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In email you don`t have the benefit of body language. All you have are words, so it`s important to learn how to use only your words very carefully to create your own email body language. When you learn this, you will be making a real connection - and that`s what good customer care is all about.


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  • 英文と日本語訳があります。和訳は正しいでしょうか?

    In life we always have choices to make. We consider all the factors and then make up our minds. If someone asks you to join their group, ask many questions. Take your time and carefully consider whether you can really benefit from the group. Be aware that you are free to say "no." 和訳 人生において私達には常に決断すべき選択肢があります。すべての要素を考慮してから決心しましょう。もし誰かが自分達のグループに入る様あなたに求めたら、たくさん質問をしなさい。本当にそのグループがあなたにとってプラスになるのか時間をかけて注意深く考えなさい。「いいえ」と言うことはなんの差支えもないのです。

  • 日本語に訳してもらえませんか?

    以下の英文がどうしてもわからなくて困っています。英語に堪能な方にこの文章の意味を教えていただきたいので、よろしくお願いします。(長文ですみません) Sign up for a regular English tip. Some websites offer a weekly or even daily short English lesson sent to your email account. If your mobile phone has an e-mail address, it is also possible to have the tips sent to your phone to read on the way to work or school. Please note, however, that such services are not usually graded very well to the levels of different students, and they should be used as a little added extra or revision in your English studies rather than as a replacement for something you or your teacher have chosen more carefully as what you need to learn.

  • こちらの英文を日本語に翻訳お願いします。

    Thank you for the greeting! Please email me your home address in English, I have prepared Christmas/New Year gifts for you and your husband, I will need to send them to you soon. We miss you very much and take care!

  • この英文の解釈方法を教えて下さい。

    お世話になります。 以下のURLの記事中にある、 http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/harrison-ford-to-star-wars-the-force-awakens-cast-your-life-is-over-10385808.html "you have to figure out how to do that when all anybody's looking at is you” という文に関してなのですが、when all anybody's looking at is youの解釈が分かりません。 個人的には「誰かれ見ているのがあなたである場合」という意味かと思ったのですが、all anybodyというのが私には見慣れず、またlooking at youではなく、何故looking at IS youになっているのか分かりません。 これは以下の文脈の後半部分に位置します。 the natural state of an actor is to observe life around them, and now you have to figure out how to do that when all anybody's looking at is you." 文法的解釈をご教授頂ければ幸いです。 宜しくお願い致します。

  • 日本文を英文にしてみました。英文が間違っていないか添削お願いします。

    間違った英文があったら添削お願いします。 貴女が私の手紙を大きな箱に保存をしたと聞いてすごく嬉しいです。私は、貴女からの全ての手紙をファイルに入れています。 You heard that you have a big box with my letters, so I’m very happy. I have files with your all letters. 貴女のお兄さんと奥さんは、中国に新婚旅行に行ったのですね。中国のどこに行ったのですか?貴女がご存知のように私は、中国の上海と蘇州に行ったことがあります。 Your brother and his wife went to China for the honeymoon? Where did they visited China? As you know, I visited Shanghai and Suzhou. 貴女は、ブログをやっているのですね。ブログのアドレスを教えてくれたら嬉しいです。 You have a blog? I’ll be so happy if you tell me your blog’s address. 私は、e-mailアドレスを持っています。貴女とe-mailのやりとりをしたいです。貴女のe-mailアドレスを教えてもらえませんか? Yes, I have e-mail address. I’d like to exchange e-mail. Could you please tell me about e-mail address? ええと、メッセンジャーでのやりとりは、非常に難しいです。私は、以前、友達とメッセンジャーでのやりとりをしていました。今は、とても忙しいので止めました。今は、友達とe-mailを交換しています。 Well, I am very difficult that I can use Messenger. I used to do Messenger with my friends. But we are very busy that we stopped messenger. Now we exchange e-mail.

  • 英文を日本語に訳してください。お願いします!

    アメリカ在住の中国人女性と英語でメールのやり取りをしています。私は英語初心者のため彼女からのメールで理解できない箇所が多々あります。 どなたか日本語に翻訳してください!どうぞよろしくお願い致します! (以前私が作詞作曲をやっていたという内容のメールを彼女に送り、それに対しての返事になります) Your writing in Japanese is good. Easy to pretend with your story pictures. I know you have great education. I am happy you good at writing same with me. We can know about more deeply by our words. Can you tell me which songs you wrote before? Your writing is not strange. It can bring reader easy to pretend your story. I like it.

  • 日本語に訳してください!!お願いします!

    日本語に訳してください!!お願いします! online etiquette is often called 'netiquette'. there are some rules for communicating with people on the internet. first,you should always remember that you are sending message to a real person,not to a computer. don't type anything that you wouldn't say to someone's face. also,remember that the person who gets your message cannot hear your voice, or see your face, so make sure your meaning is clear. don't do anything online that you don't do in real life. don't take anything without paying for it, if it's not free. don't use information that someone else has written, and say it's yours. don't read other people's e-mail. do share your knowledge of the internet with others. people judge you by your words, so try bto write well. good writing skills are important. send polite e-mail messages to people. if you're not sure about how to spell a word, use your dictionaries. there are lots of helpful books and websites, too. it's good to talk online in chat rooms or message boards, but don't start discussions with people. say what you think, but never fight online or offline. when you're online, just as in 'real'life, try to think about other people's time and feelings. remember, you're not the only one traveling on this world!

  • この英文を日本語訳してください!!

    Also whats hard about english for you? Memorizing the words or the strange sounds you have to make? I know pronunciation rules for japanese are much simpler than english.

  • 英文を日本語に訳し、()に入る言葉を選んでください

    When a person`s words do not agree with his or her body language, on which should you rely? Can you tell when someone is lying to you? Aside from some kinds of criminals, some politicians and those with psychological problems, most people become uncomfortable when telling a lie and send signals about their lies through their body language. If people`s words disagree with their body language, you would be wise to rely on their body language as a more accurate reflection of their true feelings. Eye, nose, and mouth movement, along with hand gestures, are the four major non-verbal cues typically associated with lying. The statue of the Tree Wise Monkeys accurately shows the primary hand-to-face gestures associated with lying. When people are doubtful or lying, they often use their fingers to block their mouth ( 1 ) they were filtering their words. This hand-to-mouth geture is commonly referred to as "speak no evil." The second hand gesture associated with lying is called "see no evil," and it occurs when a person rubs or ( 2 ) his or her eyes. The third hand gesture "hear no evil" is displayed when a person covers his or her ears. ・(1)に入る適切な言葉を選んでください。 (1)as if (2)before (3)though (4)even if ・(2)に入る適切な言葉を選んでください。 (1)closes (2)touches (3)drops (4)narrows

  • 次の英文を日本語にしてください。

    But Wisconsin is only a small part of the united states. There's many places even I want to go go and visit. It's kind of like....hmmm a market. You have all the vendors. And Wisconsin is only one vendor. Selling only a few things. You have to go to the other vendors to get all of the best things. If that makes any sense. I have to go to bed, nighty nighty. May stress be kind to you よろしくお願いします。