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However, while no considerations of principle stand in the way, whether it is actually possible for international organizations to sue or be sued may depend on issues of immunity, as well as on whether or not they have standing, which in turn may or may not depend on whether they are to be considered as having legal personality. 国際法の教科書なのですが、難しすぎてても足も出ません。よろしくお願いします。

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まだ何を言っているのか分からないですか? 例えば、気狂い(人格障害者)が訴訟をおこす、または起こされるかは、気狂いであるために免罪となるかどうかが問題になる。同様に気狂いは法的な解釈で訴訟の適格者になるのかも問題にもなる。 言い換えれば、気狂いに法的な意味で人格があると見なすか見なさぬかが判断の分かれとなる。 これを、置き換えると 世界銀行(機構)が訴訟を起こす、または起こされるかは、世界銀行であるがために免罪となるかどうかが問題となる。同様に世界銀行は国際法の解釈でそ訴訟の適格者であるかも問題になる。 言い換えれば、世界銀行は国際法において法人格であると見なすか見なさぬかが判断の分かれ目となる。


失礼しました。 issues of immunityが約されていませんでした。 国際機構が(国際機構に取って)訴訟を起こす、または、訴訟されることは、(同様に、国際機構が当事者能力を持つ、持たないに関わらず、)実際に可能であるかどうかは機構が免罪であるかどうかに関わる と訳すべきでした。 よく読みなおせばNo2さんの回答と同じになるの様な気がします。 頑張って勉強してください。


while no considerations of principle stand in the way, while considereations of principle do not stand in the way, 原理原則を考慮に入れることを妨げはしないとしながら = たぶん(原理原則に従うとしながらも)と言う意味と考える。 whether it is actually possible for international organizations to sue or be sued may depend on issues of immunity, as well as on whether or not they have standing, 国際機構が(国際機構に取って)訴訟を起こす、または、訴訟されることは、(同様に、国際機構が当事者能力を持つ、持たないに関わらず、)実際に可能であることは確かである。 which in turn may or may not depend on whether they are to be considered as having legal personality. 言い換えれば、国際機構が法人格を持っていると見なされるかどうかに依存する事柄でもあり、国際機構が法人格を持っていると見なされるかどうかには依存をしない事柄でもある。

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簡略化して  while A, whether B may depend on issues of immunity ... which may or may not depend on whether C みたいな図式で考えると、少しは理解しやすくなるかもしれないと思います。つまり、  A であるから、B が免責に依存するかどうかという問題は、C であるかどうかに依存するかもしれないし、しないかもしれない。 この図式が正しいかどうかは別にして、とりあえずこれに従ってあてはめて訳すと  「しかしながら、主義について考察する必要はないのであるから、国際機関が実際に告訴したり告訴されたりすることが可能であるかどうかということは、それらが適格であるかどうかということとともに、免責の問題であるといえるかもしれない。ということはつまり、それらが法人格を有するとみなされているかどうかに依存するともいえるが、依存しないともいえる」 回りくどい表現で、日本語に訳しても明瞭ではありませんが、法律に詳しい方なら、言わんとする趣旨を汲み取ることが出来るのかもしれません (私は素人なので、チンプンカンプンですけど・・・)。 また、あくまでも 図式 が適切なものであるという前提で訳してみたもので、私の考えた 図式 が誤りであれば、修正された図式によって改めて訳し直す必要があります。


しかし、国際組織が実際に訴えることができるか訴えられることができるかにかかわらず、原理の考察がその道をふさがない一方、それらに立場があるかどうかと同様に免疫の問題に依存するかもしれない、それは、それらが法人格を持っていることと見なされることになっているかどうかに次には依存するかもしれないし、依存しないかもしれません。 だと思います。


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    英語の授業で難しい訳の問題が当たりました。。自分で考えたのですが、わからなくて。。。お願いします! However, while no considerations of principle stand in the way, whether it is actually possible for international organizations to sue or be sued may depend on issues of immunity, as well as on whether or not they have standing, which in turn may or may not depend on whether they are to be considered as having legal personality.

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    大事なメールが届いたのですが、英語のため理解できませんでした。 よろしければどなたか日本語訳をお願い致します。 We found that your app only provides a very limited set of features. It does not provide e-Book functionality such as bookmark and other appropriate features. While we value simplicity, we consider simplicity to be uncomplicated - not limited in features and functionality. We understand that there are no hard and fast rules to define useful or entertaining, but Apple and Apple customers expect apps to provide a really great user experience. Apps should provide valuable utility or entertainment, draw people in with by offering compelling capabilities or content, or enable people to do something they couldn't do before or in a way they couldn't do it before. We encourage you to review your app concept and evaluate whether you can incorporate additional content and features to be in compliance with the Guidelines. For information on the basics of creating great apps, watch the video The Ingredients of Great Apps.If you feel we didn't understand the features of your app, or that we missed key functionality, and your app was incorrectly rejected, you may appeal to the App Review Board.

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    Many girls “dropped out” of their rich families to join Teresa, and they put on the white sari of the poor. Mother Teresa started the Missionaries of Charity . Her love for the poor soon went far and wide to many places in the world. The Missionaries do not depend only on their kind hearts. They all learn professions like nursing or teaching in order to help the poor. One of their beliefs says, “We should be the salt of the earth.” お願いします。

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    As seen by members of other nations, this emphasis on questioning and searching is bad for young people's "manners." Foreigners often feel a great lack of respect in our youth. It is true that many do become rude. Foreign visitors are often startled and frequently annoyed to find junior staff members daring to challenge older executives or argue points with them; they do not always like it when these young men or women make detailed but often revolutionary suggestions. One's own blueprints, reports, or analyses may be scrutinized in detail perhaps even challenged by a young person. This is not to be considered an insult or loss of face; nor is it an indication of "no confidence." Our whole approach to research is different. We try not to emphasize the personal. Your ideas are being looked at, not you yourself. To us the two are quite separate. This is the way our minds work. We are seeking facts; we are not challenging you as a person.

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    この英文の意味を教えて下さい。 Again, there are clues and stories that seem to be throwing some light. For instance, many kinds of birds are known to use star maps. In the early weeks of life the baby birds sit in their nets and study the night sky- and are somewhat confused if those early weeks are too cloudy. But they do not, as human amateur astronomers might do , spend their time learning the individual constellations - how to recognize Orion or trace the fanciful outline of Taurus, or whatever. Instead, they focus on the part that does not move as the night progress, which in the Northern Hemisphere means the North Star. They can see, if they look at it long enough, that as the night progresses, all the stars in the sky, including the mighty Orion and the notional Taurus, seem to revolve around the Pole Star, which sits in the middle like the central part of a giant cartwheel Once they recognize the central part, the most fundamental problem is solved. The creature that can do this knows where north is and everything else can be figured out. I don't know what the equivalent would be in the Southern Hemisphere, but undoubtedly there is one. Navigation simply does not seem to need the details of astronomy.

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    As the world's forests disappear,there will be an increase in poverty since the world's rural poor depend in one way or another on forests. 日本語訳をお願いします

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    日本語訳 お願いします。 Let's encourage your adoptee to work on hls or her career.Where they work depends on the type of iob they have.It will be either in the kitchen,in the office,or the workshop behind and drag your little friend to the appropriate work area. ゲームやってたら出てきました。 はやく意味を知りたいので、是非回答お願いします。

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    お願いします!  Both men and women who admired Mahavira and his teachings left their families and became monks and nuns.In fact,when Mahavira died,more than twice as many nuns as monks followed his teachings.Even today,women play an important role in Jain traditions.As mothers,they teach children how to behave and how to live a good life by not killing,stealing,or lying.Jain nuns meditate and go on journeys called pilgrimages to sacred places,take care of sacred scriptures,and teach others about the way to achieve Enlightenment.  All Jains vow not to kill any living thing.This means that Jains cannot be farmers,because they would have to kill insects that destroy plants and they would kill worms when plowing the fields.Jains do not raise animals because they would have to kill the lice,vermin,and germs that livestock often suffer from.They can't be lumberjacks,because that line of work would mean that by cutting down trees they would be killing insects and hurting animals that live in the trees.  Most Jains who were not monks and nuns were traders,bankers,or craftspeople who made things such as jewelry and cloth.The rich Jain merchants became patrons of the arts and paid for the construction of magnificent temples and monasteries.Many of the teachings of famous monks and nuns were written on palm leaves or painted onto birch-bark manuscripts and collected in great libraries.

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    The Luxembourgish community in the United States found itself confronted by a crisis of identity. Traditionally, they had identified themselves as ethnically German, rather than as a separate community of their own. As such, they read German language newspapers, attended German schools, and lived amongst German Americans. Nonetheless, when it became apparent that the war would not be over quickly, the opinions of Luxembourg Americans changed; on 2 May 1915, the Luxemburger Brotherhood of America's annual convention decided to adopt English as its only official language. Other organisations were less inclined to change their ways; the Luxemburger Gazette opposed President Woodrow Wilson's supposed 'favouritism' towards the United Kingdom as late in the war as 1917. However, when the United States entered the war in April of that year, the wavering members of the community supported the Allies, changing forever the relationship between the German and Luxembourgish communities in the USA.

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    以下の文章をわかりやすく和訳をお願いします。 "Experience" was the true test of whether the new system would work, and it should be left to "time and habit" to determine whether or not fundamental alterations in the future would be wise. この文はジョージワシントンの生い立ちを説明するパラグラフにありました。 特にtrue test of whether ~~~ と後半, whether or not fundamental ~~~~の所が理解できませんでした。