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和訳お願いします。 ・Also, working from what we know of how today's birds and lizards see the world, we can infer how the world might have looked like to a dinosaur. ”また 、今日の鳥やトカゲが世界をどのように見るか、私たちが知ることから働くと、私たちは恐竜にとって世界がどのように見えていたか推測することができる” これで合ってますか? ・a fat file of disparate name facts ”名前が事実と全く異なる厚いファイル” これで合ってますか?



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> Also, working from what we know of how today's birds and lizards see the world, we can infer how the world might have looked like to a dinosaur.  機械翻訳でしょうか? 人間が訳すと 「私たちが知ることから働くと」 のような不自然な日本語にはなりません。  ここでは work は動詞で、人間の活動、働きを表しています。この文の場合の work は、ある情報をもとにして判断することを意味していることが文意から分ります。  working from X という 動詞+ing という形で始まっている文ですから、「X から判断すると、・・・」 となります。  working from what we know of ... → ~について我々の知っていることから判断すると  how today's birds and lizards see the world → 今日の鳥やトカゲが世界をどのように見ているか  ここまでで 「今日の鳥やトカゲが世界をどのように見ているかということから判断すると」 という前半の意味が判明します。  we can infer → 我々は推量できる  how the world might have looked like → 世界がどのように見えていたのか (might という助動詞を使っているので、可能を表す推量の表現です)  to a dinosaur → 恐竜にとって  後半をまとめると 「恐竜の目から見た世界はどのようなものであったろうかということを、我々は推測することが可能だ」 のような意味であるということになります。





  • この書き換えはどうですか?

    Do you know what percentage of the birds in the world live in Japan? 「あなたは世界の鳥の何パーセントが日本に住んでいるか知っていますか?」という文にしました.これを書き換えて Do you know how much percent birds in the world live in Japan? [percentage]を形容詞の[percent]にかえて,それによりwhatをhow muchに変えました.これで大丈夫でしょうか?

  • 和訳

    抜き出した文章なんですが以下の和訳の添削をお願いしたいです>< (1)the study of the nature and behavior of natural things and the knowledge that we obtain them. 自然の研究と自然の物の行動と知識は私たちが手に入れるものです。 (2)knowledge about the structure and behavior of the natural and phsical world, based on facts that you can prove, for example by experiments: 構造と自然の行動と物理的な世界の知識はあなたが証明できる事実にもとづいている。例えば実験によって (3)knowledge about the world, especially based on examination and testing and facts that you can proved. 知識についての知識、特に試験とテストとあなたが証明した事実について基づいているもの。 (4)knowkedge or a system of knowledge covering general truths or the operation of general laws. Such knowledge or such a system of knowledge concerned with the physical world and its phenomena. 知識又は知識のシステムは一般の真実又は一般の法則の操作をカバーしている。このような知識又はシステムは物理的な世界とその現象に関係している (5)the systematic study of the nature and behavior of the material and physical universe,based on observation, experiment,and measurement,and the formulation of laws to describe these facts in general terms. 自然と物質的で物理的な宇宙の組織的な研究は観察、実験、測定、法則の公式化に基づいていて、これらの事実は一般の言語で描写される。 間違いなどありましたら正しい和訳お願いします><

  • 和訳をお願します^^;

    Lizard disappearances in the areas the team studied can’t be due to habitat destruction because they’re occurring where habitat has been protected. Rather, hotter sites close to the equator or at low altitudes are most likely to lose their lizards. To see how hotter climates damaged the reptiles, Sinervo’s team created a dummy lizard, set it out in the sun at sites in the Yucatan Peninsula where Sceloporus is found and where it had gone extinct, and monitored its temperature. Like all organisms, lizards must avoid overheating and keep their body temperature within a certain range to survive. The problem, the team found, seems to be warmer springtimes, rather than higher maximum temperatures at midday or in midsummer. Higher temperatures in spring mean that the animals spend less of the breeding season out foraging and more time in the shade. “That is the time of year that females need the maximum amount of food,” says Huey. “If the temperature gets higher in the spring, then the lizards restrict their activity. They simply may not have enough active time to catch enough food.” Underfed females do not have the resources needed to make young, causing populations to crash. The ecological consequences of lizard extinctions are unknown. “If Barry’s right or even close to right,” Huey says, “the world as we know it will be very different. Lizards are primarily insect eaters. So if a population goes extinct, that will affect the insects living there. Lizards are also prey for many snakes, birds, mammals and some other lizards. But how serious those 〔effects〕 will be is going to be very difficult to predict.” よろしくお願いしますorz

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    Like the rest of us, the last thing in the world he wanted was to disrupt this new kindergarten world we were all just getting used to. 和訳の問題です。 「私たちの残りと似たように、彼が欲した、世界で最後のことは、私たち全員が慣れ始めたばかりのこの新しい幼稚園という世界を混乱させることだった」 と訳したんですが、どうでしょうか。 詳しく見てもらいたいです。 おねがいします。

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    和訳で良く分からなかった箇所を挙げました。 1How dull this would be if there were no colors at all, or all things were different shades of same color!  2People of the world don't have enough to eat to avoid malnutrition. Yet a former Secretary of Agriculture has said that if we used the best methods of agriculture on the land currently being farmed, the world could feed itself. 3Air doesn't conduct heat as well as water. We would find a room of 22℃ quite comfortable even if we wore just a swimsuit, while bath water of the same temperature is unpleasantly cool. The water takes heat from our warm body much more quickly than the air does.

  • 和訳をお願いします

    By 2080, global warming could result in one-fifth of the world’s lizard species becoming extinct, a global study has found. Even under the most optimistic scenarios for curbing carbon dioxide emissions, the analysis by an international team shows that one-fifth of the globe’s lizard populations, corresponding to 6% of all lizard species, may go extinct by 2050. “We’ve committed ourselves to that,” says Barry Sinervo, an evolutionary biologist at the University of California, Santa Cruz, who led the study. He and his colleagues found that climate change has already driven 12% of the populations of Mexico’s colourful Sceloporus lizards extinct since 1975. If emissions continue at current levels, he predicts that by 2080, 39% of the world’s lizard populations will have vanished, corresponding to a 20% loss in species. The study is published in Science this week. It’s a stunning finding, says Raymond Huey, an evolutionary physiologist at the University of Washington, Seattle, who wasn’t part of the study team. “Lizards are animals that should be very tolerant of climate warming,” he says. よろしくお願いします^^;

  • 英文の和訳をお願いします。  +α

    以下の英文の和訳をお願いします。 (A) It is always easy for a writer to start writing an essay. (B) Writing down the answers to five questions of a newspaper reporter is useful to organize the facts for essays. (C) We can find good ideas for writing topics only when some accidents happen around us. (D) We can find the source of good essays from reading the essays of other people. 以下の英文を正しく並べ替えてください。 (know, do, you, it, how far, is) from the station to your office? (駅からあなたの会社までどのくらいの距離があるかわかりますか)

  • 和訳チェックお願いします。

    和訳チェックお願いします。 And just as we ourselves have evolved to experience and appreciate the infinite richness of the world, so too will we evolve constructs that share with us and other sentient animals the most ineffable, the most subjective of all features of life: consciousness itself. 「私たち自身が発達を経験しそして世界の無限の豊かさを理解すれば、最も主観的な生命の全ての特徴である最も言いようのない、私達と他の知覚動物が共有する意識そのものの概念を発展させるだろう。」

  • 和訳

    和訳例をお願いします。  Imagine how people lived long before anyone knew of any sciences or of writing. Then, as now, they would try to answer fundamental questions about their existence. Where did the would comd from? How did people originate? Why is there evil in the world? What happens to people when they die? What forces control the weather, the seasons, the cycle of agriculture? Questions such as these have persisted throughout history in every culture. The stories made so long ago to try to offer answers to these questions, and to try to account for a society's customs and rituals, are called myths.  Traditionally, myths did not originate in written form. They developed slowly as an oral tradition that was handed down over generations. Early people looked around and tried to make sense of the confusing world around them. They tried to imagine how it cnuld have come into being.  The elders of society two were considered wise analyzed what they saw. They came up with their own conclusions about natural events and human behavior. They developed stories that explained how such things came to be. They had to account for everything that happenedーfrom the origin of the world up to and including the present. These accounts, passed down in story form, were eventually accepted as traditional truth. Much letter the stories were written down.  Although mythmaking is an ancient practice, it is not a practice limited to people who lived thousands of years ago. People continue to create myths to explain their world. The American West of the 19th century (a,been,favorite,has,on,subject,towhich) build modern myths.  Mythmaking has traditionally looked to the past to try to make sense out of the present. Some modern myths look instead to the future. Storytellers make use of the countless inventions of the last few centuries to give striking descriptions of what Earth may be like  hundreds of years from now. They imagine life on worlds billions of light-years away in space or far in the future. These stories also help cultures understand their world. 以上になります。

  • 英文和訳 大学入試

    perhaps of equal importance for us to note, however, is how the internet has changed the way that the world sees us -for good and bad ある大学で出題された長文の一部です。私が自分なりに訳した日本語訳をまず述べて、次にその訳になったプロセスを書きます。 日本語訳:しかしながら、私達が気づくべき多分同じぐらい重要なことはインターネットによって良いにしろ悪いにしろ世界が私達を見る方法はどうするのか。 how以下がうまく訳せません。前半はof important が形容詞だから主語にならない気がするけどいいのかな?」