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5,000 + Notes - Signed CD, signed hand-written lyric sheet, singed 11x17 poster, signed set list, and a Video/audio acoustic performance of any song (cover or original) of your choice. Video and wav file will be emailed directly to you. Allow us a few days or a few short weeks to record and deliver it (each song is different and we want to make sure we put 100% into the performance). It will be exclusively yours! 25,000 + Notes - All previous prizes + Acoustic house concert or full band electric if PA (and backline if we are not passing through on tour) is provided. We will perform and hang at your home or at any location that you desire within the next 8 months. We can figure out a time that is convenient for all. If you're located outside of North America, then we can work it into our tour schedule. We'll cover travel expenses.


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5000以上のノート - シングル CD, サイン入りの手書きの歌詞シート、サイン入りの11x17 のポスター、サイン入りの曲目、すべての曲(カバー、オリジナルを問わず)の中からあなたが選んだアコースティック演奏のビデオかオーディオ一曲。ビデオとWAVファイルはあなたに直接e-mailで送られます。2-3日または1週間弱録音と発送に時間をください(それぞれの曲が違うので、私たちは100%のパフォーマンスを入れ込めるようにしたいのです)。これはあなただけの物になります! 25,000以上のノート - 上のすべての商品と、アコースティックの室内演奏か、もしPA が(それとツアー中でなくバック機材と楽器なども)使えればフルバンドのエレクトリック演奏。私たちはあなたの家やあなたが指定するどんなところででも8ヶ月以内に演奏して盛り上げます。皆の都合の良い時にあわせて実行できます。もしあなたが北米以外に住んでいたら、ツアーの時に実行することができます。旅費は私達持ちで。 --- どうも、クラウドファンディングなのか寄付なにかで、ギフト、録音・録画、生演奏を行なう話のようですね。 5000 + notesと言うのがわからず、5000 +は恐らく5000以上。noteはお金と取ることもできるし、予め決められたある単位とも取ることができますが、そこはtsf12さんにはわかるのだと思います。





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    Top Supporter Rewards: 350 + Notes - Signed CD of the concert. The entire show will be professionally recorded by the fine folks at Dog House studios. Allow a few weeks for mixing, mastering, CD duplication, and for us to create the artwork by hand so that each piece is unique. 1,000 + Notes - Signed CD and lyric sheet of your favorite TLI song. Delila will personally hand-write the lyrics and the band will sign. 2,000 + Notes - Signed CD, signed hand-written lyric sheet, signed 11x17 poster of a pic taken by photographer Linda Wake-Garza exclusively for this event, and a signed set list from the concert or from one of our upcoming August/Sept. tour dates.

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    英文の和訳をしていただけるかたのみで お願いできますでしょうか? 多分難解な部分は少ないとは思いますが、 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 Your future union will be happy, secure and stable. A union of true souls. There is no suggestion in your chart of separation, unhappiness or serious destructive and dire marriage problems. It will be a good close and loving union. Your future partner will heal all the wounds of the past. All the loneliness and pain will just melt away under the power of knowing him. You’ll feel calm, happy and more contented in your life than you have done for years. It will be like reaching an oasis in a storm or desert. A place and time in life where time seems to stand still and you can be happy.

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    英文を和訳していただけるかたのみで お願いできますでしょうか? 抽象的な部分は意訳していただけると ありがたいです。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 All relationships have a beginning and all have an end. The end can come in many ways. It may be death and tragedy, divorce, or parting, the sad intervention of other people in ones life. Many things can happen. But only one will. Your chart shows the relationship will be a long one, a permanent one. It is possible to tell from the chart, which of you will outlive the other, or the circumstance surrounding the end of the relationship. But this is not always advisable so I do not automatically include such information. Once you know a thing you cannot unknown it, or easily forget it, even though things need not be so fatalistic. It may influence your attitude to the relationship. If you wish to know then ask when you order your next astrological reading..

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    INDIEGOGO UPDATE: Most of you have, but if you haven't received your perks yet they have been shipped and you will be seeing them in the mail shortly! We apologize for the delay but the process was complicated due to our being on the road and coordinating the shipment of certain items that had to be signed. If you don't receive your package in the next 10 days, please message us here. ALSO, the $5 raffle we had up on indiegogo is going back up on our official site starting November 5th and will be running through the month of December. Winner will be announced on our Facebook, Twitter, and Official website early 2014... those who have already entered in the raffle when up on indiegogo, your entries have been recorded and will automatically carry over.

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    Dance, dance little hooker shake it Dance or you will be banned You're the one who is all mistaken You're the gas and a dollar laugh

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    Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo discussed Stone Temple Pilots' upcoming EP, which is set for an October release, with The Pulse of Radio: “When we tracked the song ‘Out Of Time’, we also tracked a song of Dean's, which we didn't have enough time to complete,” he said. “But right now, we started recording last week. We actually have three new songs as well as the one we did not finish, and ‘Out Of Time’, so it will be a total of five songs that we will be releasing as an EP come October.” ※ 『Stone Temple Pilots』はバンド名、『Robert DeLeo』は人物名、『Out Of Time』は曲名です。

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    Are you asking if it will fit in the back of a module? If yes no it will not fit and you could not put it there even if it did. @ 3.5A it must be sinked to your host sink or body otherwise it will overheat. Something like this.

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    下記の文章の翻訳をお願い致します。 We advise contacting the manufacturer directly for any troubleshooting you may require. They would best understand the idiosyncrasies of their product as well as any potential software or hardware conflicts. Should it be determined that the product is defective, please contact us within 30 days of receiving the item and we will tell you how to go about replacing the unit.

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    下記の内容を翻訳していただけないでしょうか? 宜しくお願いします。 There is the possibility that your soulmate will be a man above your social cast or class. Or wealth that comes after marriage, popularity and an uplift in circumstance. You will marry a man of distinction and maturity who is worthy, ambitious and dignified, someone people look up to and admire. The wedding will be in a month close to the month of your birth. You have the need to shine in any relationship and you will invest a lot of work and effort in it and will make the marriage a focal point of your life. You’ll see yourself primarily as a wife, and will place tremendous importance on marriage. Until you find your true soul mate your life may feel incomplete, even if you have many relationships, or a steady boyfriend to fill up your time, something will be lacking and you’ll be keenly aware of it. You are subconsciously searching for someone who is like yourself. You’ll disregard other peoples views, advice or criticism about the marriage partner, and will seek also a strong capable partner.

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    Slash Reveals How Axl Rose Is ‘Channeling’ Scott Weiland “If you got a hold of an old set list from 2016, you saw there was a set list and then there was an alternate set, which was just songs that we could do audibles with [and] move shit around. It was on there, and the band actually jammed it way early on just to get the groove together and all that. But it just never came up. Then, when we went into rehearsals for the European tour, Axl [Rose, vocals] came in [and went], ‘Let’s try ‘Slither’.’ It was never even something that we’ve talked about, but hearing Axl do it, considering he’s channeling a little bit of Scott in that, and then Duff and I sort of having been with that song since its inception, the three of us doing it together was very cool. I couldn’t put a verbal description of that feeling, but that was cool.”