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Air lift 101 exchange is in progress. The back chute of its one is damaged. Repairing of exchange has not been yet decided. The new air-lift has been reduced concerning the length (same as Air lift 101 which was used )by cutting and welding the bottom part. A special handling device has been developed for the transportation because such kind of device is fragile and doesn't accept the horizontal position without precautions. 宜しくお願いいたします。


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 「エアリフト101の交換を実施中。背面が損傷している。今のところ、交換修理の予定は立っていない。  新しいエアリフトは底の部分を切断し溶接をすることで (使用済みのエアリフト101と同じくらいの長さに) 長さを縮めている。  それを輸送するのに特別な装置を作っている。そのような装置は振動に弱く、よほどの注意を払わなければ水平状態にできない」  何とも妙な英文に思えます。まぁ、当事者にはこれでも分るのでしょうけれども・・・



bakanskyさん ありがとうございました。 妙ですよね。 自分でも変だな、変だなと思いながら読んでいましたが、変なのは自分の英語力が無さすぎるからか。。。 と不安になってしまいました。 いずれにしても助かりました。ありがとうございます。


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    In inter-campaign, main operation in that facility concerns dissolver air-lift exchange and the air-lift discharge chute exchange which was damaged during ari-lift un-jamming operation. The routing of the new air-lift is difficult because of its size and fragility. A dedicated device for handling has been manufactured. 宜しくお願いします。

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    お願いします。 After and exchange of the filters, the temporary increasing of the cell atmospheric contamination seems to have disappeared. Possible cause is moving the manipulator during tests( following the last trouble traces of burning). 文法的に少し怪しいかったら申し訳ありません。 全体の正確な意味もとれませんが、 最後のカッコ内の英文はどうやって訳し上げればいいでしょうか? どなたかお分かりになる方、 どうぞ宜しくお願いします。

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    Here we examine the relationship between the sun and climate by measuring the carbon-14 content in tree-rings with annual time resolution. The GCR flux and hence the activity level of the sun can be monitored by carbon-14. Our particular focus is around the period of the Maunder Minimum and the early Medieval Maximum Period (EMMP) in the 9–10th century. Sunspot numbers and the activity levels of the sun gradually change in time with quasi-cycles of about 11 years (Schwabe cycle).The polarity of the solar intrinsic magnetic field, which is more or less a simple dipole at every activity minima, reverses at every activity maximum. It changes the track of protons, the positively charged main constituent of GCRs, due to the spirally expanding interplanetary magnetic field formed by solar wind (Kota and Jokipii, 1983) and hence changes the attenuation level of GCRs in the heliosphere. Bulk of the GCRs comes from the polar region of the heliosphere when the polarity of the sun is positive, while GCRs come from the horizontal direction when negative.The attenuation of GCRs in the heliosphere is, therefore, more sensitive when the polarity is negative to the intensity of solar magnetic field and the tilt angle of the current sheets which expand horizontal direction. Thus the variation of the GCR flux on the earth has a “22-year” cyclic component, and will be transferred to the variations in carbon-14.

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    The fact is that an interconnected ecosystem of companies and data brokers, purveyors of fake news and peddlers of division, of trackers and hucksters just looking to make a quick buck is more present in our lives than it has ever been. 上の文の和訳をお願いします。文はテック関連のプライバシーについて書かれた文です。 あとは文法的な質問ですが、"of trackers and hucksters"は"peddlers"に、”just looking to make a quick buck"は”companies and data brokers, purveyors of fake news and peddlers of division, of trackers and hucksters"にかかるのでしょうか? 回答お待ちしてます。

  • 英文の和訳をお願いします。

    下部のExcept when~~~ からの一文がどう訳してよいか分からないので、そちっらだけでもよろしかったらお願いします。 The freezing point of normal human plasma averages -0.54℃,which corresponds to an osmolal concentration in plasma of 290 mOsm/l. This is equivalent to an osmotic pressure against pure water of 7.3 atm. The osmolality might be expected to be higher than this, because the sum of all the cation and anion equivalents in plasma is over 300.It is not this high because plasma is not an ideal solution and ionic interactions reduce the number of particles free to exert an osmotic effect. Except when there has been insufficient time after a sudden change in composition for equilibrium to occur, all fluid compartments of the body are in (or nearly in) osmotic equilibrium. The term tonicity is used to describe the osmolality of a solution relative to plasma.

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    The image of personal air transportation is one of irresistible simplicity. Step into your garage, climb into your vehicle, and in moments you can be zipping through the skies on a journey free of potholes, toll booths, traffic jams, and stoplights. Every journey could be by the most direct route possible, literally “as the crow flies.” Remote areas without roads―or with roads too steep, rough, or winding for ordinary cars―would be as accessible as the heart of downtown. This image has been part of popular culture virtually since the invention of flight in the early twentieth century. Flying cars―actually, coupes with detachable wings and tails that turned them into airplanes-enjoyed limited popularity and extensive press coverage in the United States between 1945 and 1960. Designers are currently pursuing a half-dozen major flying car projects, of which Paul Moller’s M400 Skycar (computer-controlled and capable of vertical takeoffs) is the best known. The technology of flying cars has changed, but the dream underlying them has not. transportation=means of transport irresistible simplicity 魅力的で抵抗できないぐらい単純明快 in moments=immediately be zipping through the skies on a journey 大空へヒューっと飛び出す the most direct route possible 可能な限りの最短ルート “as the crow flies” 一直線に coupes クーペ型自動車 M400 Skycar 開発中の空飛ぶ車の呼称 ご協力お願いします^^;

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    These include the Little Ice Age (LIA) between the 14th and the 19th centuries and the so called Medieval Warm Period (MWP) around the 9th to the 12th century. The history of solar activity, on the other hand, has been investigated through cosmogenic radionuclides, such as carbon-14 and beryllium-10, embedded in the tree-rings and ice cores for decadal (Beer et al., 1998) and centennial changes (Stuiver and Quay, 1980, Stuiver and Braziunas, 1989 and Usoskin et al., 2004). The reconstructed records show that the sun has gone through several prolonged activity minima as well as maxima roughly in sync with the cold and warm spells such as the LIA and the MWP (Eddy, 1976 and Stuiver and Braziunas, 1989), although it is still difficult to evaluate solar variations quantitatively. The patterns of climate and solar variations are similar, but the global warming trend has not leveled off during the last few decades when the activity of the sun has peaked (Lockwood and Fröhlich, 2007), pointing that the anthropogenic greenhouse gasses are the major factor responsible for the global warming.

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    英文の和訳をお願いします。 The sudden and dramatic appearance of bulimia as a set of clinical symptoms has prompted a great deal of psychological and psychiatric theorizing about the roots of the syndrome. Surprisingly little is known about the causes of bulimia. Bulimics seem to be virtually indistinguishable from nonbulimic controls on a surprising number of variables, such as height, weight, sex role orientation, and even ego involvement with food and eating. There have been three general classes of explanations put forward: a sociohistorical/cultural approach, a clinical/psychiatric approach, and an epidemiological/risk factors approach.

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    even in colder climates and more puritanical societies it has generally been true that the more clothes someone has on, the higher his or her status. this principle can be observed in medieval and renaissance art, where peasants wear relatively few garments, while kings and queens (including the king and queen of heaven) are burdened with layers of gowns and robes and mantles, even in indoor scenes. the recent fashion for "layered" clothes may be related, as is sometimes claimed, to the energy shortage; it is also a fine way of displaying a large wardrobe. 訳が分かるかたお願いします 特にわかりにくいのは (including the king and queen of heaven) と it is also a fine way of displaying a large wardrobe. の部分です。

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    英文の和訳をしていただけるかた のみで、お願いできますでしょうか? においについて?みたいな感じです・・。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 Every one has a distinctive individual odour, but it is often so subtle that we do not smell it. It is harder still to describe in words. Your soul mate washes frequently, and his odious and fragrance will not be strong, but the subtle nuances of them are a warmth, like cloth. He smells of shampoo, and faintly fragrant and like hair styling products, and there is a subtle undertone of oiliness, cooking oils and toasted and fried things. soap, faintly of burnt things, and tomatoes and cheese or pizza, There is a fragrance of mingled things,. These odours are so faint you hardly smell them, you more feel it, you know when he is there, like the difference between him and an empty space, but the subtle difference in air is uniquely his own. The strongest parts for detecting this smell are the region of his hair and collar.. The cloth and cooking smell is the undertone, the lower note or less pleasant background of his perfume. and the shampoo and hair styling products, stronger like a cloaking smell but they are both so fine and subtle that it is hard to detect these things