I'm here in Vilnius, and you land on another world in Tokyo ...

  • ※至急※ 以下の英文を日本語に翻訳願います

    Sorry for not writing you. I was at risk of going to hospital, now i go for another check up. I hope i'll be okey... in short i have acetone breath from my belly... and that means something is very very wrong with my organism.. i have to take a diet.. if that acetone breath not go away than its ver horribly bad.. it can be diabetes .. or kidneys problems... it just my breath smell now... have to take a diet and wait what happens next. if acetone breath go away and dont come back im okey. but if not... there is a possability of ery horrible things for me diet, milk, tea and use 2-3 spoons of sugar. now that acetone breath is gone. now waiting what happens next. but ... i always look after my self... why did this happened to me... i get real diagnosis.. now just wait and see what happen after diet .. if dont get better than its seryous i just prefer to fight sicknnes my self.. medicine harms liver and other organs.. so if one medicine treats - other hurts i'll be okey i'm not afraid of dieing or anything... had many hard times... so this don't scare me... just makes me more and more angry. i feel no happynes any more. other people drink smoke and don't get this problems.. i always get problems always have to torture my self.. always be afraid of something i'm tired of this life you just don't understand.. i hate my life... i cant drink i cant smoke, i cant find a job, i have no money, no car i have nothing and you are very far away... how should i feel??? .. ;( no one askes me what wrong with me... never... its hard to take this.. alone! i have too many problems and now this health risk started... so whats next??? what else should go wrong for me? why life is so cruel to me.. what did i do wrong.. damn it

  • 英文を日本語に訳してください!お願いします!

    アメリカ在住の中国人女性と英語でメールのやり取りをしています。私は英語初心者のため彼女からの文章が上手く理解できません。 どなたか日本語に翻訳してください!どうぞよろしくお願い致します!長文で申し訳ありません… (この女性の職業は家庭教師です。マイケルは旦那さんです。 また、私は食材を使用したアートの写真をSNSにアップしています。) My character is active ,like to make friends . Michael remain me don't too closely with people, they will feel uncomfortable. Maybe they think I want to get adventure from them. But I say I want all my friends happy ,enjoy their life and feeling love. When I see all my friends carry lovely smile, I will feel happy too. I like sharing love with all my friends. I always let my students to know this. I give lots of time , thinking and communication with them. They all are teenagers, never listen to their family. Not reply to messages, knock bedroom and s Unlike go out for public society . I show with them to know they are very important to me. And step by step to let them know your family so worried about them. I can see your food art also let people to know that meaning. Honestly, I think what will you make on this week. Because I feel happy to see it. Haha never seen people like me ,right? Too much comments and suggestions, Michael feels headaches all the time but that is me.

  • 日本語に訳して欲しいです

    I am Capt Ken Anderson a United States solider in Afghanistan. I was married before but my wife is late and i am left with my little daughter who is in USA under the care of a nanny. i am 46 years and i wish to have a good relationship with you.bye please send me email

  • 日本語に翻訳してくださいm(__)m

    (1) Please yuna. I love you and only you I’ve told other girls to fuck off because I’m with you and I want to always be with you (2) I love you (3)Please respond. I’m really crying from this you know (4)Please listen to me. And understand that you are the only one I care about 私 OK I understand. Just leave me alone. (5) Please don’t leave me. I’m not joking when I say this, I literally just threw up because of this. Really I’m sorry for making you feel that way. But honestly I can’t live with someone else. I really love you, only you

  • 英語から日本語に訳して欲しいです。

    how are you today i am very much happy to read your email infact i am not longer in the facebook again because of one reason and other, the computer here is not a private computer it is for our camp i don,t want any body to have access you ok because you are my wife according to your question about my name yes my real name B●●d why my fathers name is j●●●s so i love my father that is the reason i combine my nane and my fathers together do you understand, i have only one child and my mother is taking good care him so i am a single now you i and you are the same if you say japan is good fine or america any one you chose i be ok infact your command is my wish i want a place that will keep you comfortable a place that we can relaxes then i spend the rest of my life with you, please my honey i don,t want anything that will give you a problem ok yes let,s not forget how is our douther is she back to the school i hope she is fine? my honey why do you west time for replying me is it because time or what? 翻訳機使用のヘンテコ翻訳の投稿はやめてください。