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[英語→日本語]英語の翻訳をお願いします。 子供に勉強を教えてと言われたのですが、私にはさっぱりなので、分かる方は回答お願いします。 There are many stories of brave dogs. Some of them are about how dogs help or even save their masters, some of them are about how dogs travel great distances to find their families. One of the nicest stories is about John, a small black and white dog with big ears who lived in America. One August, John's family, the Bensons, went on holiday to California and, of course, took John with them. While they were on holiday, John got lost. The family spent the rest of their holiday looking for him but without success. At the end of their holiday, they sadly went back home to New York. Before they left, they put photographs of John in all the shop windows in the area. During the next six months John crossed the whole of America to find his family in New York. He walked over 2,000 miles or maybe he hid on trains and buses. Nobody knows how he did it. When John got to the Bensons' house, it was in the middle of winter and the family was away visiting some friends. The window of their neighbor's car was open, so John jumped in and went to sleep. That night, it snowed and snowed and it continued snowing for a week. When, finally, the neighbor took the snow off his car and looked inside, he saw a very thin, but very happy John. 以上です。長文になりますが、宜しくお願いします。


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勇敢な犬のお話はたくさんあります。 その中のいくつかに、犬が主人を助けたり、命を救うお話があり、また家族を探すために遠い距離を旅する犬のお話があります。 その中でも最も素晴らしいお話はアメリカに住む、大きな耳を持った白黒の小さな犬、ジョンのお話です。 ある秋の休日にジョンの家族、ベンソンさん一家はカリフォルニアに行きました。 勿論ジョンを連れて行きました。 彼らが休日を楽しんでいる間、ジョンは迷子になってしまいました。 ベンソンさん一家は休日中ずっとジョンを探すのに時間を費やしましたが、ジョンは見つかりませんでした。 休日の最終日、一家は残念にもニューヨークに帰るコトになりました。 一家は帰る前に、ジョンの写真をその地域のお店すべてに貼ってもらいました。 それから6ヶ月の間、ジョンはニューヨークにいるベンソンさん一家を探すためにアメリカ中を横断しました。 ジョンは2000マイル以上歩き、時には電車やバスの中に隠れていました。 誰もジョンが電車やバスに隠れていたコトを知りません。 ジョンがベンソンさん一家の家に着いた時、その日は冬の真ん中で、ベンソンさん一家はある友人を訪ねて遠くにいました。 隣の住人の車の窓が開いていたので、ジョンは車内に跳び込み、眠りにつきました。 その夜、雪はドンドン降り、雪は1週間の間ずっと降り続けました。 隣の住人が車の雪を落としていた時、ついにジョンは車の中にいるのを発見されました。 ジョンはとてもヤセ細っていましたが、とても幸せそうでした。 和訳は以上になります。 文章の構成上、直訳ではなく場に応じた表現もありますが、内容から逸脱したコトではないのでご了承ください。



有り難うございました。 早速、子供に教えたいと思います。


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    Most billionaires work hard to build their fortunes. With the money they earn, they can buy large homes, expensive cars, and private airplanes. But even after spending millions of dollars, they still have huge amounts of money left over. What do they do with it? Charity has always been an option. About 100 years ago, Andrew Carnegie, the world’s richest man at the time, gave away most of his money. His gifts went to thousands of libraries, schools, and other groups. Another big giver of the past century was John D. Rockefeller. He donated money to hospitals, universities, and other charities. In recent years, we’ve seen a new group of super-givers. At the top of the list is Bill Gates. In 1994, using money from his Microsoft fortune, he set up a charitable foundation. Now known as the William & Melinda Gates Foundation, it first helped US libraries get connected to the Internet. Then it turned its attention to fighting diseases like AIDS and malaria in poor countries. In total, from 1994 to 2013 the foundation gave away more than $28 billion. In 2006, Warren Buffet announced that he too was giving away most of his $40 billion fortune. Buffet admires what Bill and Melinda Gates are doing. So, under Buffet’s plan, five-sixths of the money that he is donating goes to the Gates Foundation. Will more of the super-rich become philanthropists? There is some doubt. Once a year, Forbes magazine puts out a list of the world’s richest people. Some billionaires really do care about their place on the list. To keep a high spot, they may choose to hold onto their money. But with the donations of Gates, Buffet, and others, that trend may start to turn around. More wealthy people may be inspired to try for a high spot on the list of super-givers.

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    Going to the shore on the first morning of the vacation, Jerry stopped and looked at a wild and rocky bay, and then over to the crowded beach he knew so well from other years. His mother looked back at him. “Are you tired of the usual beach, Jerry?” “Oh, no!” he said quickly, but then said, “I’d like to look at those rocks down there.” “Of course, if you like.” Jerry watched his mother go, then ran straight into the water and began swimming. He was a good swimmer. He swam out over the gleaming sand and then he was in the real sea. He saw some older, local boys — men, to him — sitting on the rocks. One smiled and waved. It was enough to make him feel welcome. In a minute, he had swum over and was on the rocks beside them. Then, as he watched, the biggest of the boys dived into the water, and did not come up. Jerry gave a cry of alarm, but after a long time the boy came up on the other side of a big dark rock, letting out a shout of victory. Immediately the rest of them dived and Jerry was alone. He counted the seconds they were under water: one, two, three… fifty… one hundred. At one hundred and sixty, one, then another, of the boys came up on the far side of the rock and Jerry understood that they had swum through some gap or hole in it. He knew then that he wanted to be like them. He watched as they swam away and then swam to shore himself. Next day he swam back to the rocks. There was nobody else there. He looked at the great rock the boys had swum through. He could see no gap in it. He dived down to its base, again and again. It took a long time, but finally, while he was holding on to the base of the rock, he shot his feet out forward and they met no obstacle. He had found the hole. In the days that followed, Jerry hurried to the rocks every morning and exercised his lungs as if everything, the whole of his life, depended on it.

  • 日本語から英語への翻訳の添削をお願いします。

    英語は理解できますが、自分で書くことができません。 練習しているので、文法的に間違っているところ、表現を変えた方がいいところなど教えてくだされば嬉しいです。(下に自分の英訳を載せています) ぼろぼろですが、どうぞよろしくお願いします。 彼は、メガバンクの法人業務部で12年間働いている。 最初から大企業担当、東京支店を目指していたが、 名古屋3年間、岐阜3年間、静岡3年間を経て 10年目にしてやっと丸の内支店担当になった。 やりがいは、企業の社長と親密に話せること、 社長にありがとうと言ってもらえること 自分の提案で、その会社の方針が動くこと とにかくお客様のニーズを引き出す為に、 雑談もたくさんして仲良くなること。 30分話して、20分は雑談、10分だけ仕事の話というのも多いようだ。 大変なことは、30社もの会社を同時に引き受けるため、 時間のやりくりが難しい。 また、田舎の場合は車で30分移動しないといけないなど、 時間がとられる。 たくさんの電話がかかってくるから、対応が大変。 He works at the mega bank in Corporate Services division for 12years. However he was aiming for the Tokyo branch from the beginning,it was difficult to apply the wish. He worked at Nagoya for 3 years, then at Gifu for 3 years ,and Shizuoka 3 years. 9years after and finally he came to Marunouchi branch. His rewarding in this job is to talk with CEO of enterprise,and they say “thank you” to him.And when he sees their enterprise decides a strategy along his proposition. To get many information of the needs,you must talk with them for long time and be intime. Sometimes,they talk for 30minutes,among that they chat for 20 minutes,then they get start the topic of business. The hardship for him is to take charge of 30 company at the same time,so time management is too difficult. Also if he works at country,it takes 30 minutes by car to visit each companies. He get a lot of phone call from these companies,so he is very busy.

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    お願いします (7) Tiberius was elected a tribune of the people in 133 BCE. This office was first established to protect the plebeians, but later tribunes used it to advance their own careers. And as soon as Tiberius took office, he set to work for the rights of the plebes. The aristocrats in the Senate claimed that he was interested only in his own glory, but Tiberius denied it. He said that a trip through northern Italy had showed him how desperate the peasants really were. “The men who fight and die for Italy have only air and light. Without house or home, they wander with their wives and children in the open air.... They fight and die for the luxury and riches of others.” Tiberius insisted that Rome should give the land it gained through war to the poor. Conquered territory became state land. Technically, it belonged to Rome, but if wealthy citizens paid a small tax, they were allowed to farm it as their own. In this way most of the conquered territory passed into the hands of those who needed it least─the rich. Some aristocrats, including many senators, got tens of thousands of acres in this way. They used slave labor to work the land and made huge profits. (8) Tiberius made up his mind to change this law. He proposed that no one─no matter who his ancestors were─should be allowed to keep more than 300 acres of state land. The rest should be given to the poor. Once the homeless had land, he reasoned, they would be able to support themselves. They would no longer roam the cities in angry, hungry mobs. And, as landowners, they would be eligible to serve in the army. This would help the people, help the army, and help Rome─a “win” for everyone. But most of the senators stood against Tiberius, and it's easy to see why. His proposed law would rob them of the huge profits that they had enjoyed for so long.

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    翻訳してください。 (1)Mother Teresa began her work for children in Kolkata in 1948. (2)In some parts of the city,the people were very poor and they had no schools for children. (3)Mother Teresa gathered together some children and taught the alphabet to them. (4)It was not easy because they had no pens and no notebooks.

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    I went to the beach yesterday with some friends and I saw a lot of Japanese girls there. It made me think of you and how we met in Guam;-)

  • 某女子短大の英語の問題について教えてください。

    '06年度の某女子短大の英語の問題についてご教示ください。 問題は文中の括弧の中から正しいものを選べというものです。 正解はhappierですが、happy やhappiestを入れることはできないでしょうか。ご教示ください。 Years went by. They had children,they grew older, the world become a slightly different world. Their son completed his studies in Belgium and went off to do graduate work in Germany. At the university there, he fell in love with a young German woman. He wrote his parents and told them that he intended to marry her. The parents on both sides couldn't have been ( happy, happier, happiest ) for their children. The two families arranged to meet, and on the appointed day the German family showed up at the house of the Belgian family in Brussels.

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    高校二年生です… 次に書く英語を和訳したいです。。 ですが、私は昔から英語が苦手で… 18文あって、長いかもしれないですが ヒントだけでも良いのでお願いします!! 1:Two dogs enter a room in a senior citizens` home. 2:Then everyone begins to smile and laugh. 3:"I think it`s great. 4:It`s lovely to see them and they`re so frindly,"says a lady who is 97 years old. 5:She looks forward to the days when the dogs come. 6:Friendly dogs can often help older people and sick children. 7:The dogs help them by giving love. 8:In homes where older people live, some of them are lonely. 9:They don`t have much to enjoy. 10:They often just sit or sleep in their chairs. 11:They talk to no one. 12:They do nothing. 13:When the dogs visit the home, the older people become friendlier to other people. 14:They become more active and feel happier. 15:The dogs are chosen carefully. 16:They must be quiet when they visit the older people and not jump on them. 17:The dogs` visits are short. 18:But those visits change the lives of many older people. 誤字や脱字があったら本当にすみません;;

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    The seriousness of the Moorish storyteller notwithstanding, evidently part of what he told was funny. The ring of shoulders shook with laughter, and one or another of the listeners would make a characteristically African gesture of hugging himself, but all soundlessly, lest they miss a sentence. Their amused faces soon quieted down; all their eyes were fixed on the narrator, to assist their ears. When their expressions intensified and hardened, I guessed, it reflected something sad or tragic in the plot, or something sexual. They never gave one another a glance, and perhaps from moment to moment they were scarcely aware of the people around them. Each seemed to be fascinated by the art of the tale, keeping it to himself, or between himself and the teller of the tale, as though the enjoyment of it were a kind of love.

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    Many girls “dropped out” of their rich families to join Teresa, and they put on the white sari of the poor. Mother Teresa started the Missionaries of Charity . Her love for the poor soon went far and wide to many places in the world. The Missionaries do not depend only on their kind hearts. They all learn professions like nursing or teaching in order to help the poor. One of their beliefs says, “We should be the salt of the earth.” お願いします。