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この英字新聞を訳してください>< 翻訳サイトの結果を そのまま張るのはおやめください。 題:Heisei municipal megamergers completed (1)The so-called Heisei megamerger of local governments, which began under central government direction in fiscal 1999, was completed Wednesday with the inauguration of three new expanded cities―Nagaoka, Niigata, Prefecture; Matsumoto, Nagano, Prefecture; and Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture. (2)The central government will continue to encourage local municipalities to use their own initiative and make further progress under the scheme, which is governed by the revised special law on the merger of cities, towns and villages, which the Diet enacted Friday. (3)According to the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry, the number of cities, towns and villages in the nation has nearly halved, to 1,727 from 3,232 in March 1999.


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平成の地方大合併が完了 (1) 地方自治体のいわゆる平成の大合併は、1999会計年度の中央政府の方針の下に始まりましたが、新しく拡張された3市・・・新潟県長岡市、長野県松本市、長崎県佐世保市・・・の発足で、水曜日に完了しました。 (2) 中央政府は、国会が金曜日に制定した、市町村合併に関する改正特別法によって定められた、計画のもとに、地方自治体が、自ら率先して、さらなる前進を遂げることを奨励し続けるでしょう。 (3) 総務省によると、国の市町村の数は、1999年3月には、3,232から1,727にほぼ半減したそうです。



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    この英字新聞を訳してください>< 翻訳サイトの結果を そのまま張るのはおやめください。 (4)The megamergers also cut the number of municipal heads, executive officials and assembly members by about \120 billion in annual local government expenditures. (5)Ten years from now, such spending cuts are projected to reach \1.8 trillion per year, due to reduced numbers of local government employees, combined with the integration and abolition of municipal-run facilities, the ministry said. (6)Nagasaki Prefecture is ranked first in the percentage of local governments that have integrated under the central government initiative. The number of cities, towns and villages has declined from 79 to 21, with villages in the prefecture eliminated entirely. In Hiroshima Prefecture, the number of municipalities has fallen from 86 to 23, and in Niigata Prefecture, from 112 to 30.

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    翻訳サイトの結果を そのまま張るのはおやめください。 (13)“The special bonds ` issuance amount was too large. We`ll continue to face a cash-strapped fiscal situation,”a city government official in charge of the financial administration said. (14)Even with the Heisei-era municipal mergers completed, the population of about 70 percent of the nation`s cities, towns and villages is less than 50,000 while the populations of areas administered by 457 small local governments are under 10.000.

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    翻訳サイトの結果を そのまま張るのはおやめください。 (11)The kawaguchimachi municipal government held a referendum and decided to merge with Nagaoka, which has a large-scale budget, thoughKawaguchimachi is not adjacent to the city as Ojiya lies between them. (12)Sasayama, Hyogo Prefecture, was the first city created amongtheHeisei-era municipal mergers. The city encountered financial difficulties as it issued about \17.8 billion in special bonds after gaining approval after the merger, and built many facilities such as citizens` centers and libraries.

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    opposition Thursday to restarting two of the reactors at the Oi nuclear plant in Fukui Prefecture, caving to intense corporate lobbying and central government pressure and removing one of the last major political obstacles to bringing the units back online. OSAKA — Kansai leaders, including vocal critic Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto, reversed weeks of 英字新聞のリード文なのですが 一番最後のand removing以降の部分の主語はなんでしょうか? 文法的に意味がとれませんでした。たぶん政治的障害って橋本氏のことだと思うのですが...... また、最後の部分のbringing the units back onlineの部分も意味わかりませんでした。 できれば全訳していただけると助かります。 途中まではやってみます。 「声高に批判を口にする大阪市長 橋本氏を含め 関西の指導者たちは 何週にもわたる福井県の大飯原発の2つの原子炉の再稼働に対する反対を しつこいロビー活動や中央政府の圧力に屈する形で 意見を変えて容認した。」(下手ですみません。)

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    Expanded to 144 members in 1894, operations against Kpandu and "a number of towns in central Togo which had resisted the government were attacked and razed to the ground, the property of the inhabitants confiscated and the people fined sums ranging from 200 marks to 1,110 marks." For the remainder of the decade, an additional 35 expeditions were authorised by the colonial government. In 1895 the capital Lomé had a population of 31 Germans and 2,084 natives. By 1913 the native population had swelled to 7,042 persons and 194 Germans, including 33 women, while the entire colony had a German population of 316, including 61 women and 14 children.

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    どこからが動詞なのかがわからないです。 Municipal governments are independent of central government in the selection of sites on which to build waste disposal centers. (地方自治体は、中央政府から独立して独自にゴミ処理場の建設用地を選んでいます) という文があるのですが、動詞の区切りがわかりません。 Municipal governments are independent of central government までが主語だと思うのですが、その後の in the selection~ という、in the は必要なのでしょうか? ここでは selection を動詞と使っていると思われるので、 Municipal governments are independent of central government selection of sites on which to build waste disposal centers. になると思うのですが、、、この in the に意味はあるのでしょうか? ご教授よろしくお願いします。

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    ネットで英字新聞を読み始めました。 4月30日早朝の記事で、 Prime Minister Shinzo Abe 【was set to address】 a joint session of the U.S. Congress on Wednesday morning to underscore that the two nations’ solid bilateral ties are conducive to the peace and stability of the world. In the planned 40-minute English speech, 【Abe was to recall】 the postwar era in which Japan and the United States, after reconciliation, became strong allies sharing basic values, and express his determination to open up a new era with the United States. Abe 【was to stress】 the importance of the alliance, saying, “Let us call the U.S.-Japan alliance, an alliance of hope.” Abe 【was to announce】 that Japan will contribute to global peace and stability by closely working with the United States. とありました。(【 】は私が付与) 「未来のことにはtoプラス動詞の原形」と一つ覚えでしたが、これら【 】のBe動詞が何故過去形なのでしょうか? 初心者の質問ですが、宜しくお願いします。

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    England developed an exchange economy,the surplus goods of the towns going to the surrounding country and villages,and these disposing of their produse to the towns. この文だけうまく訳せず困っています 英語得意な方協力お願いします(;_;)

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    英文の翻訳をお願いします。 翻訳サイトや辞書などを使ったのですがおかしな翻訳になってしまいます。 According to the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry, the town of Asahi, Toyama Prefecture, the village of Awashimaura, Niigata Prefecture, and five towns in Hokkaido became the first municipalities to make the monthly ?13,000 payment per child aged 15 and younger. ニュースの内容だと思うのですがよろしくお願いします<(_ _)>

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    この英字新聞を訳してください>< 翻訳サイトの結果を そのまま張るのはおやめください。 (4)Considering the drop-off in the number of people signing up for tours to visit locations in South Korea where popular dramas and movies were filmed, some think the South Korean boom in Japan is over. However, many South Korean dramas are still being aired. In the week from Feb. 14 to 20, five South Korean dramas aired on seven terrestrial channels, and 36 such programs were offered on 11 satellite digital channels, not including the Star Channel movie channels. They are also popular fare on local TV stations. (5)The South Korean historical drama "Yi San" now running on NHK BS2 satellite channel garnered an average audience rating of 2.7 percent for the 29 episodes aired as of Sunday, according to NHK. The figure is the highest for a first run among South Korean dramas on NHK satellite channels including "Dae Jang Geum," which pulled in 2.32 percent. "Yi San" will be rebroadcast from June.