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海外サイトに出品してある商品説明です。 購入したいのですが、説明が今一つ分かりません。 お手数ですが、和訳をお願いいたします。 Stealth Black with a black, ion-plated 21kt solid gold nib, the new Sailor Imperial Black fountain pen is truly a classy luxury writing instrument with a modern edge. The body size is 18mm diameter by 129mm length closed (.7" diameter by 5.07" length). Fills via cartridge or converter and is accompanied by a free bottle of ink inside a black satin luxury gift box.


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    ステルスブラック(軸の色でしょう)ペン先はイオン渡金の21カラット金のセイラーインペリアルブラック万年筆は、ほんとうに現代的でクラシックな豪華筆記具です。      軸の大きさは直径18mm 閉じた状態で長さが129 mm(直径7”長さ5.07”)。カートリッジまたはコンバーターで(インキ充填)黒サテンのギフトケース入りの無料インキ壜付き。       内容から見て下記のようですね。     http://www.sailor.co.jp/lineup/fountainpen/11-3028



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    ebayに出品し落札されました。その後、下記メールが届きました。 商品は万年筆です。カッコでくくられた部分が商品名です。 お手数ですが、翻訳よろしくお願いいたします。 I just sent you the payment for the auction on ebay ( Sailor Pro Gear Slim SAPPORO 14k Black fountain pen F -- 140516436966). Before you send the parcel, I would like first to know if you are also selling some ink (bottle and/or cartridge). Because if the answer is yes I might want to order some to group with this purchase and save on shipping fees. If the answer is yes can you send me the details (items & prices)? Thanks and best regards

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    ebayで出品落札されました。その後何回かメールでやり取りをしました。 下記のようなメールが届きました。 お手数ですが、翻訳をお願いいたします。 Hello, On top of the sailor pro gear for which I have already paid on paypal, please find the additional items I want to order from you : - 1 fountain pen Pilot Capless Decimo [Fine nib], dark blue color US$ 126.00 (please confirm that one converter is included) SUB-TOTAL 1 PEN - Ink bottle Iroshizuku Kon-peki, 1 bottle 50ml US$ 15.00 - Ink bottle, SAILOR, Kiwa-guro black, 50ml, 1 bottle US$ 15.00 - Ink bottle, SAILOR Jentle Ink, 50ml, 4 bottles x $6 US$ 24.00 1 epinaru (epinard SJ-13-1000-260) and 1 apuricoto (apricot SJ-13-1000-273) and 1 red brown and 1 sky high (SJ-13-1000-241) i.e. 4 x $6 SUB-TOTAL 6 BOTTLES - Ink cartridges, PILOT (boxes of 12), black, 1 box US$ 4.00 - Ink cartridges, PILOT (boxes of 12), blue-black, 1 box US$ 4.00 - Ink cartridges, PILOT (boxes of 12), blue, 1 box US$ 4.00 - Ink cartridges, SAILOR (boxes of 12), black, 1 box US$ 4.00 - Ink cartridges, SAILOR (boxes of 12), kiwa-guro black, 1 box US$ 6.00 SUB-TOTAL 5 BOXES Total US$ 202.00 Can you please confirm as soon as possible the additional price of these items, and send the invoice through paypal for payment? I’ll pay it as soon as possible through paypal and then you can send the whole order. Thank you and best regards

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    ebayに出品し、落札されました。 落札されたの商品は万年筆です。(セーラー万年筆です) kiwa-guroとは、インクの商品名です。 その万年筆のインクについての質問と思われます。 お手数ですが、翻訳よろしくお願いいたします。 I am still thinking about my final choice of inks. Can you answer the following questions, please ? 1) Can you please confirm that all the boxes of cartriges are boxes of 12 (even for the "standard" (non kiwa-guro) ink cartridges)? 2) Is there going to be additional shipping costs for the ink? If yes, how much? [As an indication 3) I see that the pen is sold with Cartridge(BLACK) +Converter. How many black cartrige(s) are already included with the pen? What is the model of the converter included? Last but not least, here we have been talking about Sailor cartridges and Sailor ink bottles. Do you also sell Pilot cartridges and/or Pilot ink bottles? If yes, what is the price? Sorry for the numerous questions and thanks for the time spent in your answers. This allows me to fine-tune my order. Please do not send the order (the pen) until we have finished this discussion on the inks and until I have sent you my final indications for the ink. Many thanks and best regards,

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    ebayで出品し落札され、商品を発送しました。(セーラー万年筆です) その後下記メールが届きました。 お礼もあり、質問のような感じがします。 お手数ですが、翻訳よろしくお願いいたします。 Got the pen! I drunk the gift tea with one of my calleg Dr. It was delicious and new for us. Thanks a lot! Please let me know for new promotions. I am interested only in piston filling mechanism fountain pens. I have many variants of M- Blank and I can say this Sailor is above them....My Pelicans can not be compared w/ this Sailor. I am a bit worried about the nib, if sometime in the future, I can replace it when needed.... I'll use it extensivelly because I love it the most! Sincerely, G.Ciumpavu MD;

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    A bout is won by forcing the opponent out of the inner circle or by throwing him down in the ring. A wrestler loses when any part of his body, such as a finger, touches the ground, or when any part of his body goes outside the circle which is formed by small bales of sand and has a diameter of only about 4.5 meters. Striking with fists, pulling hair, choking, and kicking in the stomach or chest are prohibited. Since there is no weight limit, it is possible for wrestlers to compete against opponents twice their own size.

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    この部分の和訳の自信がないので教えてください。 Could it be that only those things are considered worthy of being learned with which one can earn money or prestige, and that love, which ”only” profit s the soul, but is profitless in the modern sense, in a luxury we have no right to spend much energy on? Exactly the opposite holds true for that form of union which is by far the most frequent solution chosen by man in the past and in the present. よろしくお願いします。

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    ebayに蒔絵の万年筆を出品しております。下記質問が届きました。 (Vanishing pointは、商品名です) 自信がないので、お手数ですが、翻訳よろしくお願いいたします。 Thank you for your reply. I now realize I must purchase two pens, and now I do not need to be in a great hurry. I have some questions. The turtle and the phoenix seem to have the least amount of color contrast. Is that true? I like the contrast of the dark orange. Second, what is the least expensive pen you might ever have to sell that is maki-e? The second pen I need is for a man who does not own a fountain pen and I'm not sure how he will react to one. He may love it! He may not. So I want to spend the least possible money on it. His first choice is maki-e. His second choice is any Japanese 'good' pen that is black and silver. What about the Sailor resin owl, dragonfly or deer? Are they less expensive? Do you have an inexpensive pilot vanishing point? Thank you for your help. Janis

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    Making a free fall such as this will indeed be a vertiginous experience.It is easy to fall 325 yards,but it has hitherto been doubtful whether one would do this and survive.This problem has been solved by the inventor.He has designed a cage in the shape of a gun-shell containing a round chamber some 13 feet high and about 10 feet in diameter in which fifteen persons can sit extremely comfortably in soft armchairs arranged in a circle.The floor is fomed by a mattress with spiral springs 20 inches high.The bottom half consists of concentric metal cones which provide a further measure of resilience.The total height of the apparatus is almost 33 feet and its weight,inclusive of the electric lighting,10 tons. It is intended to drop this gigantic shell from the top of the 325-yard-high Eiffel Tower.It will be prevented from being smashed to pieces by falling into a water-filled pond shaped like a champagne glass.This pond will be 60 yards deep with a maximum diameter of 54 yards.The water will serve as a shock absorber.Monsieur Carron assures us that because of this,and because of the springs inside,the shock felt by the occupants on landing will be by no means unpleasant.When they have got out,the giant shell can again be raised to the top of the Eiffel Tower to permit another group of adventures to experience the thrills of a free fall.According to the inventor,the shell can be operated profitably at a fee of twenty francs per passenger per trip,which is by no means an excessive charge for such a vertiginous experience as this promises to be.

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    翻訳をお願いします・・・翻訳ソフトだと読めません・・・ By changing the mean diameter, the wire diameter, and the number of coils, any number of springs may be obtained to support a given load with a given deflection. However, there are certain limitations imposed by the use to which the spring is to be put. The usual procedure is to assume a mean diameter and a safe working stress, after which the wire diameter is found by substitution in the proper stress equation. The number of effective coils is the found from the deflection equation. Several trials are usually required before a suitable combination is obtained. The stress factor K depends on the spring index that must be assumed in the first trial solution for the wire diameter. For general industrial uses the spring index should be 8 to 10; for valve and clutch springs 5 is common; and 3 is a minimum value to be used only in extreme cases. Because of slight variations in the modulus of elasticity, variations in wire diameter, and other manufacturing tolerances, the deflection equations do not give extremely accurate values, and if extreme accuracy is required, the manufacturer should be consulted. Compression springs should not be compressed solid when subjected to the maximum load. A clearance between the effective coils should be provided so as to prevent wear, or to prevent a foreign substance lodging between the coils and causing a fatigue crack failure. The free length is the solid length, plus the clearance, plus the maximum deflection. The solid length depends upon the number of effective coils and the type of the end provided. Different types of ends are illustrated in Fig.3.3. Note that the effective number of coils n may be less than the actual number in the spring. A helical compression spring that is too long compared to its mean diameter may buckle at comparatively low axial loads since such a spring is a very flexible column.

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    和訳お願いします In the 1960s and 1970s, ethnic women were much more visible in fashion. That was a time of exuberance and change; the time of the Black Power movement, the mantra “black is beautiful”, Roberta Flack singing Be Real Black for Me. This mood continued into the 1980s, with models such as Iman, Pat Cleveland and the young Campbell splashed everywhere. Fashionistas will admit that it is now extremely rare to see a black girl on a magazine cover, and that there were almost no ethnic girls at the catwalk shows in Paris, Milan and New York in February. One or two Chinese models made it, but otherwise, the Aryan look dominated. The question is: why? The standard answer is that it all comes down to money. Beauty is what sell---the magazine, the label, the skincare and the bag. Editors and managers say that, however much they want to use ethnic girls, putting one on the cover of a glossy magazine will depress sales. If ethnic women brought in big profits, nobody in the industry would be in the slightest bit interested in their skin tones or their racial type. Rightly or wrongly, though women from ethnic minorities are considered a bad commercial bet. As one insider said to me regretfully:“Fashion is aspirational, magazines are aspirational and, to aspire, you need to be able to identify with someone---at least a little. And readers don't identify with ethnic women. They don't see them as aspirational.” So,neither the editors nor the advertisers will take any risks on them. This is particularly true in new markets---marketing aimed at the new mega-rich consumers in China and Russia cannot afford to ignore the fact that those countries are more racist than the west. I'm sceptial about this view. If the assumption that ethnic beauty is unprofitable is right, you would expect advertisers to be even more reluctant to use ethnic models than magazine editors. Editors can afford to take a few risks, perhaps, as fashion leaders, whereas advertisers are much more reactionary, driven by the pursuit of profit. Yet in my snapshot of April magazines, is was the advertisers who were using more ethnic girls. In all those kilograms of pases, there were only four black women in editorial fashion shoots, and 10 Asian women, whereas there were 71 black women and 48 Asian in advertisements. Four black women in editorials against 71 in advertisements is a striking contrast. It suggest that, in reality, ethnic beauty has greater commercial value than the fashion mavens assume, and that the market has latched onto is first. As Hilary Riva, chief executive of the British Fashion Council, points out: “It is important that we see aspirational imagines of all type of women in the media. One of the biggest UK ad campaigns, for M&S, has done just that.” Perhaps the punters are a bit less racist than the pundits. This is only speculation, but it is hard to find much else about this extremely awkward question. British Vogue refuses point black to comment, and most people I contacted preferred to talk off the record. One suggestion is that the absence, particularly of black girls with African features, has to do with the tiny minority of people who make the fashion weather: the arbiters of fashion. These are the top casting agents and designers who decide whom to send on photoshoots and the catwalks, and many of them are gay white men. I'm told they really don't like black women. again, the question is, why? Or, rather, why not? As ever, if it's not something to do with money, it is probably something to do with sex