Native American Cherokee Tribe Fights to Preserve Language

  • The elders of the Native American Cherokee tribe in Oklahoma are concerned about the survival of their language.
  • Lost City School has started a trial program to teach Cherokee to children, hoping to prevent the language from dying out.
  • Despite past efforts to suppress the language, the tribe is now encouraging children to speak Cherokee not only in school but also at home.
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和訳をお願いします 長くなってすみません(>_<) The elders of the Native American Cherokee tribe in Lost City, Oklahoma are worried about their native language. They are afraid that the Cherokee language will be gone unless they do something soon. So,at the request of the tribe leaders, Lost City School decided to start a trial program to teach Cherokee. They started with a single class in its kndergarten. In the class, the children are called by their Cherokee names and they only in Cherokee. Once, the U.S. Government tired to assimilate Native Americans into American society. The policy made it difficult for the Cherokees to speak their language. They were laughed at for speaking it. They could even be punished when they spoke Cherokee. “When you spoke Cherokee, your mouth was washed out with soap,”says a Cherokee old-timer, remembering his younger days. If they wanted to live in peace, they needed to hide their language. Now, the children in the newly started class are encouraged to speak Cherokee not only in school, but also at home. One day, a boy in the class came home and said to his mother in Cherokee that he was going out to play. His mother didn't really understand what he said. But she is now starting to re-learn the language she once knew when she was a child. It is hard to bring Native American languages back to life, especially in places like Oklahoma. This is because Native Americans generally attended public schools and do not live on reservations. But the tribe leaders know that if no efforts were made to preserve their language,they would lose not only their language and culture, but also their identities.

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※いくつかミスタイプがあると思われます。[]のコメントに留意してください。 オクラホマ州ロストシティのアメリカ先住民族チェロキーの長老たちは彼ら本来の言語について心配していました。彼らはこのままではチェロキー語が消えゆくことになると考えたのです。そこで、先住民のリーダーの要請に基づいて、ロストシティの学校はチェロキー語を教える試験的プログラムを開始することに決めました。彼らはまず幼稚園の一教室から始めました。チェロキー語教室では、子供たちはチェロキーの名前で呼ばれ、チェロキー語だけで会話がなされます。[注:英文はここで動詞が欠けていると思います] かつて、米国政府は先住民族をアメリカ社会に同化させようとしました。[tired→triedの誤りですね?]この政策のため、チェロキーの人々はチェロキー語を話すことが難しくなりました。彼らがチェロキー語を話すと嘲笑されました。またチェロキー語を話したりすると罰せられることすらあり得ました。「チェロキー語を話すと下品な言葉だといって直されたものさ」とチェロキーの昔を知る老人は若いころのことを思い出しながら言います。彼らが穏やかな生活を送りたいなら、彼らの言葉を隠す必要があったのです。 今では、新しく始まったチェロキー語教室の子供たちは、学校だけでなく家でもチェロキー語を話すように促されます。 ある日、そのクラスにいる少年が家に帰り、母親にチェロキー語で外に遊びに行くと伝えました。母親は少年が何を言ったのか本当は理解できませんでした。しかしその母親も彼女が子供のころに知っていたチェロキー語をもう一度覚え始めています。 アメリカ先住民の言葉を、特にオクラホマのような場所で復活させるのは困難です。先住民族たちは大抵、公立学校に通い、保護区に住んでいないためです。しかし彼らの言葉を保存する努力をしなければ、彼らは自分たちの言葉と文化だけでなく、自己(アイデンティティ)も失ってしまうだろうということを、先住民のリーダーたちは知っているのです。





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    こないだテストでだされたんですが和訳した回答を配ってくれませんでした。。。自分の訳があっているか知りたいのでだいたいで良いので和訳できる人がいたらよろしくお願いします。。。 You may wonder why Hawaiians are so eager to maintain their native language. I think the answer is that language is more than just a means of exchanging information. We see the world around us through the window of our language. It enables us to share the history and culture of our people, and so it helps us find our identity. If we lose our language, we lose something of ourselves. Imagine that English has taken the place of the Japanese language here in Japan. What happens to your culture and identity? English is useful for communication in many parts of the world, but your mother tongue is an important part of your identity. In Japan ,too,there is a minority language, just as in Hawaii. The Ainu people have lose much of their language and culture. Today, they are trying to revive their traditions. In this class we are going to study English of course, but I want you to remember that your mother tongue is the most important language in the world. Mahalo for listening. 以上なんですが長文なのでかなり長いです。。。  これでも回答してくれる方お願いいたします。

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    英文の訳をお願いします! A similar movement can be seen in other countries,too.In Australia, the native Aborigines are trying to preserve their languages and cultures. They have been discriminated against in society for a long time and the speakers of their native tongues are rapidly decreasing in numaer. A group of Aborigines have established a small publishing company. The reason is that they want to maintain their native tongue. This is also the case with the Ainu in Japan. Once the Ainu were not allowed to speak their native tongue or live in their traditional way. As a result, their language and culture were dying out. In order to preserve them, the Ainu have begun to teach their native tongue to their children and have built some museums of Ainu folk art. They have also started an Ainu speech contest and a conversation program in the Ainu language on the radio. よろしくお願いします!

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    Arabic is the language of lslam, which has about 1.5 billion fllowers worldwide, and dialects of this language are spoken from Turkey to Indonesia, from Pakistan to Sudan. Perhaps more surprisingly, Hindi and Urdu are the second most-spoken languages in the world after Chinese. The world may increasingly organize itself around a relatively small number of languages. But why? lt is no surprise that the strongest languages are those of cotintries and regions that are powerful,maybe not only in an economic or political sense, but perhaps more importantly,in a cultural sense. For example, since using a translated copy of the Koran is forbidden, Muslims worldwide must learn Arabic. What about weaker countries?Many cultures are fighting keep their languages alive, particularly in the face of increasing exposure to English. よろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m

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    When you vacation, do you go as a tourist or as a travelar? I dare say that most people have never asked themselves this question. But for me, there is a definite distinction between the two. When one considers travel as a possible means of bridging cultural gaps in our shrinking global village, the nuances behind these words become important. In my opinion (based on years of observing visitors to my adopted home, Paris), tourists are more likely to maintain a distance between themselves and the places that they visit. Their purpose in traveling is to "see the sights", take photos and have their photos taken in front of famous sights. They often travel in tour groups, which offer the advantage of obtaining cursory information about the sights visited, but also have the disadvantage of discouraging individual discovery. In contrast, travelers interact much more with the people and places found at their travel destinations. They enjoy not only the main sights, but also the back streets and hidden neighborhoods in and around their destinations. They seek out the things that distinguish the places visited from their home territory. They observe the local culture and inhabitants, and seek to understand them. And in the process,they share information about their own culture. When I moved to France, I did so as a traveler. Not only was I determined to learn about the various peoples who live there, why they came and how they live, but I also made up my mind to visit other countries with the same perspective. As a result, my voyages have been much fuller and richer, and my understanding and appreciation of my own American culture has deepened. よろしくお願いします。

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    今日学校で英文を日本語に訳す宿題がでました。 ですが自分は英語が全くできずわかりません>< 誰か英訳が得意な方宜しくお願いします! 以下が本文です。↓ The children at the Freedom School in Rooseveltown, NewYork, learn their ancestors’ language, Mohawk. The school is on the St.Regis Mohawk Reservation. A reservation is land on which Native Americans live. There are about 300 reservations in the United States now. Until the 1960s, Native American children were punished if they spoke their native tongue at school. In the 1970s, people on the St.Regis Mohawk Reservation began to worry that their children were not learning their native tongue and culture. Like many other Native American languages, Mohawk was in danger of extinction. Only one out of five Mohawks could speak it. Mohawk leaders started the Freedom School in 1979. In this school the students learn about Mhawk history and tradition as well as the language. "What they’re learning here, they would never be taught anywhere else,” says one of their teachers.

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    Nearly 500 languages vantshed in the 20th century in Africa and South America, and it is not only languages in developing nations that are at risk. Languages like Danish,Welsh, and Dutch are undoubtedly under threat, and the cultures of these countries and their unique world views may be lost. If all Danish people switch to English, then they will increasingly become unable to read and understand the books that have contributed to their culture and identity. This trend has been called cultural imperialism by those who view this development negatively. There have been other dominant languages in the past: Ancient Greek, Sanskrit, Latin, and others. What the have in common is that today no one speaks them as a living language. However their influene on our modern cultures is indisputable. Although Latin "died, " it evolved into Spanish,French,ltalian, Portuguese,and heavily influenced English. よろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m

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    What are the live of these refugee children like? Think about the case of the children in this photo. They are from Kosovo. Their village was attacked. Their father and older brother were in great danger and had to run away. These children and their mother were left behind. But they were in danger too. They had to leave. They became refugees. There are million of children like the. These children are refugees living in Africa,Asia and Europeーーーeverywhere.

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    長いですがお願いします…。 People in Bhutan learn English from a young age. Of course they learn their own language at school,but their teachers teach math,science,and other things in English. Some Bhutanese high school students go to universities in India after finishing school. It is not difficult for them to study in India because many Indian university classes are taught in English. Bhutanese students also go to universities in Bhutan. There are many Indian and other foreign people teaching there. Because most of those teachers speak English,the language used in those classes is English. 大変長くて申し訳ありません…泣 至急です!

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    As they race down the highway of their life, like so many other characters in so many other movies, they are forced to come to grips with themselves, find out who they really are, and ultimately take responsibility for their lives and actions. Thelma & Louise is a road movie, yes, but it's really a journey of enlightenment, a journey of self-discovery. And it begins with the incident, the hub of the wheel of action. 考えてはみたものの、英語がかなり苦手で和訳できませんでした。 よろしくお願いします。

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    全然わからないんです。困ってます。 In Singapore, for most teenagers, hanging out at shopping complexes with friends, chatting online, keeping up with the latest fashion trends are very popular among the youngsters. As for those in their mid-twenties, like my friends, they don't keep up with trends, what they keep up is how to cut back on their budget to finance their housing loan and preparations for their wedding this year. Another friend of mine is trying hard to save up in the next three years so that they can be financially stable when they decide to have a child of their own. Hmm, WAP phone is the latest in the market but it's expensive now, not many people are using those. WAP phones gives additional function in that the user will be able to access websites online and check their email boxes. However, those in business prefer carrying a palm top, one that allows them free access to their schedules, appointments and replying of email messages instantly. The rest, like my family members and friends, uses the normal hand-phones. Users are able to forward messages to their friends via the "SMS Messaging system", but these phones aren't able to access Internet websites, thus in terms of cost, they come more cheaply.