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Symmetries (:Timothy Ferris)からの引用です。  Theoretical physicists, like artists(one is tempted to say, like other artists) are guided in their work by aesthetic as well as rational concerns. "To make any science, something else than pure logic is necessary," wrote Poincare, who identified this additional element as intuition, involving "the feeling of mathematical beauty, of the harmony of numbers and forms and of geometric elegance." Heisenberg spoke of "the simplicity and beauty of the mathematical schemes which nature presents us. You must have felt this too," he told Einstein, "the almost frightening simplicity and wholeness of the relationship which nature suddenly spreads out before us." Paul Dirac, the English theoretical physicist whose relativistic, quantum mechanical description of the electron ranks with the masterpieces of Einstein and Bohr, went so far as to maintain that【 "it is more important to have beauty in one's equations than to have them fit experiment."】  Aesthetics are notoriously subjective, and the statement that physicists seek beauty in their theories is meaningful only if we can define beauty. Fortunately this can be done, to some extent, for scientific aesthetics are illuminated by the central sun of symmetry. 【】の個所について教えてください。 【 "it is more important to have beauty in one's equations than to have them fit experiment."】 方程式の中に美しさを持つことは実験に合わせたそれらを持つことよりももっと重要である。 と、訳したのですが oneは人のことですか? them fit experiment・・・実験に合わせた(合わされた)それら、ですか?(fitは過去分詞ですか?) それともhave them fit experimentはhaveが使役動詞でthemをexperimentにfitさせる、ですか? themは何を指しているのでしょうか? equations ですか? 内容が掴みにくいのですが、どのようなことを言っているのでしょうか? 教えてください。


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> oneは人のことですか? そうですね。文脈から、scientists ということだと思います。 > themは何を指しているのでしょうか? equations ですか? これもその通りだと思います。 > それともhave them fit experimentはhaveが使役動詞でthemをexperimentにfitさせる、ですか? はい、これもその通りかと。 全体の文意としては、 「数式を実験結果にフィットさせるよりも、数式の中に美しさを持たせることのほうがより重要である。」 ということかと思われます。 初めのhave と次のhave(使役) で、英語の表現として、ハーモニーを作っているんですね。 もし本当にディラックが言ったとすれば、ディラックが作った物理学の公式のように 調和のとれた英文な気がしてきて、それらしくて素敵ですよね。



ご回答ありがとうございます! よくわかりました。 英語の表現としてハーモニーを作っていることには気がつきませんでした。 ベストアンサーはお二方に差し上げたい気持ちです。 ありがとうございました。


  • ぎこちない英文ですみませんが・・。疑問点があります。

    My hobbies are diverse. In one of them,I am often hanging out a mall with friends just for fun,but there I am ashamed of not buying an item but thinking it's so great and precious a goods that I should only stare at these goods. In another of them,I like to watch cross-border's dramas,called "24" and "Prison Break",and so on. In a third of them,I like to take a trip frequently. Unfortunately,I don't have much money now,in another words,I can't afford to pay for various tour's plans in spite of I want to do. Instead,I think I'll go abroad to study English and culture,saving a lot of money. Finally,I like playing a lot of sports better than any other thing. という趣味に関する英作を提出しました。 すると、In one of them,In another of them,In a third of them,but there I am ashamed of not buying an item but thinking it's so great and precious a goods that I should only stare at these goods. を削除されてしまいました。やっぱり変なんですよね??;; 初学者なんで、これくらいの文しか書けません。。 それに、なんでIn (one,another a third of)は削除されてしまったのですか??topicの書き方が変ですか?? 全然分かりません。教えてください><

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    But, why should they use their memory to perform such tasks? In the real world, if a person needs to remember a list of words-a list of items to be purchased, for example-the usual technique is to write out the list and consult it when recall is required-at the grocery store or wherever. Psychologists have conducted hundreds-perhaps thousands-of studies of short-term memory, but apparently they have never allowed subjects to do what most of us do in the real world-make a list of the items to be remembered and read them off when recall is required. お願いします。

  • 以下の英文を訳してください

    They(theoretician) are convinced that experimets are needed only to verify the results of their theoretical calculations even though in reality everything is the other way around : laws are established experimentally and only then do theoreticians explain them.

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そして、them はおっしゃるように equations です。 言っているのは、理論物理学者は合理的なこと、公式に合わせることだけでなく、 さらにはそれよりも、美しさ、簡潔さを追求するものだ、ということです。



再度のご回答ありがとうございます! ご解説、ありがとうございました。

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前半に one is tempted ~とありますが、これも人一般です。 口語的には you を使うことが多いですが、かたい文では今でも one, one's が使われます。 fit は過去分詞にしても前の名詞にかかるというより、have O 過去分詞と考えた方がいいでしょうが、 ここでは fit は原形です。 experiment という目的語が続いているので。 だから、使役でいいです。



ご回答ありがとうございました! fitは原形なのですね。わかりました。


  • 英文の訳

    It can be shown mathematically that the cyclomatic number is equal to one more than the number of decisions in a program, and there are many programs that have a large number of decisions but are easy to understand, code and maintain. 最後のcode and maintainがどのようにかかるのか分かりません。どなたかご教授お願いします。

  • 次の英文を分かり易くしたいのですが・・・。

    「she values the ordinary things in life, the small events, finding beauty in them and in a life where every moment is intensely, fully lived」 という英文があるのですが、 これでは意味が分かりにくいと言われました。 どう文を変えれば良いでしょうか?  どなたか教えてください。

  • アメリカ独立宣言の英文法

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. という最初の一文ですが、以下の部分で質問です。 the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, 「to which」の先行詞がstationである場合entitleの目的語になるthemは必要ないのではないでしょうか? 今の考えはなしにしてもこの「to which][them]はよくわかりません。教えてください!! 著作権の面で問題があるようなら削除してください。ちなみにThe National Archives Experience のサイトからコピーしました。

  • 英文添削お願いします。

    英文添削お願いします。 October 4th ‘10 I went out to drink with my entering in the same year after work. I thought it was enjoyable for me. I don’t need to care for them and I can talk anything I think. I wander a drink of yesterday will not be same. And I wander I have to go to drink a place I wouldn’t like to. I have to think it is a business. Is it happy life for us to do so?

  • 英文の意味の取り方を教えてください

    The great man is too often all of a piece; it is the little man that is a bundle of contradictory elements. He is inexhaustible. You never come to the end of the surprises he has in store for you. For my part I would much sooner spend a month on a desert island with a veterinary surgeon than with a prime minister. (The Summing Up by W. S Maugham) 最初に出てくる"The great man is too often all of a piece."について質問があります。 偉大な人間はあまりにしばしば断片のすべてである・・・・・? *ここはどうやって意味をとればよいのでしょうか? 断片を統合したような人物、という感じですか? *また、too oftenのところがわからないのですが、 The great man is all of a piece.にするのとどういうニュアンスの違いがあるのでしょうか? 以下は前文です。 *************** I have been more concerned with the obscure than with the famous. They are more often themselves. They have had no need to create a figure to protect themselves from the world or to impress it. Their idiosyncrasies have had more chance to develop in the limited circle of their activity, and since they have never been in the public eye it has never occurred to them that they have anything to conceal. They display their oddities because it has never struck them that they are odd. And after all it is with the common run of men that we writers have to deal; kings, dictators, commercial magnates are from our point of view very unsatisfactory. To write about them is a venture that has often tempted writers, but the failure that has attended their efforts shows that such beings are too exceptional to form a proper ground for a work of art. They cannot be made real. The ordinary is the writer's richer field. Its unexpectedness, its singularity, its infinite variety afford unending material.

  • 英文和訳です

    下記のサイトの14行目からです。 The young~特にthere were several~jeer at Europeans.の部分が全然わかりません。 またその下三行も教えていただければ嬉しいです。よろしくお願いしますm(__)m。 http://genius.com/5022192/George-orwell-shooting-an-elephant/There-were-several-thousands-of-them-in-the-town-and-none-of-them-seemed-to-have-anything-to-do-except-stand-on-street-corners-and-jeer-at-europeans

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    1.Cricket (baseball / countries / in / is / more / played / than ). 2.Many (are / French / in / of / origin / tennis / used / words). 3.Rugby (an / England / in / its / name / old / owes / public / school / to), Rugby School. 4.Both (and / are / be / cricket / England / football / national / of / said / sports / to). 5.The Football World Cup (any / event / has / more / other / sporting / than / viewers).

  • 生物の問題です(英文)

    An experiment was performed as follows with respect to the respiration and photosynthesis of plants. Read the statement and answer the questions below it. [Experiment]A flowering (monocot) plant was grown in a closed container. Assume that the air temperature is adjusted appropriately to match the plant's growth. The light level(L1 to L8)was varied and measurements taken of the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed per hour. The graph below shows the results of the experiment as the hourly absorption of carbon dioxide on the y-axis against light intensity on the x-axis. In addition, te organic matter and respiration rates are constant and unrelated to the light intensity. Q,When the light intensity is at 'L3', calculate the values in questions a. and b. below. The atomic weight of three elements is also shown below. H: 1.0 C:12.0 O:16.0 a. Mass of carbon dioxide consumed in photosynthesis per hour.(mg) b. The mass of glucose synthesizd per hour.(mg) という問題なのですが英文の訳とそのQの解答をよろしくお願います。

  • 和訳おねがいします!

     it is not teaching them to think in some scientifically sound way; it is persuading them to acquiesce. it is accustoming them to the presence of computers in every walk of life, and thus making them dependent on the machine's supposed necessity and superiority.

  • 私には難しい英文で・・・訳をお願い出来ませんか!?

    There are two types of basic sensations: “pressure” (associated with a “tension headache”) and “sharp pains” which might be due to a migraine if they are on one side and behind the eye. If you have a headache that lasts longer than normal you should get it checked. Like the word “nightmare,” a “headache” can describe a situation that is quite difficult or emotionally draining: On a less serious note, another problem related to skin is pimples, which often seem to come at the wrong time and in embarrassing places! There is a lot of speculation about some of the causes of pimples. Some doctors say that our diet is an influence, whereas others say it is not and encourage instead the use of various creams and steroids (more money for them of course).