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英文に翻訳お願いします。dinner 「今日は外食しようと思っているけど、何が食べたい?」 また、「どっちのレストランで、夕食を食べたい?どっちの料理が食べたい? 」を、 1At which restaurant do you want to eat/have dinner? Korean one or Japanese one? 2Which food do you want to have/grabe dinner? Korean food or Japanese food? 1.2は自然な表現でしょうか? よろしくお願いいたします。 補足 2は、Which food do you feel like for dinner (tonight)? Korean food or Japanese food?でも大丈夫でしょうか?


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 #1です。補足です。 >>他の回答者様のWhich restaurant do you prefer to go for the dinner tonight, Korean or Japanese?は前置詞などはいらないのでしょうか?例えばto go to。文の構文を教えて頂きたいです  Korean or Japanese という名詞が、すぐ後になければ、後の to はあってもなくてもいいと思います。  


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#2です。 > 回答ありがとうございます!Which restaurant do you prefer to go for the dinner tonight, Korean or Japanese?は前置詞などはいらないのでしょうか?例えばto go to。文の構文を教えて頂きたいです。 いらないと思います。この質問に対する回答の例としては、 I prefer a Japanese restaurant to go for the dinner. で、goに前置詞がつく必要が無いです。 ところで、前の回答のような言い方は、実際に英語の口語でよく使われていると思いますが、ビジネス文書や文語では見かけないと思います。 Would you like ... ? とかDo you like ...? のような質問はYes/Noで答えるように教わったし概ねそうだと思うのですが、 Would you like coffee or tea? とか Do you like cats or dogs? と言う質問はあるしそれにYes/Noで答えるわけにはいかず、正直文法的にどう説明するのかわからないのですが、複数の物から選択を求める質問では実際にあるとしか言いようが無いです。


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1. 通じますが自然と言えません。 期待する答えは、Korean restaurant かJapanese restaurant なのですが、その肝心の疑問がAt which restaurant と付加的になってしまっていて本題がつかみにくいのがひとつ。もう一つは、eat/have dinnerと一般的になってしまっているので、今日の事を聞いているのかどうかわからないです。 定番的な言い方では、 Which restaurant do you prefer to go for the dinner tonight, Korean or Japanese? Which restaurant would like for the dinner tonight, Korean or Japanese? など。 2. do you feel like はここでは使えないと思います。ここでも、 Which type of food do you prefer for the dinner, Korean or Japanese? Which type of food would like to eat tonight, Korean or Japanese? などかなと思います。 type of food としたのは、日本料理も韓国料理も数がたくさんあるので、which foodと言われて、Korean food, Japanese foodと言われてもピンとこないから。 あるいは、 What kind of food do you want to have for the dinner tonight, Korean or Japanese?



回答ありがとうございます!Which restaurant do you prefer to go for the dinner tonight, Korean or Japanese?は前置詞などはいらないのでしょうか?例えばto go to。文の構文を教えて頂きたいです。

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1。1.2は自然な表現でしょうか?  はい、通じます。 2。2は、Which food do you feel like for dinner (tonight)? Korean food or Japanese food?でも大丈夫でしょうか?  はい、大丈夫です。 3。「今日は外食しようと思っているけど、何が食べたい?」   I want to eat out today. Any wishes?  とも。



回答ありがとうございます!2はWhich food do you want to have/grabe for dinner? Korean food or Japanese food? forが抜けていました。 forをつけなけれればhave/grabの目的語which foodが欠落しなくなるので。


他の回答者様のWhich restaurant do you prefer to go for the dinner tonight, Korean or Japanese?は前置詞などはいらないのでしょうか?例えばto go to。文の構文を教えて頂きたいです


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    1「頭の中で何かを考えてる時、中国語化日本語のどちらの言葉て意見を述べますか(言いますか)? 」 二か国語を母語にしている人に尋ねる場合なのですが、When you're thinking about someting in your head, in which language do you epress your opinions, Chinese or Japanese?このような表現はおかしいでしょうか? また2「物事を頭で考えている時、どちらの言葉で考えますか?」という場合、When you're thinking about thingsin your head, in which language do you think about them, Chinese or Japanese?は通じるでしょうか? 1及び2の適当な表現がありましたら教えて頂きたく思います。

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    1In which way do you want to choose to die?Shot or hanged? 2Which way would you choose, death by hanging or gundown? 1なのですが、shot or hangedとなっているのでしょうか? 2は、chooseの目的語はdeathなのでしょうか?、またwhich wayは副詞的に使われいる、つまり「By which way would you choose death hanging or gundown 」となるこれを前置詞byを後方に移動させたものが2の文との理解でよろしいでしょうか? 「どちらの方法で死にたい?銃殺かそれとも首吊りか?」の英訳なのですが他に表現があれば教えて頂きたく思います。

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    下記の質問を和訳しなくてはいけないのですが私の英語力ですと時間がかかりすぎてしまいます。 どなたか教えていただけますよう宜しくお願いします。 ABOUT YOU: ○○ is one of the most successful resuaurant in Tokyo. What are the keys factors that you’ve implemented to the menu and restaurant to make it such a hit? How have you adapted your menus for Tokyo diners’ preferences? What do you enjoy the most about being a chef in Tokyo? As a chef have you ever tried something that you thought would be a hit but Japanese diners have not responded to? And vice-versa, has something in your restaurant been a hit in Japan that would not work elsewhere? DINING TRENDS: What dining and food trends are you seeing in Tokyo at the moment? How has dining out / the restaurant scene changed in Tokyo over the last five years? TOKYO RESTAURANTS: How do Japanese diner’s expectations compare to other cities in the world? (E.g., do they have high expectations from the chef, where the ingredients are from, the restaurant setting, the theme, trends, etc.)? What do you think makes Tokyo such a great culinary destination (for tourists who don’t live in Tokyo)? There are over 200,000 restaurants in Tokyo. What do the best restaurants need to do to stand out or get solid reputation? How important is it for Japanese diners to have menus that change seasonally? Does ○○ cater to this? TRADITIONAL JAPANESE CUISINE: Is has been said before that many young Japanese chefs prefer to study western cuisines instead of traditional Japanese cuisine. How true do you think this is? Is it a problem? How do you feel about the popularity of Japanese food around the world? Are you proud that so many people are eating Japanese food? Is Japanese food the same outside of Japan as within? Is the popularity of Japanese food globally changing traditional Japanese cuisine? E.g. Californian rolls were created in California and then were adapted by the Japanese. Has this happened in other areas? ○○ attracts foreign customers, foreign chefs and wait staff. Does this have an impact

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    Frog meat is white with a light flavor. If you feel like trying some, don't eat it in France. It's way too expensive. Instead, if you happen to be going to Southeast Asia or South China, pop into any local restaurant. Frogs for food are now being raised in paddies, and you can eat a plateful of frog legs very cheaply. One more favorite French food that Japanese and Americans avoid is rabbit. Rabbit meat is extremely low in fat. Rabbit meat as a health food first spread from small restaurants and households, until today it is featured on the menus of upscale restaurants. Rabbits are raised for food on a large scale. Go to just about any Parisian market and you will see rows of whole rabbits including the heads. You roast them just like that. The rabbit's liver is usually sold separately, because many people prefer it to chicken liver. The Japanese find nothing appealing about eating snails, frogs, or rabbit's, and there are probably those who would rather die than try to eat any one of them. They probably think that this "backward" and low-class food is suited to people in developing countries. However, they would change their minds and sample the foods if they knew that it is the gastronomically respected French who enjoy them. Funny, isn't it?

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    Ironically, the kind of restaurant you will have to search hardest to find in any British city is one serving 'British' food. 一語一語の意味を正確に直訳でお願いします。

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    Thank you, I'm sure one day it will ^_^. I am interested in law because, yes I do want to be a lawyer. As to what kind I am not entirely sure. I just like it and know that so far that's what I want/ Internatioanl lawyer?? I don't think that one has ever crossed my mind... I suppose I forgot about that option, ha ha now I have more to chose from! lol. No, I don't know of him. You don't have to be smart to be one, ha ha, I'm not super fantastic when it comes to that stuff but I'm determined to be a lawyer so I make sure I do my best when it comes to memorizing the law and everything. It's nice talking to you too. I enjoy our e-mails :) I am glad to be able to help you with English. It's an easy language once you get the hang of it I promise. I'm actually starting to learn some Japanese :) I'm so excited. well, I'm off to do some more studying! see ya! これ(上記)が以下の自分の送信メールに対する返答です。英語が得意な方、どうかこれ(上記)を翻訳してください!! Ah, I see. Hope your dream ( you’ll come to Japan ) comes true. BTW,why are you interested in law? Do you want to be a lawyer (international lawyer)? Do you know Kent Sidney Gilbert? He is a lawyer and entertainer who lives in Japan. I’m not so intelligent to be able to be one. But I’ll do what I can do. It’s nice talking with you. I can also learn English little by little from you. :) Thank you very much.

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    what do foreigners have to do if they want to become japanese citizens? 外国人がなんちゃらかんちゃらで日本国民がなんちゃらかんちゃらしかわかりません。 助けてください

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    下記の文章で分からない事があります。 ---- What would you like to have for dinner? 夕食は何が食べたいですか? I'd like sushi. 寿司です。 ---- これを What do you want to have for dinner? I want to sushi. としてはダメなのでしょうか? 違いは何処にあるのでしょうか? よろしくお願いします。