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I wish you good trip. You will feel the effects of the change of the time between Thailand and USA, 12 hours difference, the first few days, don't worry. You will be soon among many people and different life. You will have little time to remember your friends. How long are you going to be there? Do you plan to move to another city later? Hope to hear from you, now from the USA. Good and best luck to you,


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旅を楽しんで下さい。 初めの日は、タイとアメリカとの12時間の時差の影響を感じるかもしれませんが、心配ありません。 人の多さや生活の違いにも、じきに慣れることと思います。 友だちのことを思い出す時間もなくなるかもしれませんね。 その町にどれくらい滞在するつもりですか? 他の町にも行く予定はありますか? 今度はアメリカからのメールが届くのをお待ちします。 さようなら。 * 余談ですが、#1 mappy0213 さんが書いておられることも、一理あると思われます。いきなり英文だけを示して訳してくれと求めるのは、質問形式としてはどうかな、と思います。出所とその背景説明、訳の必要な理由などを示してあれば、読む人の印象も違うかもしれません。 なお、私は英語に関心を持っているという程度の者でしかないので、訳は参考程度のものと思って下さい。


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どこかの設問の丸投げですかね? そうなのであれば規約違反ですね。 何が分からないのか 自分ではどう訳したのかを書きましょう



ヤフーサイトやエキサイト・ライブドア・などの翻訳機能を使用して 翻訳したが正しい翻訳がされなかったので このきちんとしたメール内容をしりたい。


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    外国の方にムービーカメラを売って、代金の振込操作をしてもらった段階です。 Hello. Thanks for the bank information provided for the payment of your money to your account i want you to know that i have made the transfer of money to your account through Reserve Bank Of Australia online bank to bank transfer and i hope you will have got the payment approval confirmation mail in your box so i want you to get the item packed and make the shipment to my address given to you and send the shipment details to the bank for the verification of the transfer to your account and immediately the bank confirm the shipment details from you such as Shipment tracking number and the hipment scan receipt the bank will now activate you account with the remittance and you will get the money in your account So i want you to go and make the shipment of the item By EMS and Don't forget the BATTERY of the ●●● you will remove it because of LITHIUM BATTERY, And send the shipment details to the bank fast. Am waiting to hear back from you as soon as possible. Thanks

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    英文が難しくてどう訳をすればいいかわかりません。だれか教えてください。お願いします。 (1)Also, your experience of dealing successfully with culture shock abroad will have provided you with the psychological tools for dealing with the challenges of re-adjustment. (2)Obviously, the more you have changed, the more difficult it will be to have things go back to a previous notion of normality. (3)However, if you are aware of the changes, smooth adaptation is more likely.

  • 日本語訳を! 7-(5)

    お願いします。 (14) When you arrive at the barracks, the smell of fresh baking bread makes your mouth water. Bakers pull loaves out of ovens large enough for you to stand in. You take some bread for yourself and then some fore your grandfather's Ka. You wander to the west side of the pyramid looking for his tomb. Your mother told you that his tomb is a miniature version of King Khufu's mer, except grandfather's is made from mud brick instead of stone. You pass the tomb of a husband and wife who worked on the Great Pyramid. You are one of the fdw who can read bits and pieces of hieroglyphs. What you read makes you quicken your pace past the tomb. It is cursed. "O all people who enter this tomb who will make evil against this tomb and destroy it; may the crocodile be against them on water, and snakes be against them on land; may the hippopotamus be against them on water, the scorpion against them on land." Even though you would never rob a tomb, the curse gives you the creeps, and you watch the ground ahead for snakes and scorpions. (15) Maybe you had better head back. The Overseer of All the King's Works will have assigned your job and you are anxious to see what you will be doing. Most of the farmers have to do all the heavy lifting, but maybe you will be lucky since you can read a little. Maybe you will be assigned a more skilled job. You hope that you can work on one of the boats in one of the boat pits. Wouldn't it be faaulous to be a boat builder for the afterlife? To help build the boat that King Khufu will use to navigate the stars?

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    "The meeting willl be from 1:00 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. We will discuss next year's schedule changes and whether to use new textbooks in the social science classes." "The birthday party for Rachel will be from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m." 日本語訳 会議は午後1時から1時45分まで行います。来年のスケジュール変更と、社会科学のクラスで新しい教科書を使うかどうかについて話し合いをします。レイチェルの誕生日パーティーは、午後1時から2時半までです

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    British attacks in January 1917, had taken place against exhausted German troops holding poor defensive positions left over from the fighting in 1916; some troops had low morale and showed an unusual willingness to surrender. The army group commander Generalfeldmarschall Crown Prince Rupprecht, advocated a withdrawal to the Siegfriedstellung on 28 January, which was initially refused but then authorised on 4 February and the first "Alberich day" was set for 9 February. The British attacks in the Actions of Miraumont from 17–18 February and anticipation of further attacks, led Rupprecht on 18 March to order a withdrawal of about 3 miles (4.8 km) on a 15-mile (24 km) front of the 1st Army to the R. I Stellung, from Essarts to Le Transloy on 22 February. The withdrawal caused some surprise to the British, despite the interception of wireless messages from 20–21 February.

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    The resulting Treaty of Versailles set aside two articles (§40 and §41) to address concerns for Luxembourg's status. The main article, §40, revoked all special privileges that Germany had acquired in Luxembourg, with Germany specifically renouncing advantages gained in the treaties of 1842, 1847, 1865, 1866, February 1867, May 1867, 1871, 1872, and 1902. The effects of these treaties' revocation were then explicitly stated; Luxembourg would withdraw from the Zollverein, Germany would lose its right to use the Luxembourgish railways, and Germany was obligated to recognise the termination of Luxembourg's neutrality, thus validating the actions of the Luxembourgish government since the armistice. Furthermore, to prevent economic embargo after the end of the customs union, the treaty allowed Luxembourg an indefinite option on German coal, and prohibited Germany from levying duty on Luxembourgish exports until 1924.

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    After four years of violation of its territory, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is to be fortunately liberated. ... American troops enter the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as friends, and will abide rigorously by international law. Their presence, which will not be extended longer than is absolutely necessary, will not be a burden upon you. The operation of the government and institutions will not be impeded. Your lives and livelihoods will not be disturbed. Your person and your property will be respected.

  • 英文と日本語訳があります。日本語訳は正しいですか?

    But this phenomenon also arises from the fact that Americans assume that anyone who has anything to say will respond immdiately, or will even interrupt others before the other person is finished. There are simply different sets of rules for turn-taking. Therefore, one of the first things I say to my students studying culturally appropriate ways of speaking English is "Say something. Speak up and speak out. And do it quickly." 和訳 しかしこの現象は,何か言いたい事がある人はすぐに返事するか相手が話し終える前に話を遮ったりさえするものとアメリカ人は考えているという事実にも起因する.ターンテイキングの為の単に違う物差しが存在する.そのため,文化的見地から適切な英語を話す方法を学んでいる学生たちに,私が一番初めに言う事のひとつは,「何か言いなさい.声に出して遠慮せず言いなさい.思ったらすぐに」だ.

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    Hello Yai, Are you traveling soon to the US? You go to Virginia. I went there for vacation few years ago, to Virginia City. Very crowded and long beaches. There are many interesting places there, I hope you like the American style of life, it's very different from Canada. Keep in touch Yai, Cheers, Beto

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    The changes in equipment, organisation and formation were elaborated in SS 144 The Normal Formation For the Attack of February 1917, which recommended that the leading troops should push on to the final objective, when only one or two were involved but that for a greater number of objectives, when artillery covering fire was available for the depth of the intended advance, fresh platoons should "leap-frog" through the leading platoons to the next objective. The new organisations and equipment gave the infantry platoon the capacity for fire and manoeuvre, even in the absence of adequate artillery support. To bring uniformity in adoption of the methods laid down in the revised manuals and others produced over the winter, Haig established a BEF Training Directorate in January 1917, to issue manuals and oversee training. SS 143 and its companion manuals like SS 144, provided British infantry with "off-the-peg" tactics, devised from the experience of the Somme and from French Army operations, to go with the new equipment made available by increasing British and Allied war production and better understanding of the organisation necessary to exploit it in battle.