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下から適切な単語を選んで空欄をうめる問題なのですが、わかりますか? わかったら翻訳もお願いします(;_;) renal failure polyuria kidney stones cystitis nephritis dysuria (1)_____ are solid concretions of dissolved minerals in urine. (2)_____ is a condition in which large volumes of urine is excreted. (3)_____ is a situation in which the kidneys fail to function adequately. (4)_____ refers to urination with burning or stinging pain. (5)_____ is inflammation of the urinary bladder that affects women more than men. (6)_____ is infammation of the kidney caused by infections, toxins, and auto-immune diseases.


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(1) Kidney stones are solid concretions of dissolved minerals in urine. 腎結石は、尿の中に溶けた鉱物質が凝固して固体となったものです。 (2) Polyuria is a condition in which large volumes of urine is excreted. 多尿症は、大量の尿が排出される症状です。 (3) Renal failure is a situation in which the kidneys fail to function adequately. 腎不全は、腎臓が十分に機能しない症状です。 (4) Dysuria refers to urination with burning or stinging pain. 排尿障害は、炎症、もしくは、刺激的な痛みを伴う排尿を指します。 (5) Cystitis is inflammation of the urinary bladder that affects women more than men. 膀胱炎は、男性より女性に多い膀胱の炎症です。 (6) Nephritis is inflammation of the kidney caused by infections, toxins, and auto-immune diseases. 腎炎は、感染症、毒素、自己免疫疾患に起因する腎臓の炎症です。



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    下から適切な単語を選んで空欄をうめる問題なのですが、わかりますか? わかったら、翻訳もお願いします(;_;) gastritis hepatitis hepatic cirrhosis duodenal ulcer colitis appendicitis (1)_____ is inflammation or auto-immune condition affecting the lining of the large and small intestine. (2)_____ is infammation of the lining of the stomach caused by alcohol consumption, anti-inflammatory drugs or infection with bacteria. (3)_____ is a mucosal erosion of an area of the first few inches of lower gastrointestinal tract that is usually acidic and extremely painful. (4)_____ is a chronic live disease characterized by replacement of liver tissue by fibrous scar tissue leading to progressive loss of liver function. (5)_____ is an inflammatory condition of the appendix most commonly found in the teens and 20s. (6)_____ is inflammation of liver cells caused by a group of viruses, toxins or from autoimmune process. epilepsy cerebral infarction dementia parkinson's disease cerebral hemorrhage multiple sclerosis (1)_____ is a chronic neurological disease that is characterized by recurrent seizures. (2)_____ is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the central nervous system. (3)_____ is the progressive decline in cognition beyond the expected change from normal aging. (4)_____ is a degenerative disease of the central nervous system that often impairs the patient's motor skills, speech and other functions. (5)_____ or stroke results in rapid loss of brain functions due to a blockade in the blood vessels in the brain. (6)_____ is a bleeding in the brain.

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    The body is protected against attack from bacteria and viruses by the immune system.White blood cells, especially those known as T-cells, play a central role in this fight against harmful invaders. In rare cases, however, the natural action of the immune system can cause problems. One such case is organ transplantation, in which the immune system attacks the new organ and causes the body to reject it. In order to suppress this rejection, several types of immunosuppressant drugs have been used. However, the discovery of cyclosporine in 1976 has been unparalleled by any other breakthrough in the long history of tissuen and organ transplantation. This medication has had a revolutionary impact, enabling the graft survival rate of renal transplants to increase from 40 to 90 percent. It is safe to say that the drug has moved transplantation from the realm of miracle into routine therapy. Cyclosporine prevents organ rejection by blocking certain immune pathways that are activated when the body detects foreign cells. At the same time, however, this medication indiscriminately blocks other cellular signal pathways, causing serious side effects such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. These conditions can cause cardiovascular disease and kidney toxicity that may ultimately lead to organ failures. In addition, long-term cyclosporine use damages the body's immune system itself, preventing it from fighting off infections following transplant. Now, research is being done to develop drugs that can prevent rejection as effectively as cyclosporine, while avoiding its harmful side effects. One such drug is belatacept. This promising new immunosuppressant prevents T-cell activation by selectively blocking one of the two signals T-cells need in order to become fully activated and to initiate an immune response against a transplanted organ. By selectively blocking this co-stimulatory signal, the drug allows the body to continue fighting infections, while preventing organ rejection. Though further study and testing must be done before the drug can be recommended as a routine replacement for cyclosporine, belatacept could brighten the futures of many who suffer from chronic renal disease and other types of organ failure.

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