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和訳をお願いします。 Often,the hardest job for a writer is simply to get started. Some day there seems to be nothing to write about. But don`t worry if this "writer`s block" happens to you. The following ideas may help you begin your writing. First, try a timed free-writing. That`s, sit down and write anything that comes into your mind for 15 minutes. Don`t stop before the time is up. Much of what you write will not be good and you will throw it away. But you will also find some ideas on the paper that you like. You can keep these good ideas and rewrite them in a better way. Second,you can use the five questions of a newspaper reporter: who, what,when,where,and how. Just writing down the answers will help you begin to organize the facts for your essay. Third,you may find a short outline useful. Make a simple list of the major points you wish to make. Seeing the points on paper will help you decide in what order you should put them in the essay. Remember that usually you should put the most important point at the beginning of your essay. Just remember that every day we can find good ideas for writing topics. Many writers keep a small notebook handy to write down ideas from talking with friends,listening to television, or reading a magazine. These notes often become the source of good essays.


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しばしば、作家にとって最も厳しい仕事は、とにかく書き始めることです。 日によっては何も書くことがないように思えます。 しかし、この「創作上の行き詰まり」があなたに起こったとしても、心配しないでください。 以下のアイディアは、あなたが書き始めるのに役立つかもしれません。 まず第1に、時間を限ったフリーライティングをためしてください。 それは、座って、15分の間あなたの心に浮かぶ事を何でも書くことです。 時間切れになる前に止めてはいけません。 あなたが書くものの多くが、良くないでしょう、だから、あなたはそれを捨てるでしょう。 しかし、あなたはその紙面にあなたが気にいるアイディアもいくつか見出すことでしょう。 あなたはこれらの良いアイディアを取っておいて、もっとうまくそれらを書き直すことができます。 第2には、あなたは「誰が、何を、いつ、どこで、そして、どのように」と言う、新聞記者の5つの質問を利用する事ができます 。 ただその答えを書きとめることが、あなたがあなたのエッセイのために事実をまとめ始めるのに役立つことでしょう。 第3には、あなたは短い概略が役に立つとわかるかもしれません。 あなたが主張したい主要な論点の簡単なリストを作成してください。 紙上のそれらの要点を眺めることは、あなたがどんな順序でそれらをエッセイに入れなければならないかについて決めるのを、手助けしてくれます。 通常、あなたがエッセイの始めに最も重要な論点を持ってくるべきだと言うことを忘れてはいけません。 とにかく、毎日、私たちは、話題について書くための良いアイデアを見つけることができるのだと言うことを忘れないようにして下さい。 多くの作家が、友人とのおしゃべり、テレビの視聴、雑誌の読書からアイディアを書きとめるのに便利な小さなノートを用意しているのです。 これらのメモが、しばしば良いエッセイのもとになるのです。



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    以下の英文の和訳をお願いします。 (A) It is always easy for a writer to start writing an essay. (B) Writing down the answers to five questions of a newspaper reporter is useful to organize the facts for essays. (C) We can find good ideas for writing topics only when some accidents happen around us. (D) We can find the source of good essays from reading the essays of other people. 以下の英文を正しく並べ替えてください。 (know, do, you, it, how far, is) from the station to your office? (駅からあなたの会社までどのくらいの距離があるかわかりますか)

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    I have to go to sleep, goodnight 〇〇, and remember that things will change and you will find a good situation if you stay positive and keep trying, you can always come visit here and travel to see beautiful nature with me, I'll help as much as I can listening and looking for opportunities for you, I have some ideas already

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    That's okay! Having friends help you can be a good way to learn. I can't wait to see how you do on your own ^^ When did you study English before? Oh, and I can't find the first email, what was your name?

  • 英文の和訳

    英文の和訳をしていただけるかた のみで、お願いできますでしょうか? 抽象的かもしれませんが どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 On the day you meet he will impress you, and in the days and hours afterwards he will haunt you. That is the only word for it. He will make an impact on the depth of your being that barely registers, except that in the time that follows you will not be able to think of any man but him.. He will seem striking, alluring in some way that you cannot fathom, and which has nothing to do with his looks, as though a chord is struck in your deeper soul, or the innermost chambers of your being. You will recognize him, not only from the description, which is in a sense quite bland, but something inside of you will be mesmerized. All day and days afterwards he will have stamped his indelible impression on your mind and you’ll keep thinking back to him, to the meeting, to the man, to the warm kindling feeling inside of you. Like a curtain of a dream it will drop across you life. It will be that mystical, that beautiful, yet real and solid too.

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    英文を和訳していただけるかた のみでお願いできますでしょうか? 1段落の前半部分となります。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 The sun fell in your twelfth celestial house at birth, this is also the house of the hidden. It means that your soul mate will be a man of obscurity, or if he has power it will be behind the scenes. Not an open status. He may have hidden ambitions and aims in life to do with his Career. He will rise out of difficulty and obscurity. To become someone more important The love will be one that helps you overcome personal obstacles, inhibitions, or things that have got in the way of finding love before. It’s a love that l is like a light on a dark lonely road,, compelling like a distant flame that never goes out, it can seem to help you find the way ahead in your life, or help you carry on. It will make all the things you have struggled against in the past worthwhile.

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    英文の和訳をしていただけるかた のみで、お願いできますでしょうか? 抽象的かもしれませんが どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 Fate will orchestrate the meeting, if by any chance an action of yours or his should block the path, or speed up the path, all that will happen is that fate will rearrange itself and you’ll either meet in very similar circumstance a little earlier than your due to meet or a little later. If you want to help. Make sure that there are many avenues in your life open where you come into contact with people, work, leisure, travel, home life, interests, internet, other people and so on, so long as you don’t become a total recluse and close doors to the world and opportunity. However narrow an opening into your life, Fate will help to make it happen and will find the door way and avenue to make it happen. Even if you do become a recluse and lock yourself away from life fate will try and open up the path for you and put opportunities your way by which you can meet someone, and this special person, but the more avenues in life that you have to meet people the easier it is for destiny to flow.

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    次の英文の和訳をお願いします。 I've worked with hundreds of people with troubled relationships, and practically every one of them has made the same mistake of arguing a the "truth.” This strategy never helped anyone resolve a problem. When you feel upset, you will have a tremendous urge to explain why your ideas and feelings are valid. Don't do it! You will have a tremendous urge to defend yourself and argue. Don't do it! What usually happens when you try to point out the truth to someone? When you argued and got defensive, did your spouse ever stop arguing and say, "Thank you, thank you for opening my eyes. I see now where I was so wrong?" The key to resolving an argument is often to back off and try a different approach.The bottom line is that you must never defend the "truth!" Your "truth is your enemy! When you give up the idea that you have a monopoly on the truth and you try to understand the other person's point of view, you will find that people will be much more willing to listen to you and to understand your own point of view. 長くなってしまいましたが、よろしくお願いします m(__)m

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    アメリカの友人からメールが届きました。 すみませんが、和訳をお願いします。 ah my friend. a time that is bitter / sweet. bitter for your country / sweet for you to be passing from one time in your life to another. I pray that your time of celebration goes well and that you are able to enjoy yourself. I chear you on for your desire to help in relief work by volunteering. I will pray for your safety and that you might be a big help and comfort to many of the people. Please keep me up to date on your activities.

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    すみませんが、以下の英文を 和訳していただけるかた のみで、お願いできますでしょうか? どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 The element of air was on your fifth house. This indicates that it is through conversation or words and communication, letters, that you will determine what your partner is really like. You will seem actively involved impressed attentive or friendly towards him because of your conversation or interesting the communications exchanged between you, but inwardly you’ll keep your distance still, and you will stay in control emotionally, no matter how intuitively, instinctively and mysteriously or irresistibly you find yourself drawn to him, you’ll try and be objective until you form an opinion. This will not be easy because he will seem like a man who is not ordinary, who can touch and inspire your soul with his originality, invisible strands of strange powerful feelings. He will feel so different to anyone you have every known before, that you will think it wonderful to have met him at all. Meeting him will be exciting. But you’ll try and control yourself and to view it coolly and sensibly. So there is a kind of duality going on, two levels, what you feel and how you act when you meet, each may be different.

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    For each day we watch a film, you will write a journal entry here. Each entry should be 250 words. Include in this journal ideas, thoughts, impressions, and connections that you make as you think about the film you just watched. You may, of course, refer to the notes you took in class to help you write these entries. Please avoid just giving a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" review, or summarizing what happened in the movie; you will want to move to analysis and synthesis instead. Use your best writing and thinking skills in these journals, but don't worry about having a thesis or an argument. These entries are not as casual as your notes, but also not as formal as your longer papers. Title each entry so that I can readily identify them as I'm marking them. I will check these journals twice during the course of the semester, coinciding with each of your formal paper assignments. Please keep up with your entries so that you get the maximum number of points possible. NOTE: Please type the entry in Blackboard rather than attaching a separate document. 映画を見る授業があり、掲示板にこのようなことが書いてありました。 週1の授業で、毎回映画を見ているのですが、その映画に関する、感想、気づいたことなどを250字以内に書け、ということでしょうか? 例えば、今までに5つの映画を見てきた場合、一つ一つ250語程度の文章を5つ作らないといけない、ということでしょうか? そしてNOTE~に書かれていることは、「添付ファイルを使用せず(wordsなど)直接Black boardに書き込め」ということでしょうか? 教授に確認しようと思ったのですが、当分の間休まれていて…。 わかる範囲で大丈夫ですのでよろしくお願いします。