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以下の自己紹介の文を言葉づかいや英文法を直していただけませんか ありがとうございます。 I am very happy to introduce myself. My name’s Nakajima. I'm from Tokyo. I live in Seto city and I am a university's student in the second year. I was born in Tokyo province in the central of Japan. There are 5 peoples in my family. Parents, brother, sister and me. My father is a saraly man and my mother is housewife. She always takes good care of my family. When I have a free time, I often listen to the music, watch TV, read newspapers and go shopping. On sunday, I usually go to the cafeteria to chat with my friend in the morning. And I always join the English speaking club to improve my speaking skill in the afternoon. I like learning english very much. I have learnt for years at high school and university . but my english is not enough to communication. Therefore, I try my best to learn it now. And I hope i can speak english well one day. I want to be a doctor in the future. My dream is becoming a good husband, having a good wife and pretty childrens . In short, I am really happy with my life. Of course I am going to make it happier and more meaningful.


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たくさん書きましたね~。 質問者さまのことがとてもよく分かるし、 とてもいい自己紹介文だと思います☆ このままでも十分伝わるとは思うのですが、 文法的に私が気づいたところをいくつか 1行目 name's Nakajima → name is Nakajima 代名詞+ is の時だけ短縮形になります。 2行目 university's student→ university student 's なしで大丈夫です。 3行目 peoples → people people 自体が複数形なので、s はいらないです。 4行目 salary man → works for a company サラリーマンは和製英語らしいです。 下から7行目 learnt → learnt it learnt は後ろに「~を」が必要です。 下から6行目 not enough → not good enough enough は前に形容詞が必要です。 下から6行目 try my best → try to do my best do one's best で、最善を尽くす。 文末にnow があるので、現在進行形で I am trying to do my best がベターかも。 下から5行目 i → I タイプミスでしょうか。 下から3行目 childrens → children children 自体が複数形なので s はいらないです。 でしゃばって色々と書きましたが、 どれも全然たいした間違いではないので、 あくまでもご参考まで。 お役に立てれば嬉しいです☆





  • 英語で自己紹介

    英語で自己紹介をしなくてはいけません。文章を考えたのですが、どなたか添削していただけないでしょうか。 “I’m not good at speaking English, so please pardon me. I’m teaching home economics at a high school. I’m a homeroom teacher, and there are 33students in my class. They are too much energetic, so I’m awful tired every day. But I really enjoy our school life, fight with the students. I belong to the student council, it supports our baseball team, school election or the school sports. Recently, we went to the baseball game of our school. We have a strong baseball team. Our team has been to Koushien twice. Last day, we entered the quarterfinal. That day was very hot, and I was really tired, but it was good memory. Now I’m studying English here in Tokyo. Though I’m poor at English, it’s very hard to study. Thank you so much for teaching me politely. I’m also a teacher, I know how difficult to teach. To study English is very difficult for me, but I will study English much harder. Thank you very much for your attention.”

  • 中学生の自己紹介の添削をお願いします

    この夏に中2の子供が海外派遣研修でオーストラリアに行くことになりました。 そして明日、他の生徒の前で研修でどういうことをしたいかを含めた自己紹介をするそうです。 一緒に辞書などで考えてみましたが、大丈夫か添削をお願いします。 I'm ○○. I'm in the second year of the ○○ junior high school. I'm looking forward to staying in Australia. 私は○○です。 私は○○中学校の2年生です。 オーストラリアでの滞在をとても楽しみにしています。 What I want to learn from this program is English. I like learning English very much,but my English is not good enough. So I'll try to do my best to communicate with my host family and talk with them so that I can practice and learn more about English. I hope I 'll have a good time with them. この研修を通して学びたいことは英語です。 英語を学ぶことは大好きですが、私の英語は上手ではありません。 だからホストファミリーの方々とコミュニケーションをとるためにがんばりたいです。 ホストファミリーの方々の会話に積極的に参加し、多くの英語を知りたいです。(ここの表現はどのようにしたらよいかよくわかりません) ホストファミリーの方々と楽しめたらいいです。 I am also interested in Australian culture and the customs. I think I can see a lot of differences between Japan and Australia. This is a good chance to have an Autralian experience and learn more about the Australian way of life. Thank you. 私はオーストラリアの文化や風習にも興味があります。 日本とオーストラリアではたくさんの違いがあると思います。 今回はオーストラリアで経験して生活スタイルをよく知る機会になると思います。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 今度英語で自己紹介しないといけないのですが・・・これでいいですか?

    はじめまして、こんばんは。 質問のタイトルに書いたとおりなんですが・・・一生懸命したつもりですが自信ないです。 ・my name is momotan12. ・I am an elementary school a student. ・I am 12 years old. ・MY hobby are listening to music and reading boks.

  • 英語が分からないので教えてください。

    Imagine you are Yoko Hamada, and write a CV by filling in each blank with an appropriate expression in her self-introduction below. You can make necessary changes. Yoko's self-introduction I am Yoko Hamada, a senior ay Nankai University, majoring in English literature. I kive in 1-1-1 Sakaimachi, Nakaku, Tokyo. The postal code is 123-4567. I have been working as a part-time interpreter at Global Communication Services since 2009. So far I have translated English and Japanese at 10 international business shows. I have aslo been working as private tutor in English since 2008. Iprovide private tutoring sessions to two high school students twice a week. I am skilled in using computer software such as MS-Word and Excel. I acquired a score of 900 in TOEIC in September, 2010. Yoko Hamada (1. ) Tokyo 123-4567 Mobile:090-1234-5678 E-mail:yoko@nankai-u.ac.jp WORK EXPERIENCE: 2009-present: (2. ) Tokyo (3. ) Translated English and Japanese at 10 international business ashows. 2008-present: Provate Tutor in English Tokyo (4. ) EDUCATION: Expected: (5. ) Tokyo Marth 2012: B.A. in (6. ) SKILLS: Computer Skills: (7. ) English Proficiency: (8. ) (9. )

  • shared talkの自己紹介文について

    shared talk(≒exchange llesson?)を始めようと思いまして、登録の際に、 自己紹介文をかいたのですが、文法そのほかなんでも、 間違いがあればお教えいただけないでしょうか? なお、もっとこういう英語の内容にしたほうがいよ、 とかももしありましたらお教えいただければ幸いです。すごく助かります。 下記が英語です。よろしくお願いします。 === Hi, there! Konnichiwa! My name is Daisuke, so call me Daisuke. I am a friendly person so I think we can have a lot of fun here. One of My hobbies: is listening to music For example: 8 bit music (techno pop: especially kraftwerk and ymo), New Order , KLF , Ultravox, Cluster and Karlheinz Stockhausen. And other hobbies are Contemporary art,. web programming (using LAMP), reading/writing TANKA(similar to HAIKU), and many other things. Btw, I am a web programmer so often see English web pages and talk with English-speaking people. That’s why I wanna try Shared Talk here. Of course, I will do my best to teach you Japanese. I have not taken toeic or toefl. But I went to Tokyo univ. (most difficult to enter i Japan), so we can have the shared talk in a joyful way. So feel free to contact me :-) I am looking forward to having nice time with you. See you :-)

  • 英語で履歴書を作ったものの・・・

    こんばんわ。英語不得意のTOEIC500点前後の大学生です。 ズバリ添削お願い致します。 インドに興味があってインドに行く前にインド人のカレー屋でバイトしようと思い、 英語でレジュメ作ってお願いしに行こうと考えております。 自分なりに書式などを調べ以下の3点をA4サイズ1枚に収めました。 ・PERSONAL DATA ・PRRT TIME EXPERIENCE ・SKILL & Others そこで見て頂きたい英作文を以下に書かせて頂きました。 「I don’t speak English well. But I can read, understand English more than speaking. I know a lot of Japanese mind’s affairs very much. Because I am Japanese. And, I have served wait on Japanese customers. Since I began to part time, when I became a high school student. I think that if you will employ me, It brings a good fortune for you. And I want to work to study English. I think My English will be good. So, You and I will be more Happy. I will go to INDIA this year. I feel INDIA is interesting country. I have been to USA, Germany, Italy, Thailand, China , Malaysia, Egypt, Tanzania. Because I am BACK PACKER. Finally, I am sorry, my English is poor.Thank you.」 意味伝わりますでしょうか? 失礼な文章になりませんか? 間違いだらけでお恥ずかしい限りですが、 どうかより良いものとなるようご指導頂ければ幸いです。 宜しくお願い致します。

  • 英語訳お願いします。

    どなたか、英語が堪能な方お願いします。 (1) This is charcoal. I like barbeque very much. I often have barbeque party with my family and friends in summer. It is really fun and dish is very delicious. (2) This is an autographed ball. I was given an autograph by Mr.Yoshinobu Takahashi in Yomiuri Giants. It is genuine. I like baseball since long ago. My father watched Major League games on TV in the weekend and I came to like it affected by that. (3) These are vegetables. I am working as a part time worker at the grocery store. All worker are friendly and cheerful and I am happy to work. My job is easy. (lol) Good points to work there are that hourly pay is high and I can eat many fresh fruits. (4) This is a savings bank in the form of Jizo (a guardian deity of children). It has good touch and I like it. No money is in it. (lol) (5) This is a seal. I bought it when I went to the trip to Beijing, China. It was made of crystal and by craftsman’s hands. I like it very much but have never used. (lol) (6) This is a photo of Tenanmon. It was very cold on the day I took this photo. It was very wide and the building had sense of history. Here was also a location site of the movie "Last Emperor." (7) This is a ticket of the World Cup. I went to the World Cup 2006 in Germany. I saw the game between Japan and Brazil and was very excited. Dortmund in Germany had very beautiful street and very tasty baked sausage 長文すいません・・・

  • 明日急遽英語のスピーチをすることになりました

    将来の夢を話すのですが、 以下のようにまとめてみました。 文法など誤りがあったり、 言い回しがおかしかったら訂正お願いします。 Hello! Myname is ○○. Today,I will talk about my dream. My dream is to become one of staff members of the United Nations. There is hardly any reason for my dream. But I'm just fond of Mathematics and English. So,when I thought about my dream,that was it. I have two goals to make my dream come true. First,I have to make more and more efforts for studying every subject to be admitted to a private university in Tokyo. Second,after I enter university I would be have to study not only Mathematics and English but also economics. In conclusion,I will work for the United Nations as a officer in the future. In closing,I would like to thank you for listening so attentively. 以上です。お願いします。

  • 英語 和訳お願いします

    I am doing good. I wont go to the office all week. This is a strange feeling in Tokyo now. What will we do.

  • この英語の自己紹介は通じるでしょうか??

    My name is momo. My hobby is to play sports. especially,I like soccer. I want to become good at soccer early. Thank you for hearing my speech. 何か間違っていたり、変えた方がいい表現がありましたら教えて下さいm(_ _)m