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英語の文章を考えたのですが、どうも文法がおかしいところがあるような気がします。まだ途中なのですが、チェックをお願いします。 My favorite sport is basketball. I have played basketball for seven years. I learned many things of basketball. At first I learned “an effort and don’t give up mind” When I started playing basketball, I was not fast run other player. But I was effort little by little at elementary school. I became early than before now to run. I know that an effort and don’t give up were very important. Next, I learned by leadership. I was a captain by basketball club in junior high school. When I became a captain, there was worried. And I knew difficulty that awareness as a leader of a team gathered up a sprouting team while I practiced it. The basketball club was strong team work. Try hard serious basketball. And I played basketball well. I understood that very important with a leader “I must move at first!” When I knew it, I decide to move positively and build a relationship of mutual trust with a friend and thank that I was able to cooperate. As a result, it was able to be collected in a team. I was able to learn the leadership through club activities. I learned to cooperation as team. And I understood that it can’t only one.


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どうも、翻訳サイトの匂いがしますね。 なぜかというと、"I became early than before now to run."は、もともと「いま、走るのが以前よりはやくなってきた」のような和文だったのに、脳の無い翻訳機械が、「速い」を「早い」と間違って「fast」になるはずなのに、「early」にしてしまったようです。 中(もしくは高等)学校の生徒さんじゃないでしょうかね。(My favorite sport is basketball. I have played basketball for seven years. で、中2、3年生のレベルだけど、残念ながらそれきり文法的によい。) 自分がマースタした表現などを使って、書いてください。経験のない表現がイキナリ書けるわけじゃないのですね。 全然 助かりじゃない!と思われるかもしれないが、僕の仕事にいつも、いつもこの問題にあっています。完全にマスターしたってことをもとにして、自分の手でこの長文を書き直してみてください。よりすばらしい結果が出ると信じております。Good luck!



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    私はただ単に楽しみのために旅行するのではなく、私はその国をもっと理解するために努力をしていきたいと思っている。 私は今回の旅行でたくさん学びました。 I do not a trip only simple pleasure but I think that I want to make an effort much understanding about the counties. I learned a lot of things from this trip. 幸運にも私はそのチャンスを得て、イタリアの歴史について感じることができた。 Fortunately I was able to get a chance and was really succeeded in feeling the Italian history.

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    一応、自分で英作してみたのですが、気になるところ(間違ってそうなところ)があるので、どなたか教えてください。 1.部活で休みがほとんどないという話の中で、 「はじめは、もっと休みがあってほしいと思っていたが、次第に練習がないと不安になるようになった」 →At first, I wanted more holidays, but I became uneasy when I didn’t practice. 2.「部活と勉強の両立が辛くて、時々部活をやめたくなった」のような感じを出したかったのですが…。 →Sometimes I wanted to leave the club because I had to have practiced hard and I wanted to study too. 3.2の続きで、「でも私はクラブのみんなが本当に大好きだったし、どうでもいいことを一緒に喋るのが楽しかったし、やっぱりテニスをしたかった。だから部活をやめることはできなかった」 But I loved members of the club, I enjoyed talking about trivial things with them, and I still wanted to play tennis. So I couldn't leave the club. 4.二人の先輩が○○(地方名)大会に出場した。 Two seniors advanced to the ○○ competition. 先輩という表現がいまいちしっくりきません、辞書でひいたのですが…。 5.それまで私にとって○○大会は夢の存在だった。 でもそのときから、私は全力を尽くせば○○大会に私も出場できるかもしれないと思った。 The ○○ competition was a dream for me by then. But from then on I thought that I might be able to advance to the ○○ competition if I would do my best. 6.でも私達が一番嬉しかったのは、ある先輩が嬉し泣きしてくれたことだ。 But we were happiest that one senior cried for joy. 7.朝早く学校へ行って練習前に練習をした甲斐があったのかもしれないと思った。 I thought it might be useful that we went to high school in the early morning and practiced before practice. たくさん申し訳ありません。よろしくお願いします。 また、スピーチで終わるときは、なんて言うのが一番良いでしょう?

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    長くなってしまうのですが、以下の文章であっているかどなたか確認して頂けると嬉しいです。 ☆のところがとても不安な箇所ですので、そこだけでも結構です。全体通して不安ですが。 The most important thing for me is my family. And I should cherish it. First, I thank my parents very much. I owe it to my parents that I could put myself to playing tennis in my junior high school and high school days. In the second year in high school, when I really wanted to leave club activities, my parents encouraged me to continue it. ☆1 At the time, if I was easily allowed to leave club activities, ここに"今の私はないと確信する"と入れたいのですがI'm sure...から続きません、教えて頂きたいです。 When my mother came and watched games, she looked at a tournament table and checked my next competitor. ☆2 I will be dutiful to my parents because I have done what I wanted to do. Second, I also thank my grandparents. I live with them. When I come home, I'm happy that there is someone at home. So I thank my grandmother very much because my parents and my grandfather work. My grandmother cares about me and my sister. ☆3 And she came to the piano concert for me. My grandfather died when I was in the second year in high school. I couldn't believe it because he has worked and been fine until he entered hospital. ☆4 I regretted going to the hospital few times. ↑お見舞いにほとんど行けなかったのが心残りだ、というような意味にしたいのですが、間違っている気がしてなりません。教えてください。 He also came to the piano concert every year, and seemed to look forward to it. So I'm happy that I can cherish my family and feel love from my family. I wish people in the world cherish their families. 長いですがどなたかよろしくお願い致します。 酷い文章で申し訳ありません。

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    先日下記の質問をさせていただきました。 http://okwave.jp/qa3030598.html その際にアドバイスくださった皆様、ありがとうございました。 アドバイスいただいた文章をもとにメールを作成していたのですが、少し書き足したい部分が出てきましたので、もう一度助けていただけないかと思って質問させていただきます。 付け足したい文章は I was trying to figure out why you behaved like that and what kind of person you are... I tried to keep professional relationship which we were before. But unfortunately, it's didn't work for me. Everything was getting clear to me. More in sorrow than anger. It is hard to come back to your place. As you noticed that since then, I feel some tension or nervousness and not able to be relax during consultation. And you didn't take any responsibility with that.I came to your place in order to get PROFESSIONAL treatment, but I couldn't get it. There is no point to go. I am a client and I like treatment. So it was really disappointment. 私の言いたいことは: あなたがどうしてああいう行動をとったのか、あなたはどういう人なのかを考えた。そしてできることなら今までどおりの立場でいられたらと思った。 でも残念なことに、それは私にはできそうもない。今となってはすべてがクリアになった。怒りというより、本当にこうなったのが残念で仕方がない。 あなたのところに治療に通うのは私には難しい。あなたもわかっていたように、あれ以来、私は今までのようにリラックスして治療を受けることができなくなった。そしてそれに関してあなたがプロフェッショナルとして何も責任を感じてないように思える。私はあなたのところに「プロとしての」治療を受けるために通うのに、それを受けられないというのは通う意味がない。私は患者であり、治療方法が気にいっていた。それはとっても残念なことです。 以上です。 長文ですみません。 お力を貸していただけたら助かります。

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    英語の勉強をしていますが、作文については、正誤が良くわからないので、下記について、間違え、一般的な表現などについて指摘願います。 文法的な解釈もあると助かります。 We have received short-term overseas student again. She’s also nice girl. I wonder all of them are good. But I found out that it was wrong by taking them a first look. Actually she’s polite, cheer and sociable. So she often speaks to us and it gives us abandon life. I’m afraid I’m not good at English well, and it has prevented us deeper communication. I have plenty of my stories I want to talk with her. It hasn’t reached up to even 50 percent. My speaking skill is the best in my English skill, but I was not able to have spoken many things than I had expected. It seems that I have to consider how to take an online English conversation lesson. But how should I do?

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    It was not untill Monday that I phoned the office. ↓ It was only when it came to Monday that I phoned the office. Only after Monday did I phone the office. only, only when, until のイメージがいまいちつかめず、自信がなかったのでご質問しました。 特に、only after, It's until の例文は良く見るのですが、 only when の表現を使用した例文は少なく感じました、使用頻度が少ないのでしょうか? not untilだと ~までしなかった=~して始めて、~してやっと。だなとすぐに分かるのですが、 only when に関しては ~して始めて+~の時だけという意味もあり、 なぜ~して始めてという意味になるのかも分かりません。 ご存知の方、解説していただけないでしょうか? またこの上記3文で何かニュアンスに違いなどありましたら、教えて頂きたいです。 宜しくお願いいたします。

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    以下の英文の添削をお願いできますでしょうか? I took part in volunteer work in Tohoku where I was searching for missing people from the horrible earthquake which happened a year and a half ago. There are still over 2800people who have not been found. I had to have a feeling of helplessness when I saw the horrible scars of the disaster, but it is a reality that there are still a lot of people who lost their family and have to continue to live in the scares. I think it is an important to find missing people as soon as possible so that the family of them will be able to take a step toward recovery. (原文) 1年半前に発生した地震による行方不明者を捜索するためのボランティア活動に参加してきました。今なお2800名以上の方々が行方不明となっています。 災害のすさまじい爪痕を見て、私は自分の無力さを感じざるを得ませんでした。でも、家族を失って、その爪痕の中で生活を続けている方々がいるのも現実なんですよね。 行方不明者のご家族の方々が復興の一歩を踏み出せるようにするためにも、一日も早く行方不明者を見つけることが重要だと感じています。

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    英文推薦書 感想聞かせてください。 アドバイスもよろしくお願いします。 With tolerant character, I have warm consideration for circumference brightly and value a friend. I can have the flexibility that can revise oneself and humility to listen to a different opinion and one's thought and can be superior to sense of cooperation. The effort that is going to raise oneself is watched and wrestles with everything forward. As for the action for studies, I am very sincere. The class manner was very earnest and I concentrated on it I understood in that time, and to digest it and learned it. I had the stern eyes which stared at oneself, and the easy compromise investigated a questionable point without doing it till oneself could understand. I gain excellent results through three years as a result that all subjects worked hard to do a slipshod job steadily. I stopped at first, and the thought that the person himself studied abroad strongly thought about senior high school entrance to school seriously. There is 聞, and not only the admiration but also the strictness of the studying abroad really knows a direct story from people with the studying abroad experience enough many times. I wish to join it by agreement, and the intention is strong. Through interchange with the foreign students of not only the simple English acquisition but also various countries, I burn will to the studying abroad when I want to deepen culture and the understanding about manners and customs. I resemble a person / the will and, without a share, am convinced that it is a person for the recommendation.

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    英文添削お願いします。 On October Second ‘10 I had a holiday and went to car dealer. First, I went to Toyota to see Estima. As soon as I went there, I did test-drive one. It was comfortable, but it wasn’t more comfortable Alfard and Velfire. When all of salesman find I decided to buy a car, they surve me with the greatest survice. After Toyota, I went to Honda. But there was not a car I wanted. When I was about to leave the shop, the salesman tried to prevent me from leaving there by this way and that. When I was feeling an awkward situation, my mobile phone rang at a good timing. It called from Toyota and told me to leave my bag. I left there at once and came back Toyota to receive it. As soon as I arrived at there, the salesman brought my bag to me. I felt I was lucky, as I left the shop. If I left it another place, it wouldn’t come back me.

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    Although originally I am a left-handed when I was a child, however, my parents forced me on a right-handed. I didn’t want to obey it first. I was not able to do writing well and catching a bean with chopsticks either, which is why I dropped a lot of beans on the table many times. It was difficult for me to do everything and dis-satisfied. So I came to think why should I put up with the discomfort and poor performance? It’s meaningless I think. 文法的な誤りがあればご指摘ください。