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誰か英語得意な方すみませんがおねがいします! i so glad to mail. You love&quot,Gratin&quot,Gratin&quot,(guratin),and quot. potof &quot,(potoff),and you can cook it?!!then you're aperfect. I'm curious to taste. I will surely meet some friends.If you want,you can write me on my PC. You can ask me anything you want. I hope your having a nice weekend darling. 単語は調べましたが、何を伝えたいのか分かりません。 宜しくおねがいします。


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この方の英語、ちょっと。。。ん。。。ですね。 I'm so glad to mail you. You love au gratin and pot-au-feu, and you can cook them? Then you are perfect. I want to taste your food. (私も何が言いたいのか分かりません。^^;) I truly want to meet some people. You can email me on my PC address, if you want to. You can ask me anything you want. I hope you have a nice weekend. これで日本語訳、がんばってみてください。



回答ありがとうございます。 少し分かりやすくなった気がします。 ちなみに フランス人英語なんです。。


  • 英語を日本語に訳して頂けますか??

    自分では所々理解できず困っています...。 よろしくお願いします。 i will go to japan this summer always want to .... i will try to go there in my birthday so you can say happy birthday to me in person ... i be so happy really happy for you to be the first one to say it ...... :) and i be so glad for you to show me around..... and remember this,your emails and you are special to me ..... so please dont ever think that you are bother me ... I love you emails and love you! i am glad that you are special for me and hoping to see you soon .... You are so beautiful and sweet.

  • 英語を日本語に訳して下さい!

    I just want to let you know that each and every one of you mean a lot to me アメリカの友達に言われたのですが、意味が分からず困ってます… よろしくお願いします!!

  • 日本語「連れて行く」と「連れてくる」について 

    日本語「連れて行く」と「連れてくる」について  連れていくと 連れてくるのの違いをおしえてください。英語で答えがほしいです。よろしくお願いします。 I understand the 連れていく is when you take someone of a lower class(?) or somewhere so that I can basically say someone took ME somewhere to put myself lower, right?But for the 連れてくる, can I use it to taking someone else? It's realluy confusing! I don't want to be rude to and my dictionary labeld these as a special class so I want to be careful. Thanks for your help! 教えてください。ありがとうございます。(日本語はたくさん漢字をしりませんので英語の説明がほしいです)

  • 英語が得意な方、日本語に訳して頂けませんか。

    英語力がない為、以下の文が全然わかりません。 長文なんですが、翻訳して頂けないでしょうか。(人任せでごめんなさいm(_ _;)m) Promising to do something, without you even knowing IF you will be able to do it, its wrong. Be sure you can keep a promise, if not try your hardest because once u realize u cant keep it and then you give the person a cheap ass excuse like " i wasn't thinking" or "idk why i promised on that", is extremely frustrating, disappointing and incorrect, specially someone like me who would get vividly annoyed. And right now, I'm vividily upset. I dislike to argue( HOW MANY OF MY FRIENDS HAVE I ARGUED WITH!? ) But what i dislike more then arguing is broken promises(which equals to someone lieing to my face and oooohhhh man to a fucking hate lies..) it makes me vividly pissed off, specially if a broken promise comes from someone i REALLY care about. Don't get me wrong ppl!, a promise being broken its okay with a reasonable excuse, but man don't come to me with a crappy excuse T.T PLZ. if you dont know if you can keep a promise, tell me!! よろしくお願いします(>_<)

  • 英語から日本語へ訳して頂きたいです。

    旅行中に仲良くなった人から頂いたメールの一部分です。 なんとなくは理解できたのですが、細かい部分が分かりません。。。 英語が得意な方に翻訳して頂きたいです。 were i live is safe .... i walk here at night like 3 o 4am but for a girl any ware is not safe is dangerous .because you are girl .. but i be glad to help you and guide you to various places. i understand that you are scared for coming here by your self .. and i respect that i will send you picture of were and how is the city that i live and before you travel. i want you to feel comfortable and safe with me and your travel but think what is best for you ..if you want,... i travel to japan first and you travel here later .any way is good for you .. i only want you to be safe and not do worry about me and the travel to here.

  • 英語から日本語に訳してほしいです。

    You can't go ahead, if your life is lovely. I would surely lose to temptation. と I feel the wind. Can you see ? We can't see the wind. But we can feel the wind. I want you ! を翻訳してくれる方いませんか? よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語を日本語にして貰えますか?

    意味が分からない所が多々あります。。。 意訳で結構ですのでヨロシクお願いします。 went you be next to me i will always have the same feeling toward you ..no matter of what happen ... this is how i am and i want you to always feel happy and care ... in the good time and bad ... only happiness can make a better life .. and i will make it come true ..i want too make it come true.

  • 英語&日本語にしてください。

    下記、日本語にしてください。 That's good. we do have to work on the 20-21 and 22 If you arrive in the morning you can get Port Stephens Coaches bus from central station at 2pm to oakvale farm. We can then meet you there 下記、英語にしてください。 (1)ポートスティーブンスまではバスで行くので大丈夫です。 (2)27日はシドニーまで送ってもらえますか? (3)ちょっと待っててね、また連絡します。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 英文メールを日本語へ訳して頂けませんか(英語苦手)

    英文メールを日本語へ訳して頂けませんか(英語苦手) hello ermm... i know it's quite strange to ask you a favor... but it can be say related to you. well i think i'll just ask... it's about your mother's blog in mobile phone. i've known the reason from other website why you don't post your mother's blog anymore. and they wrote you'll just post the articles on your personal blog only. so i try to find the original promoter's blog. which i think is this blog. so im asking you if you can let me see your mother's blog updates article and photos? im dying to see the updates. :) PLEASE!! i'll try to promise the requests you want me to do! dunno if you can understand my English >"< Please and thank you ! : ]

  • 英語できる方、日本語に訳してもらえませんか。

    I did not want to tell you this before, but now its like am forced to let you know I am the one you know as the Actor but I am a secret agent that works with the American Military, I was going to explain to you later, but since you have found out yourself I have to tell you now. Please you have to keep this as a top secret because in the profile you sent I know you should have read I was once in the US Marine Corps, But I had a deal with the Defence council when i was going into acting, and I still work as an underground agent, I want a new and free life that is why I want a good and real love from you.this is why I decided to look for someone\ outside America to find true love. I hope you will understand all I have told you and know that what i need is your love Please find part of the link you sent me below, What I need is your love, your love is very important to me I need a serious and real love in my life. ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ Spent four years as a U.S. Marine serving in combat units. During his time, he studied the hand to hand combat, line-training and Brazilian ju-jitsu. In his first credited speaking role on-screen, he played the lead role of John Merser in Maverick Entertainment's 'Champion Road'. Was an uncredited extra in a scene with Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith in 2007's hit film, 'Why Did I Get Married?'. In 2011, he signed on with those same two actors as a series regular in a TBS sitcom based on that movie. Although known for being athletic and performing his own stunts in films; Brad James is working with an ankle that never healed correctly after he broke it in in late 2000 while serving in the US Marine Corps.