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和訳お願いします((。´・ω・)。´_ _))

和訳お願いします((。´・ω・)。´_ _)) Meet Jenne Jenne is seven year old. She's still young and very helpful. She works as a PR dog. She was a guide dog for a blind pearson before. Now she's a ‘‘teacher” for us. She's very clever. We can learn a lot from her. Come and meet her at the Midori Junior High School gym at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday,April 15. Jenne was cute! She looked happy with the instructor. Can we meet her again? I was very surprised. Jenne sat biside the instructor and never bark. Jenne was waiting quietly during the instructor's speech. She looked very smart. We can be like Jenne. She's very helpful. Let's help people,too. 長々とすいません… バカなもので← 急いでいるので回答してくださると嬉しいです(・∀・)



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ジェニーに会ってちょうだい。 7歳なの。 若くてとっても役立つ犬。 PR(宣伝)の犬として働いているのよ。 以前は目の不自由な人を導くお仕事をしていたの。 でも、今は、私たちの「先生」をしている。 とっても賢いの。 たくさんのことを彼女から学ぶことができるわ。 来て彼女に会ってね。 4月15日日曜日、午後2時、場所は緑中学校体育館。 ジェニーってかわいかった! 彼女の指導者といて幸せそうだったわ。 また彼女と会えるかな? とっても驚いたの。ジェニーはおりこうさんに指導者の横に座って、1回も吠えなかった。指導者の話している間、ジェニーはじっと静かに待っていた。 彼女はとてもお利口さんだったわ。 私たちだってジェニーを見習わなくちゃね。 彼女って、とっても役立つの。 私たちも人の手助けをしましょう! 以上でいかがでしょうか?


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ジェンに会いに来て。 ジェンは7歳、まだ若くて役立つの。 宣伝犬もつとめてる。 弱視者に付き添う盲導犬だった。 でも今や私たちの先生。 彼女は賢いの。 彼女から学ぶことがたくさんあるの。 緑中学校体育館まで彼女に会いに来てください。 4月15日(日)午後2時からです。 ジェンは可愛かった! インストラクターと一緒で幸せそうだった。 彼女にまた会える? びっくりしちゃった。 インストラクターの横にチョコンと座って決して吠えないんだもん。 インストラクターがスピーチしてる時だっておとなしく待ってる。 すっごく賢く見えた。 ジェンみたくならなきゃ。 とっても役に立つんだよ。 ジェンみたく、みんなの力になろうよ。



  • 高1 英語 不定詞の問題です!

    各組の文がほぼ同じになるように、( )に適当な語を入れなさい。という問題です! 1.It seems that she finished writing her report. She ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) writing her report. 2.He found the instrument was very helpful for daily living. The instrument turned ( ) ( ) ( ) very helpful for daily living. 3.It seemd that the dog was running at full speed. The dog ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) at full speed. 4.The cat wanted her master to pet her. The cat wanted ( ) ( ) ( ) by her master. 5.It seems that he was late for class. He seems ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) for class. この五問です! よろしくおねがいします!!

  • 和訳をお願いします

    和訳をお願いします One day in the second grade. I walked home school,and my surprised mother looked at me as I walked through the front door. “Carol,”she asked calmly but with a confused look on her face,“where's your jumper? ” l looked down and saw my patent leather buckle shoes;white leotards that were torn at the knees;and white(but dirty)cotton turtle-neck. Until my mother pointed out that I was't fully dressed,I hadn't noticed. I was just as surprised as she was,for we both remembered that I had been wearing the jumper that morning. My mother and I walked across the street to the school,looked on the sidewalks and all over the playground and in the halls,but we couldn't find my plaid jumper.

  • 英語の言い換え問題です。

    英語の言い換え問題です。 a)It seems that she finished writing her report. →She (seems) (to) (finish) ( ) writing her report. b)He found the instrument was very helpful for daily living. →The instrument turned (out) (to) ( ) very helpful for daily living. c)It seemed that the dog was running at full speed. →The dog (seemed) (to) (be) (running) at full speed. d)The cat wanted her master to pet her. →The cat wanted (to) (be) (petted) by her master. e)It seems that he was late for class. →He seems (to) (late) ( ) ( ) for class. 穴埋め出来ていないところもありますが質問させていただきます(^-^; 間違い指摘・アドバイスよろしくお願いします。

  • 和訳をお願いします。

    She never looked at him. How could she not see him? He ran through a group of boys, and he fell at her feet. She turned away with her nose in the air. トムソーヤからの一説です。質問は、How could she not see him?の文です。「どうやってみることができなかったのか。」変な訳だと思いますので、解説お願いします。

  • 和訳…

    日本語にしたいのですが、分からないのでお願いいたします。 1:A well-known Japanese author was very sick. 2:Every night he looked at the Tokyo Tower from the hospital window. 3:He said, "the light of the Tower gives me strength and peace of mind" 4:The lighting designer, Ishii Motoko, lit up the Tower. 5:Her Tokyo Station and Rainbow Bridge also Decorate Tokyo at night. 6:The night sky is a canvas for her. 7:Ms. Ishii lit up the Awaji Flower Show in 2000. 8:A lot of visitirs wanted to see the show at night. 9:But plants sleep after dark. 10:Too much light kills plants. 11:So she invented a soft lighting system. 12:With this system the flowers could sleep at night. 13:She was kind to nature. 14:She made the visitors and the plants happy at the same time. 15:The Shirakawa-go Village is one of the World Heritage Sites. 16:So nothing new can be added. 17:Ms. Ishii put lights on the hills around the village. 18:The lights look like moonlight even on dark or snowy nights. 19:She has made many other works. 20:She wants to make people happy by lighting up the inside of their hearts.

  • 英文が正しいか教えてください。

    英文が正しいかどうか教えてください。 First, I talk about my friends. We can meet new person in school. And we can favor them. I didn’t know anybody when I went to high school at first time. I wanted to make friends. So I was speaking her who next to me sat down. Now we are friends. But we don’t always talk. Then I thought her who is very kind by external appearances. Of course, she is kind. But rather than she is very cheer up. I can’t know she is very cheer up only external appearances. I know that I talked to her a lot of things. Then I judge a person by external appearances. But, the fact, she is very cheer up. この初めの文のfirstは、firstよりもfirstlyの方がいいのでしょうか? 違いがあれば、教えてください。 あと、訂正などあれば教えてほしいです。

  • 和訳を教えてください

    和訳を教えてください 1)He arose at jane's approach and walked onward side by side with her. 2)Wealth is a means to an end, not the end itself. 3)Her death was hastened by the shock of her son's death. 4)Emily's is not a nature that can long remain absorbed in reading. よろしくお願いします!!

  • 和訳お願いします

    和訳お願いします。 ・Also, working from what we know of how today's birds and lizards see the world, we can infer how the world might have looked like to a dinosaur. ”また 、今日の鳥やトカゲが世界をどのように見るか、私たちが知ることから働くと、私たちは恐竜にとって世界がどのように見えていたか推測することができる” これで合ってますか? ・a fat file of disparate name facts ”名前が事実と全く異なる厚いファイル” これで合ってますか?

  • 英語の和訳です。お願いします!!

     I was doing some last-minute Christmas shopping in a toy store and decided to look at Barbie dolls for my nieces. A nicely dressed little girl was excitedly looking through the Barbie dolls as well, with a roll of money clamped tightly in her little hand. When she came upon a Barbie she liked, she would turn and ask her father if she had enough money to buy it. He usually said "yes," but she would keep looking and keep going through their ritual of "do I have enough?"  As she was looking, a little boy wandered in across the aisle and started sorting through the Pokemon toys. He was dressed neatly, but in clothes that were obviously rather worn, and wearing a jacket that was probably a couple of sizes too small. He too had money in his hand, but it looked to be no more than five dollars or so at the most. He was with his father as well, and kept picking up the Pokemon video toys. Each time he picked one up and looked at his father, his father shook his head,"no".

  • 和訳お願いします。

    翻訳機は使わないでください^^; Margie went into the schoolroom. It was right next to her own room. The mechanical teacher was on and waiting for her. It was always on at the same time every day except Saturday and Sunday. Her mother said that little girls learned better if they learned at regular hours. The screen was lighted up. It said, 'Today's arithmetic lesson is on the addition of proper fractions. Please insert yesterday's homework in the proper slot." Margie did so with a sigh. She was thinking about the old schools they had when her grandfather's grandfather was a boy. All the kids from the whole neighborhood came. They laughed and shouted in the schoolroom, and went home together at the end of the day. They learned the same things, so they could help one another with the homework. And they could talk about it. And the teachers were people…. The mechanical teacher was flashing on the screen: "When we add the fractions 1/2 and 3/4 ..." Margie was thinking about how the kids must have loved it in the old days. She was thinking about the fun they had.