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和訳お願いします。 In modern timees , with the motorcar and the airplane, the desert may be said to have been conquered so far as travel is concerned . But it has been conquered in other ways. The send of the desert , blown by the winds , advances yard by yard over the cultivated fields. Many lands that once were cultivated have been changed into deserts . Sand covers the wells and canals that once watered fields . This has largely been caused by the scarcity of rainfall 長文すいません。 お願いします


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現代では自動車や飛行機の到来により、旅行に関する限り(※1)砂漠は征服されたと言えるだろう。 しかし砂漠は別の方法で勝ってきたのだ。 風によって吹き飛ばされる砂漠の砂は、少しずつ(※2)耕作地の上に降り積もっている。 かつて耕された多くの土地が砂漠化してきたのだ。 以前は田畑に水を引いていた井戸や運河が砂で覆われている。 これは概して降雨量の不足により引き起こされたものだ。 ※1:so far as 〇〇 is concerned: 〇〇に関する限り、〇〇の点では ※2:yard by yard:直訳では「1ヤード、また1ヤードといった具合に」となりますが、little by little(少しずつ)とかone by one(ひとつずつ)といった言い方に掛けたと考えましたので、「少しずつ」と訳してみました。


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以下のとおりお答します。なお、誤植とおぼしき語が2つほどありました(timees→times、send→sand)。 (修正原文) In modern times, with the motorcar and the airplane, the desert may be said to have been conquered so far as travel is concerned. But it has been conquered in other ways. The sand of the desert, blown by the winds, advances yard by yard over the cultivated fields. Many lands that once were cultivated have been changed into deserts. Sand covers the wells and canals that once watered fields. This has largely been caused by the scarcity of rainfall. (訳文) 現代では、自動車や飛行機があるので旅行に関する限り砂漠は征服されたと言えるかもしれません。しかし、逆にそれが征服されました。風によって吹かれた砂漠の砂が、少しずつ耕作地に進出します。かつては耕されていた多くの土地が砂漠に変わってきています。砂が、かつて野原に給水していた井戸や運河を被います。これは、大部分が降雨の不足によって引き起こされているのです。



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    It would have been well if theologians had made up their minds to accept frankly the principle that those things for the eiscovery of which man has faculties specially provided are not fit objects of a divine revelation. Had this been unhesitangly done, either the definition and idea of divine revelation must have been modified and the possibly of an admixture of error[must] have been allowed,or such parts of the Hebrew writings as were found to be repugnant to fact must have been pronounced to form no part of revelation. The first course is that which theologians have most generally adopted,but [it is adopted] with such limitation,cautels those who would know how and what God really has taught mankind, and whether anything beyond that which man is able,and obviously intended,to arrive at by the use of his natural faculties.

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    The question of the meaning of the word bara,'create,'has been previously touched upon;it has been acknowledged by good critics that it doesn't of itself necessarily imply 'to make out of nothing upon the simple ground that it is found [to be]uesd in cases where such a meaning would be inapplicable . But the difficultly of giving to it the interpretation contended for by Dr Buckland and of uniting with this the assumption of a six days' creation, such as that described in Genesis, at a comparatively recent period, lies in this,that the heaven itself is distinctly said to have been formed by the division of the waters on the second day. Consequently , until. The first Mosaic day of creation, there was no sky, no local habitation for the sun,moon and stars, even supposing those bodies to have been included in the original material. Dr Buckland doesn't touch this obvious difficulty, without which his argument that the sun and moon might have been contemplated as pre-existing , although they aren't stated to have been set in the heaven until the forth day, is of no value at all.

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    These have already been actioned. If you refer to the attachments that you sent me it states that on the 03/12/2014 there was a reversal of $9.88 the original mailing statement has been charged for the amount of $6.18 As for the second discrepancy for the $3.80, this has also been reversed and re charged on the 07/01/2015 for the amount of $1.95 Everything has been reversed and charged accordingly *Amended request for Invoice No.xxxxxxxx

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    None of those things, of course. In fact, one might well suppose that the popular feeling is that Americans are a lot better off without any of that tripe. There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."

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    A third opinion has been suggested both by learned theologians and by geologists, and on grounds independent of one another -- viz., that the days of the Mosaic creation need not be understood to imply the same length of time which is now occupied by a single revolution of the globe, but successive periods each of great extent; and it has been asserted that the order of succession of the organic remains of a former world accords with the order of creation recorded in Genesis. This assertion, though to a certain degree apparently correct, is not entirely supported by geological facts, since it appears that the most ancient marine animals occur in the same division of the lowest transition strata with the earliest remains of vegetables, so that the evidence of organic remains, as far as it goes, shows the origin of plants and animals to have been contemporaneous: if any creation of vegetables preceded that of animals, no evidence of such an event has yet been discovered by the researches of geology. Still there is, I believe, by no sound critical or theological objection to the interpretation of the word day' as meaning a long period.' Archdeacon Pratt also summarily rejects this view as untenable:

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    Politicians have routinely striven to speak the language of Shakespeare and Milton as ungrammatically as possible in order to avoid offending their audiences by appearing to have gone to school. Thus, Adlai Stevenson, who incautiously allowed intelligence and learning and wit to peep out of his speeches, found the American people flocking to a Presidential candidate who invented a version of the English language that was all his own and that has been the despair of satirists ever since. George Wallace, in his speeches, had, as one of his prime targets, the "pointy-headed professor and with what a roar of approval that phrase was always greeted by his pointy headed audience.

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    Each ten years, the government conducts a national census, which is authorized by the Constitution. Most of us do not object to answering the questions that the census poses, but what if you should decide to refuse to answer the questions? Could you do so on the basis that they represent an invasion of your privacy? This has been answered by the courts, which hold that it is a proper government function and a necessary one to gather reliable statistics that have a bearing on governmental functions, and that intelligent legislation can only be formulated if the government has the facts. It is probable that people answer the census questions because they believe their answers will be kept confidential and that the information will not be used to hurt them. Census answers cannot be utilized by parties in a lawsuit and used without the consent of the party giving the answers. However, general statistics can be used, and the statistics gathered in the census have been used, for the good of all.

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    Since the early 18th century, however, the force of the rule of law has fostered standards of living that rose by 20 times in that part of the world that embraced competitive markets. Life expectancy more than doubled. And in the developing countries that have abandoned central planning for markets since the end of the Cold War, hundreds of millions of people have been elevated from subsistence poverty. Other hundreds of millions are now experiencing a level of affluence that people born in developed nations have experienced all their lives.

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    Recognizing that the price we have paid for our modern lifestyles and conveniences has all too often been severe environmental damage, many concerned citizens are advocating the development of a so-called sustainable environment. 上の文です。文が長すぎて何処で区切っていいか分かりません。 特にhas all too often been の部分がわかんないです。辞書を見ると、oftenは助動詞および be動詞の後に置く、あるのですが has been の間にある! too はoften を強調してるんだと思うんですが、合ってますでしょうか? all はどう訳したらいいんでしょうか? よろしくお願いします。

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    The reduction of the earth into the state in which we now behold it has been the slowly continued work of ages. The races of organic beings which have populated its surface have from time to time passed away,and been supplanted by others, introduced we know not certainly by what means, but evidently according to a fixed method and order and with a gradually increasing complexity and fitness of organization , until we come to man as the crowning point of all. Geologically speaking, the history of his first appearance is obscure, nor does archaeology do much to clear this obscurity. Science has, however, made some efforts towards tracing man to his cradle, and patient observation and collection of facts much more may perhaps be done in this direction. As for history and tradition, they afford little upon which anything can be built. The human race, like each individual man, has forgotten its own birth, and the void of its early years has been filled up by imagination, and not from genuine recollection. Thus much is clear, that man's existence on earth is brief, compared with the ages during which unreasoning creatures were the sole possessors of the globe.