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Yeah, we did! It was long but I know a few about it because of the lessons! My favourite sport is football, I'm a great football fan (Soccer)! I also play it alot I used to be in the football team in my old school, but i can't any more now D: my doesn't want me too! Volley ball, hmm I've only played it once in school that was it! It was very hard I remember! I've tried to learn French during secondary school since i was 11 to age 15 but I never understood much since i really didn't have interest in it! I'm very much into music and watching tvs and stuff! I love going out with my friends to the cinema! Are you in junior high school or high school? In the UK we don't call it junior high school or senior high school we call it secondary school and college! I'm in college since I'm 16! It's my first year :)


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ヤッター、でも長くかかったね。レッスンががあったため、そのことはほとんど知らないよ。 私の好きなスポーツは、サッカーだよ。本当にサッカーファンだよ。前の学校で、プレ-もしたし、サッカーのチームにも入っていたよ。でも、今はできない、パパも僕にしてほしくないみたいだし。バレーボールね!!小学校でやっただけ、ただそれだけ。なんか難しそうなのは覚えている。 11歳から15歳までの中学校時代にフランス語に挑戦したけど、よく分らなかったし、興味も持て無かった。  音楽や、テレビを見るのなんか好きだよ。そして、友達と一緒に映画に行くのも。 君は、中学校に行っているの?英国では、「junior high school」と言う言い方はしないよ。 「secondary school」 と言うんだよ。僕は今、college の一年生で、16歳だよ。



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    学校の課題で、"My High School Days"という題で英作文をしました。 文法的な間違いや、不自然な部分等あると思いますので、添削していただこうと、質問させていただきました。 よろしくお願いいたします。 I went attended ABC High School. This school was founded in 1961 by Taro Oda. It is co-education now. But it was a boys' school before 1994, DEF girl's High School was next to it. They merged it in 1994 and became ABC High School. It has generally course only now. But generally course has three courses, A course, B course and C course. When I was senior, there were 48 classes in this school, and more than 1,700 students were studying in this school. I belonged to B course. In the B course, we studied aiming at entrance to school to the university. I and my friends always went to the school by bicycle. I was doing it for exercise and a saving. It takes me about fifty minutes from my home to the school. My favorite subject is civics. I liked the modern society in particular. My best friends in high school were Yuichi Masuda, Yoshitaka Ito and Toshimitsu Kato. We used to go to Miyawaki Bookstore or Book Square in Matsusaka after school by bicycle. It was late that I always arrived at the house because these bookstores were long way from my house. I belonged to the rugby club. But I have never play rugby. Because my teacher made me and my friend the member of the club by force to direct our life and to let me study. So we studied mathematics in the teacher's room while other members did club activities. My impressive teacher was Mr. Ishimoto. He was my teacher when I was junior, and teacher was mathematics and rugby club. He was severe, grim and strong.  Therefore I and my friends could not disobey. If we had not good exam result, he punched us. So my friends studied English and mathematics very hard. But I knew his good point. He always thought about students. Therefore he was very strict with us. It will not still change.

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    日本語訳を教えて下さい When I decided to send my son to a regular Japanese elementary school, my friends and family in America asked if I was worried about stereotype that bullying is worse in Japan. I bullying, I told them it's a told them my son would be fine. And at first, he was happy and learning well. なんとなくはわかるんですがはっきりとは理解できず、どなたか教えて頂けないでしょうか。

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    カリフォルニア在住のアメリカ人から聞かれました。 In the US there is 1. Elementary School-Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st grade through 5th grade 2. Middle School-6th grade through 8th grade 3. High School-9th grade through 12th grade 4. College In middle school and high school in the US we had 7 different classes to go to each day. Is it the same for Japan? How is it in Japan? Is it like this? 1. Kindergarten 2. Elementary School 3. Junior High School 4. Senior High School 5. College For how many years is it for each? I find it very interesting 教えて! カリフォルニアでは 1.小学校・中学・高校は5・3・4制? 2.大学は4年? 3.we had 7 different classes to go to each day.とは7つの授業科目があるということ? 4.日本はいくつ授業科目があるの?

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    日本語訳がわかりません。だれか教えてください。お願いします。 (1)My mom says it felt as though someone tapped her on the shoulder, but when she turned around no one was there. (2)It was then that she noticed I wasn't in sight. (3)She saw me in the pool, kicking and waving my arms in the air, trying to keep my head above the water. (4)She held me in her arms and thanked God that I was all right.

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    添削お願いします!中学生です。自分なりに書いてみたのですが、文法とかぐちゃぐちゃで。お願いします。テーマはunforgettable memory です。 When I was a sixth gread an elementary school ,I decided to take an entrance examination for junior high school. But I didn’t tell a my friends this. And I didn7t tell “ going to junior high school different classmate. I was telling the lie for classmate one year.  I decided to take an entrance examination for junior high school , and I began to study . Study time increase and play with friends decrease. that time I think “it is shameful if I fail an examination” so. I didn’t tell this my classmate. The examination was taken I can’t told. And it passed the examination. the winter vacation of the year passed my friend began to prepare of the junior high school. “Did you buy a uniform?” "You and I go to the same junior high school? "”junior high school life pleasure” The answer was always "YES”I con not go to the same school. I can not wear same uniform. ”where did you buy uniform” my friend asked to me. But I can’t answer that. And I said “I cannot remember . I forgot it.” It was impossible to tell the truth unawares. Even now, I remember these days was very hard.  The day of a graduation ceremony I told to my friends going to different junior high school. and my friend said to me“I am lonely. I can not go same school. But good luck.” If I stand on the same position as her, I will be said many severe things. because I am not told truth a year. It cannot said it is the right thing I did .but I found friend who push my back.

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    以下の英文の日本語訳ができません。だれかお願いします。 (1)You don't really notice how special it is until death looks you in the eyes. (2)My sister and her friend jumped into our backyard pool to cool off. (3)My mom would always watch all of us very closely, but just for a minute, she had walked over to the other side of the yard to talk to my dad. (4)She told my sister to watch out for me, but my sister was busy laughing and having fun with her friend. (5)No one heard me because I was so little; there was hardly a splash.

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    I find school okay, it's fine it\'s relaxed teachers don\'t treat you like little kids which annoyed me during secondary school!  But I have a lot of annoying teachers, one of my teachers is very sarcastic and rude, noone likes her I think she hates her job :s 

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    ある物語の一文なんですが、つぎの英語がうまく日本語に訳せません。 何か適当な訳は無いでしょうか。 He went to Simpson College in 1890 to study painting and paid for his school by ironing clothes for other students.

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    英語の教科書にこれらのような文が 出てきたんですが訳がわからないので よろしくお願いします。 ・We just waited and hoped for the best. ・Sonnpy appeared in newspapers and magagines for over fifty years. ・We think of him as our friend. ・Tell him he's not to be late for school again. ・I felt sad, but happy at the same time, because, I was soon to leave home. また文に続くように自分自身のことを入れるんですが 何をいれたらいいですかね? ・If I had been born 100 years ago, _______________________.

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    以下の英文について、日本語訳する際に、下記の点を迷っています。 (1)1文目のsince以下は理由ととる方が自然な気がしますが、主節より後に来ているので時を表しているのでしょうか。 (2)2文目のthatは代名詞のthatとして、"what was read was worthless"を指している、ということでよいでしょうか。 In the past, the period between dinner and bed was great time for reading, since there were no such things as radio or television. Generally what read was worthless, but in spite of that it helped to breed the reading habit.