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Japanese are fond of saying that Japan is a very small country and America a very large country. America is not the largest country in the world, and Japan is not the smallest. If one limits oneself to the forty-eight states that are the main part of the country, the United States is not even the largest country in the western hemisphere. Brazil is larger. Japan, on the other hand, is larger than any European country except France and the Soviet Union, and about the same size as two Germanies combined. Yet it remains true that America is a much larger country than Japanese. The area of the forty-eight adjoining states is more than twenty times that of Japan, which is almost exactly the same size as the third largest of the forty-eight, Montana.



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日本人は好んで日本はとても小さな国でアメリカはとても大きな国だと言う。 アメリカは世界で一番大きな国ではないし、日本は一番小さな国ではない。 もし(アメリカの)主要部分である48州に限って言えば、アメリカは西半球の中でさえ最大の国ではない。ブラジルのほうが大きい。 一方日本はフランスとソビエトを除けばヨーロッパのどの国よりも大きく、東西ドイツを合わせたサイズとほぼ同じです。 それでもアメリカは日本よりもずっと大きいのは事実。 隣接した48州の面積は日本の20倍以上で、日本は48州の中で3番めに大きいモンタナ州とほぼ正確に同じ大きさです。



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    (1) It's not true that all Americans are fat. But it's true that too many Americans are overweight and that obesity has become not only a personal problem but a social one. (2) Statistics show that more than 60% of Americans are either overweight or obese. While some people insist that a person's weight is a private matter, American people pay for the problem of obesity through higher healthcare costs. In that way, it has become every American's problem. (3) I think Americans have a harder struggle than Japanese when it comes to staying fit. The main reason is the difference between the basic diet of the two countries. A big part of the problem can be summed up in two words : butter and cheese. They are the most common seasoning for traditional American food. Take this typical dinner menu for example : broiled chicken, baked potatoes, and steamed broccoli. In my household, we use butter for broiling the chicken, lots of butter and cheese on the baked potato, and butter on the broccoli. Butter and cheese are to the Japanese one. And there lies the problem. While American seasonings are full of fat and calories, Japanese onces are almost calorie free. (4) Moving to Japan, I lost about 10 pounds (4.5k) without even trying. It happened naturally over a period of years as my diet changed. I admit when I first moved here, I couldn't eat rice without butter and salt. But little by little, I came to like the Japanese way of mixing flavors, and ate rice along with more flavorful things like miso soup, pickles, and fish. Japanese are lucky to have a basic diet that is truly healthy and low-calorie. Eating buttery, salty foods every day probably makes anyone want junk food more. Of course junk food is pretty popular in Japan these days too, and I see more overweight people around than I used to. But because the basic diet is so healthy, most Japanese will not become overweight, even if they like junk food. よろしくお願いします!!! 番号は段落です(´∀`*)

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    Japan is less a country than a network of linked Mega-regions, anchored by Greater Tokyo:indeed, a close look at the light-emissions map shows that its three major metro regions are blurring into a megalopolis of more than 100 million people. 何度もスミマセン。しかしたぶんこれでしばらくはありませんでしょう。

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    The truth is that President Trump’s choppy, rambling self-expression is not so exotic. A great many thoroughly intelligent people talk more like Donald Trump than they might know. What’s new is that someone who talks like this in public has become the president of the United States. Yet it isn’t surprising, and if we are not to spend the next hour to eight years alternating between exasperation and confusion as he sounds off, we need to learn a new way of listening.

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    アメリカの物価は日本よりずっと高いのですか?と聞きたいとき下記の言い方で 大丈夫でしょうか? ”Is commodity price in America much higher than that of japan ? ” 宜しくお願いします。

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    " Thus it is that philosophy can supply no demonstrative refutation of idealism, even of the most extravagant form. Common sense, however, universally feels that analogy is here a safer guide to truth than the sceptical demand for impossible evidence; so that if the objective existence of other organisms and their activities is granted — without which postulate comparative psychology, like all the other sciences, would be an unsubstantial dream— common sense will always and without question conclude that the activities of organisms other than our own, when analogous to those activities of our own which we know to be accompanied by certain mental states, are in them accompanied by analogous mental states."

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    こんにちは、お世話になります。 英語の構文、和訳がわかりませんので、 専門的に指導していただけると助かります。 (1)Law, in its true notion, is not so much the limitation as the direction of a free and intelligent agent to his proper interest, and prescribes no farther than is for the general good of those under that law. For in all the states of created beings capable of laws, where there is no law, there is no freedom. 上の英文ですが、 prescribes no farther than is~とFor in all the states of created beings capable of lawsの構文がわかりません。 (2)A man of zest will surmount all misfortunes by the emergence after each blow of an interest in life and the world which cannot be narrowed down so much as to make one loss. こちらはby以降がまったくわかりません。 以上、よろしくお願いします。m(__)m

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    とある長文の一部なんですが、辞書などを使いながら訳しても納得いくような日本語の文章になりません。 和訳の得意な方にぜひ訳していただきたいと思います。 The term latitude is very important here. Latitude is the angular distance north or south of the equator. “The main northern hemisphere... [winegrowing] regions... [are] between 32 and 51 degrees north, and most of those in the southern hemisphere between 28 and 42 degrees south." Nearly all of the United Kingdom has a latitude greater than 51 degrees. In the past, the wine produced in that country was not very good. However, things are changing. Jancis Robinson, a leading expert on wine, believes that British wines have benefited from global warming. And it is likely that this trend will continue. どうかよろしくお願いいたします。

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    (1)Countries across Asia and beyond are reporting small amounts of radiation from the disabled nuclear reactors in Japan. But officials say these levels are not a threat to public health.   http://www.voanews.com/learningenglish/home/health/Doctors-Lack-Many-Ways-to-Treat-Radiation-Exposure-118884029.html 「Countries across Asia and beyond 」この部分がわかりません。”アジアを越えた国々や、はるかかなたで」 こんな感じでいいですか? (2)BARBARA KLEIN: Today, from a distance, Mesa Verde appears as it did centuries ago. It rises more than five hundred forty meters above the floor of the valley. Visitors can drive up to the top of Mesa Verde on a winding mountain road. When you reach the top, you are two thousand four hundred meters above sea level. In the distance are the flat lands and mountains of the Four Corners area. That is where the western states of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona meet. This area has one of the largest numbers of archeological sites in the United States. In the distance are the flat lands and mountains of the Four Corners area. これの主語がわかりません。In the distanceは副詞だと思うのですが、この文は倒置ですか?副詞VSですか? (2)は和訳いりません。

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    We cannot, we must not, refuse to protect the right of every American to vote in every election that he may desire to participate in.And we ought not, and we cannot, and we must not wait another eight months before we get a bill. We have already waited 100 years and more and the time for waiting is gone. So I ask you to join me in working long hours and nights and weekends, if necessary, to pass this bill. And I don't make that request lightly, for, from the window where I sit, with the problems of our country, I recognize that from outside this chamber is the outraged conscience of a nation, the grave concern of many nations and the harsh judgment of history on our acts.

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    英文和訳お願いします。 In general, my music is just quiet because it’s not the kind of music that is supposed to be loud, there is not really anything more to it than that. It would be pretty silly to blast strings and piano at 105db. こちらなのですが、英文和訳をお願いします。どうもthere is not really anything more to it than that.のあたりが不明で・・・。