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Well I like various types of food. I'm not sure what my favorite is...as of right now it's cashew chicken and pocky ha ha. I've kinda been into the asian cuisine recently lot of food tastes better than it looks and smells. natto? I've never had that, well just because it smells bad doesn't mean it tates bad. Ha ha I'm a fane of sweets myself and a chocolate lover as well. I know how japense valentines day is, I've read up on it, due to curiosity on weather Japanese celebrate certain holidays like the US. Ha ha, I've only recieved Valentine's day gifts from my mum...lol she's done that since I was little. Yea men and women do exchange gift to each other on Valentine's day but mostly it's the males giving the females presents. We also have a sweetest day, though it's not really widely observed in the US as much as Valentines day. It actually started here in Ohio. Anyways sweetest day today is like your Valentine's day, the women give gifts to their special someone. If you want to you can but if you do, expect something in return (even if it ends up a bit late.) :) I'm off to study for a while. can't wait to hear from you again ^_^ これ(上記)が以下の自分の送信メールに対する返答です。英語が得意な方、どうかこれ(上記)を翻訳してください!! Thank you, too. BTW,what kind of food do you like? I like natto. As you know, natto is Japanese food. It’s a sticky food made of fermented soybeans. Although it’s rich in protein, some people dislike it because of its distinctive smell. What about you? But I love sweets (especially chocolate) rather than it. I’m honest. Though the women have to give chocolate (handmade is better) to the men (that special someone) on Valentine's Day in Japan, LOL I’ve not received chocolate for Valentine's Day since I was a little child. I hope this Valentine's Day I get some chocolate...( I said to myself ) :) In Western countries, both men and women exchange presents on Valentine's Day you know. Though the gift won’t reach you until the day, if it’s okay with you, I do want to send you a gift...(略)


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<訳例> そうね、私は、いろんなタイプの食べ物が好きよ。自分の好物が何かはっきりしないな~、現時点では、カシューチキンとポッキーね(笑)。最近、アジア料理にちょっとはまっちゃってて、多くの食べ物が、見た目や香りよりも味がいいのよ。納豆?私は食べたことがないの。そうね、においが悪いからって、味が悪いってことにはならないわね。(笑)私は甘い物好きだし、チョコレートだって大好きよ。日本のバレンタインデーってどんなのか知ってるわ。私、それについては読んだことがあるの、日本人が、アメリカの様に祝日を祝うかどうかについて好奇心があったのでね。(笑)私は、バレンタインデーの贈り物は、ママから受け取るだけよ…(爆笑)ママは、私がちっちゃかった頃からしてるの。そうなの、バレンタインデーには、男性、女性、お互いにギフトを交換するわね、でも、たいていは、女性にプレゼントするのは男性よ。こっちにはスイーテストデーて言うのもあるの、アメリカでは、バレンタインデーほど、ほんとはあちこちで見られるって訳じゃないけどね。その日は、実はここオハイオで始まったの。とにかく、現在のスイーテストデーは、あなた達のバレンタインデーに良く似てるわ、女性が特別な誰かに贈り物をするの。あなたがしたければ、してくれても構わないけど、すればやっぱり、お返しを期待するでしょう(たとえ、ちょっぴり遅れてもね)(微笑)ちょっと、勉強に行かなくっちゃ。また、あなたから連絡があるのが待ち遠しいわ。(微笑) *** order さん、こんにちは。





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    ... palate-teasing? That is something I don't think I've ever been told.. I do know it is healthy and eating it will keep oneself healthy and all that. I actually plan on trying natto... I just got to find out how to make it, ha ha. I will let you know what I think of it when I do try it. Ha ha ha! yes, I've only recieved valentine's gifts from my mom. Eh, I've never really observed the holiday too much, I mean occasionally I get my friends gifts but other than that I'm too busy with school work to even worry. I mean in High school guys knew I didn't care for the holiday... I mean it was obvious since my nose was always in a book..ha ha. Anywho.. Yea in my previous e-mail when I told you about it, it's not known world wide just here in the US and mostly in Ohio and even then it's only certain parts of Ohio that celebrate it. I sent an e-mail with my mailing address in it in response to the one you sent my about being worried about exchanging addresses through e-mail. I'm not sending you a gift because it's 'dutiful' I'm sending it because I want to :) well I'm off to study for a while. can't wait to hear from you ^_^ これ(上記)が以下の自分の送信メールに対する返答です。英語が得意な方、どうかこれ(上記)を翻訳してください!! LOL you are a person of all trades. I mean not “Jack of all trades, master of none.”( proverb ) but you’re excellent person because you are palate-teasing, keen about and familiar with various things, and so on. You mentioned you’ve been into Asian food. That’s because it tastes good unexpectedly :) Additionally it’s mostly healthy. So eating it is good for your health and maybe you don’t have to worry about death in early life ha ha. Why don’t you eat “natto” once? You’re right. When you eat it, your reaction will interest me ha ha. LOL you've only received Valentine's day gifts from your mother!? A attractive person such as you should receive a present from men for Valentine’s day(Angry ha ha)! But really?? well, sweetest day??That's something I’ve never heard of. Hmm. It started there (略)

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    I've noticed some other options too, I'm going to make myself a back up plan should the prosecutor thing not turn out ya know? 返信メール文中のこの英文がよく分かりません。英語が得意な方、どうか翻訳をお願い致します。 全文: Good I am glad to hear you won't give up it ^_^ It would then we'd have more to talk about ha ha ha. No problem, I tend to encourage everyone a lot it's kind of just a habit. Oh a proverb. I've never heard that one. ha ha, yea I've Always wanted to be a prosecutor but I've noticed some other options too, I'm going to make myself a back up plan should the prosecutor thing not turn out ya know? What about you? If you succeed in becoming a lawyer what kind did you want to be? You have a great day too! :)

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    There is an event of Valentine's Day in Japan today. (今日、日本ではバレンタインデーというイベントがあります。) Do you know Valentine's Day? (あなたはバレンタインデーを知っていますか?) The girl gives the cake to a favorite boy in Japan. (日本では女の子が好きな男の子にお菓子をあげます。)チョコだったらcakeをChocolateに変える Is such an event in Australia? (オーストラリアにこのようなイベントはありますか?) By the way, is it famous though heard that the cartoon of Japan is famous in Australia? (ところでオーストラリアでは、日本の漫画が有名だと聞いたのですが有名なんですか?)

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    下記の受信メールを翻訳してください。どうか宜しくお願い致します! Oka I'm going to do this the easy way and reply to all three e-mails in one. Firstly, yes, your address compared to mine is long. I will send your gift today and hopefully it wont take forever to get there, ha ha. Also I wanted to say thank you for the card you sent me on the UB website it was so cute! ^_^ . Thank you for explaining palate-teasing for me. Though I kinda guessed what you were saying when you said it, I was just unfamiliar with it the way you used it. Again I am sorry that my e-mail was confusing to you, I need to find a way to make it less confusing... ha ha ha. As for the ^_^ males can use it to. It's just a cute smiley face. I like it. It's also probably over used here in the US, ha ha. It is? I found a couple things online that give instructions...I'll have to look and see if they do..although I have not come across natto there.... Ha ha ha, thanks for the compliment. Glad to hear it, I've actually just acquired a few books and am working on learning how to read and write Japanese, and of course speak it... Though I think the writing and reading is going to come first since it's more difficult. Oh! congrats on passing the exam :D. Thank you for the song. I enjoyed it very much. I've always thought that song was cute. I hope this e-mail isn't confusing for you if it is ごめんなさい。 ha ha ha I wrote Japanese! (I hope it reads right... ^^;)

  • 英語でどう言えばいいんでしょうか

    「私は会社の同僚と父親と男友達にチョコレートをあげました。あなたのバレンタインデーはどうだった?あなたが日本にいたらチョコレートをあげたのになぁ」 を英語で言いたいのですが、どう言ったらいいんでしょうか…? 「I gave a box of chocolate to my co-workers ,my father and male friends. How was your Valentine's Day? If you were in Japan, I would give you some chocolate.」 自分なりに訳してみましたが、自信がないです。おかしなところがあれば直していただきたいです。よろしくお願いします。

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    LOL yea, I am, Don't worry about the mistake, ha ha, sometimes when I type it can get confusing reading it. But if you want to know about my back up career choice if I don't succeed with becoming a prosecutor. But that's if you want to know. So you want to be a counselor at law? Sounds good. I wish you the best of luck and hope you meet your goal ^_^ これ(上記)が以下の自分の送信メールに対する返答です。英語が得意な方、どうかこれ(上記)を翻訳してください!! This is a tentative reply. That’s because I can’t understand you partly yet. ha ha, habit :) well, if I succeed in becoming a lawyer, maybe I’ll be a counselor-at-law ( at this time ). ↓ correction, I’ve got it now. You mean you’re going to make a backup plan if the prosecutor thing should not turn out. Of course that's the stuff.

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    Aww, you shouldn't give up on what you want. I know I haven't that's why I'm working hard to meet my goal. ha ha, really? That'd be awesome if we were to both be a lawyer, most of my friends don't like the idea, say it's to complicated adn too much to learn. Well, good luck if you decided to go to law school :). Few lawyers die well? ah, what is that about, like what exactly do you mean by that? Ha, ha prosecutor is actually one of the options I was considering above the rest. Hm, that actually sounds enticing. Though I'd have to make sure i can speak Japanese very well before I can consider that. Good. I'm sure you'll do well. Like I said english is very easy once you get the hang of it. Though, I think theone thing that gets a lot of people is spelling, ha ha, lots of people who speak english can't write it whatsoever, I find it amusing, I can write it better, and have excellent spelling, but that's because I spend more time writing than I do talking. Anyways, I wish you the best of luck with leaning english and whatever you do after it. :) これ(上記)が以下の自分の送信メールに対する返答です。英語が得意な方、どうかこれ(上記)を翻訳してください!! To be honest, I also wanted to be a lawyer, but I gave up. I assumed I wasn’t able to be one for a while. I’m influenced by you and I want to be one again now. Though I must learn English first, I feel like studying about law by going to postgraduate law faculty ( law school ) after if I can. However, Few lawyers die well, few physicians live well. It concerns me, ha ha. But I guess It’s OK. I’ll do my best by rousing me from now on. You consider you’ll choose from counselor-at-law, Judge, and prosecutor? well, I take it for granted that you’ll do so. You can also work as lawyer in Japan in the future if you learn Japanese. I’ll also do my best to learn English while I believe it’s easy language :) Good luck and bless you!

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    かなり時期外れなのですが、メール友達にバレンタインについて訊かれ困っています。通じるのかわからない文章があるので添削をお願いします。(和訳はおおよそ伝えたい内容ですが、わからない文章だけ抜き出したので文の流れがおかしいかもしれません) 1) バレンタインデーについてですが、私が中学生の頃は、その日、女の子はどうやって好きな男の子にチョコレートを渡すか、男の子はいくつもらえるかというのが大きな関心事でした。(時制など、かなり自信ないです) As for Valentine's day, when I was in junior high, boys were concerned about how many chocolates they can get from girls, and girls how to give chocolates to boys they like. 2) それ(義理チョコ)は、誰が名づけたのかは知りませんが"chocolate out of courtesy"と呼ばれるそうです。 I've heard it is called "chocolate out of courtesy", even though I don't know who named it. 3) それ(義理チョコ)は本命にあげるものとは違って、友達や父親や仕事仲間などにあげるチョコです。 日本のバレンタインデーはカップルのための日というより、チョコレートの日のような感じもします。 It is not chocolates for someone special, but ones for male friends, fathers, co-workers, etc. So it feels like Valentine's day in Japan is Chocolate day rather than Couple's day.

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    Thank you, I'm sure one day it will ^_^. I am interested in law because, yes I do want to be a lawyer. As to what kind I am not entirely sure. I just like it and know that so far that's what I want/ Internatioanl lawyer?? I don't think that one has ever crossed my mind... I suppose I forgot about that option, ha ha now I have more to chose from! lol. No, I don't know of him. You don't have to be smart to be one, ha ha, I'm not super fantastic when it comes to that stuff but I'm determined to be a lawyer so I make sure I do my best when it comes to memorizing the law and everything. It's nice talking to you too. I enjoy our e-mails :) I am glad to be able to help you with English. It's an easy language once you get the hang of it I promise. I'm actually starting to learn some Japanese :) I'm so excited. well, I'm off to do some more studying! see ya! これ(上記)が以下の自分の送信メールに対する返答です。英語が得意な方、どうかこれ(上記)を翻訳してください!! Ah, I see. Hope your dream ( you’ll come to Japan ) comes true. BTW,why are you interested in law? Do you want to be a lawyer (international lawyer)? Do you know Kent Sidney Gilbert? He is a lawyer and entertainer who lives in Japan. I’m not so intelligent to be able to be one. But I’ll do what I can do. It’s nice talking with you. I can also learn English little by little from you. :) Thank you very much.

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    下記の受信メールを翻訳してください。どうか宜しくお願い致します! Ha ha, so I wasn't the only one... Don't worry about it though, I can still recieve mail under a false last name.... I think.. ha ha all well it shouldn't be a problem. Don't worry about the last name thing. We both forgot to tell each other and not only that but it didn't come across our minds that, that would happen. Ah, well one of the e-mails I sent in reply to the one about my family name I gave it to you. Sorry that came so late. I had gone to bed a while before you messaged me. Yes my first name is ********, **** is a nick name. Thank you for letting me know your family name, It'll be easier to send it now. Ha ha, okay, but if there is anyway for me to make it less confusing let me know... I'll work on my Japanese that way I can just message you that way and it'll be less confusing. Ha ha, it is difficult for us to learn Japanese, especially since you use charachters and your words are very different from ours but givien time I'm sure I'll get the hang of it quickly. I'm looking foreward to going to Japan one day too...lol. Well I'm going to go work on some homework. talk again soon! :D