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In2002, John said on TV that he always finds it difficult to create a new piece of music. While speaking about "Attack of the Clones," he said, "The fifth time is like the first time. We always have to make a new start when we try to create something. We sit down with a white piece of paper and we hope that we're going to have the inspiration and the good luck that we've had in the past. So I think every time is the same challenge all over again." Tall and sandy-haired, John Williams is familiar to many as he has often appeared on TV at the annual Academy Award ceremonies. Behind his smile, however, he always has a strong will to challenge himself while composing, or playing jazz, or indeed doing anything musical. What we can learn from John's life is, "Challenge yourself and will find the road to success."


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2002年に、ジョンは、新しい音楽を作成することが難しいと常に思うとテレビで言いました。 「クローンの攻撃」について話していた時、彼は言いました「5回めは、1回目のようです。 何かをつくろうとするとき、我々は常に新しいスタートをしなければなりません。 我々は白紙の紙を持って座り、そして、過去に我々が得たインスピレーションと幸運を授かることを、我々は願うのです。 それで、私は、毎回が、はじめからもう一度同じ挑戦であると思います。」 背が高く、薄茶色の髪をした、ジョン・ウイリアムスは多くの人々によく知られています、と言うのは、彼が、毎年、テレビのアカデミー賞授賞式にしばしば出席してきたからです。 しかし、彼の微笑の陰に、作曲する、あるいは、ジャズを演奏する、あるいは、本当に、何か音楽に関わることをする時、彼には自分自身に挑戦しようとする強い意志が常にあります。 我々がジョンの人生から学べることは、「自分自身に挑戦しなさい、そうすれば、成功への道が見つかります」と言うことです。



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    Williams' sound is firmly based on classical music. The theme of "Star Wars" is one such example and is one of John's favorite film scores. This piece fascinated even those who were certain that classical music is the best. Since "Schindler's List" in 1993, Williams' sound has become more and more classical and is now enjoyed by serious music lovers as well as by movie fans. Concerts where his scores are played take place all over the world. But John's love for film music has never changed. He believes that in the years to come, more composers will become interested in composing for films. John once said, "In the 21st century, filmmaking will surely see its full development. I think it's really important that we make movies as exciting as possible. I hope that our children will all want to go and watch movies."

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    1Christians believed in one God, a God whose laws were to be obeyed by the sun and stars as well as by men. 2There are a lot of Japanese who do not feel comfortable about taking time off while their fellow workers have to continue working. 3“To make the difference” is an expression that always has a positive meaning in English. If a man tells his wife, for example, that marrying her has made all the difference, he's saying that he's very happy he married her. 例えば…の例が分かりませんでした。 4In our dreams we all aspire to be, do and have great things. Yet most of us simply aren't creating the results we want. What we need to understand is that greatness exists in all of us, but it is up to us to put it out of ourselves. It is true that we all have genius. We just need to learn how to apply our genius. 1行目とWhat~が良く分かりません。

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    Behind hissmile,however,he always has a strong will to challenge himself while composing,or playing jazz,or indeed doing anything musical. という文章の和訳 お願いします

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    村上氏のスピーチの1部分です Please do allow me deliver one very personal message. It is something that I always keep in mind while Iam writing fiction. I have never gone so far as to write it on a piece of paper and paste it to the wall: rather, it is carved into the wall of my mind, and it gose something like this: "Between a high, solid wall and an egg that breaks against it, I will always stand on the side of the egg."

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    1.Most fitting ,indeed, is it that while riches are power, and to grow as rich as possible the universal object of ambition, the path to its attainment should be open to all, without favour or partiality. 2.That he should have no conception of the value or merit of what is now called picturesque gardening we cannot wonder, as he was so extremely short-sighted, that he never saw a rural landscape in his life. よろしくお願いします。

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    Lisp Ralph and Bob were in the locker room of the country club. 'I sure hated to hear about the disappearance of the professor,' said Ralph. 'So did I,' replied Bob. 'I always admired him because he was such a profound thinker.' 'That's true,' answered Ralph.'He was always thinking no matter where he was.' 'I remember the last time I saw him,' added Bob. 'We were swimming in the lake, and he suddenly called out, 'I'm thinking! I'm thinking!' 'You dummy!' roared Ralph. 'Didn't you know the professor lisped?' jokeの部分も教えて貰えると嬉しいです!

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    以下の文の和訳をお願いします。 For non-Europeans, securing a work permit can take three months, so the labor law is a huge help, said Michael I. Glenn, CH2M Hill’s director of international operations. “These programs and projects that we do are of a scale that we have to move our expertise around,” he said. Continental Europe provides a nearby pool of potential employees with the qualifications needed to work in Britain, added Andrea Laws, the company’s director of international recruitment.

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    As we were taking our seats for the return trip he asked whether I had ever heard of 'The Flying Scotchman,'England's crack train.I replied that I had, and he mentioned that,of course,its speed was nothing to compare with the speed of this electric one.'Oh it's speed that you are hankering after!' I replied in dry way that made him suspicious. The boys at Menlo were always ready to accept even the hint of a challenge involving the work of Edison, as I believe Bernard Shaw has already testified. I started the motor and gradually plugged out the resistance.We rounded the curve without mishap and were flying along at a speed that scared the life out of Insull who,holding fast to the brake handle,begged me to slacken up. In the faint light that prevailed,something on the track ahead of us,just at that weird spot where the trestle work was.I cut off the current instantly and applied my brake so suddenly that the handle broke.At the same time a bunch of feathers shot upward.I reversed the current for a secound several times while Insull pulled at the brake,and so we managed to arrive at the station without a crash. Insull felt greatly relieved at setting his feet on terra firma.

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    1. Effective May 1st , ABC bank will 5月1日よりABC銀行は they say we are focusing on too few customers , so effective from the first of the next month , the sales areas will be decided by the sales managers at the corporate level . こういう Effective ってよく使われるのですか? 2, John said he wouldn't be available until four , or something to that effect . something が入っていることによって分からなくなりました。 ジョンは 「4時まで出来ないよ」or 「その趣旨???」を言った。 3, Mr.Smith is said to have been so fearful of dirt and bacteria that he refused to shake hands and he carefully wiped his plate and glass before every meal. dirt and bacteria のところが?です。 4. Duck hunters use shotguns because the spreading of the shot gives them more chance of hitting a target because 以下をうまく訳して欲しいです。

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    I’ve been dating a great guy, “Max,” for about a year. Not too long after we met (we weren’t dating then), we started talking about family, siblings, etc. I mentioned I’d had a sister who died at a young age in a car accident. He said he’d lost a brother, “John,” the same way. It bonded us in a way, and it wasn’t long after that talk that we began dating. Over the Memorial Day weekend I went with Max to visit his family. They live in another state, and it was the first time I met them. Max’s mother was showing me some family pictures, and there were several of John. I know how hard it is for mothers to talk about their dead children, so I was as sympathetic as I could be. I mentioned my sister, and her car accident. Max’s mother looked at me kind of strangely but didn’t say much. Later I was talking to Max’s sister and again mentioned John’s death in a car accident. His sister corrected me and said it wasn’t a car accident, it was an OD. Apparently John OD’d when he was 18. This isn’t something I’d mind or find shameful. I know some addicts, and they are good people. It is the addiction that is bad. What I don’t understand is why Max lied to me. I can see lying to a stranger. I don’t like people in my personal business anymore than Max does. I don’t like people in my personal business anymore than Max does.の和訳をよろしくお願いします