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臓器売買事件のことなんですが… 英語苦手なのでよろしくお願いします。 Police raided a hospital in Ehime Prefecture on June 28 in connection with suspected organ trading in which a doctor, a gangster and three other people have been arrested. The move came after Noriko Horiuchi, the wife of the doctor, Toshinobu Horiuchi, 55, made a statement saying she had told surgeons at the hospital that her husband had paid money for a kidney and faked an adoption of a donor to qualify for the transplant that he underwent there last July, investigative sources said. (Kyodo News)


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    Shocked to hear that his friend was waiting for a heart transplant,Robert Test decided to become an organ donor. This is what he wrote about his decision. At a certain moment,a doctor will decide that my brain has stopped functioning. When that happens, do not attempt to revive my body by the use of a machine. Give my eyes to a man who has never seen a sunrise,a baby's face, or love in the eyes of a woman. Give my heart to a person whose own heart has caused him nothing but days of endless pain. Give my blood to a teenager who was seriously injured in a traffic accident,so that he or she might live and see his or her grandchildren playing.

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    Dr. Eleni Linos is a researcher in the dermatology department at the Stanford University Medical Center. She and her team wanted to find out if skin cancer was truly becoming a more common disease, or if the number of cases had increased only because of a better ability to detect cancer. The level of knowledge and quality of equipment used in the detection or diagnosis of cancer has certainly improved incredibly in recent years. It thus would not be surprising to find that the incidence of skin cancer, that is, the number of new cases that occur in a population during a particular time, had stayed the same despite the observed increase in the number of patients. To investigate this question, Dr. Linos and her team analyzed 70,596 cases of skin cancer. They found that the increase in cases occurred for tumors of all thicknesses. This observation was important because better diagnoses would be expected to primarily find newer cancers, which would be thinner than older cancers. After analyzing the number of cases in other ways, the researchers concluded that the base incidence level truly is increasing. Their advice: avoid the sun, and see your doctor. よろしくお願いします<(_ _)>

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      Nevertheless,disregarding the 'worry hunters'' the Pearl Strret Central Station was started on September 4,1882,and the Edison system and underground conductors service for decades.  Another somewhat similar incident of a different character happened at the corner of Nassau and Ann streets.As is known,Edison placed cast-iron junction boxes at the intersection of the streets,in connection with his underground conductors.Late one night when he was still at the station,a policeman came running in and in an excited voice said that the iron box at the above-mentioned corner had exploded.Edison and one of the 'boys' went there to see what had happened.He found that the cover on the manhole,which weighed about a couple of hundred pounds,had vanished,but everything inside the manhole was in good order.Edison concluded that gas from a gas main might have got into the manhole, or it might have been the acid used in picking the casting that gave off hydrogen that mixed with the air leaking in to make the explosive mixture.   The incident worried him;there were many such manhole boxes in the system,and if one should explode in a crowded street and life a few oersons into the air the company might be compelled to pay damages.Edison got his thinker in action and soon solved the problem.He placed a little bottle of chloroform with a small hole in the cork each box.The chroloform evaporated and, being heavy,settled in the box,displacing the air that may have got in.Edison said afterward that he had never heard of an explotion in a box that had a bottle of chloroform in it.

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    American men between the ages of 14 and 45 spend more time in the hospital for mental disorders than for any other cause, and only the delivery of a child accounts 【for more days】 in the hospital for woman of that age. この、【for more days】 は、何との比較になりますか? 私は、文脈的にamerican~causeとの比較ではないかと考えたのですが、 only~of that ageにthanが書かれていないので、確実にそうだと思えることが出来ませんでした。 おそらく、thanが省略されているのかと思うのですが・・・。 そういった省略表現(規則?)があれば教えて下さい。

  • …under the Organ transplant Law that went into force in October 1997

    以下は腎臓売買を扱った今朝の英字新聞The Japan Timesの1面の記事の冒頭部分です。 MATSUYAMA, Ehime Pref. (Kyodo) A man and woman were arrested Sunday and police raided a hospital in Ehime Prefecture over allegations that a kidney used in a transplant operation there had been purchased. It is the first time a criminal case has been established involving a suspected organ purchase, according to the police. Such transactions are illegal under the Organ transplant Law that went into force in October 1997.(以下省略) この最後の文に用いられている関係代名節を導くthatは固有名詞の先行詞the Organ transplant Lawを受けていると考えられます。しかし、学校文法では先行詞が固有名詞の場合、内在的に「定」であるためカンマなしの(制限用法の)関係代名詞節で修飾することはできないとされます。 上の ”…under the Organ transplant Law that went into force in October 1997” の部分のように固有名詞の先行詞のあとに見られるカンマなしの関係代名詞thatは現実に使われる英語ではよく見られる使い方と考えていいのでしょうか? それともこの記事は発信元が「共同」とあることから、必ずしも自然な英語にはなっていないと考えるべきでしょうか? 些細なことかもしれませんが気になっています。ご教示ください。

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    In July 1915 an Ottoman force from North Yemen crossed the frontier of the Aden hinterland and advanced towards Lahij, which was at this time one of the most important towns in South Arabia and the capital of the Abdali Sultanate of Lahij (Lahaj). Placed in an oasis, surrounded by a fertile plain with the deserts beyond, it was the centre of trade between Aden, a British crown colony, and its hinterland, the princely states under a protectorate. In the years leading up to the war, relations between Britain and Lahij had been friendly, the British paying the sultan a subsidy for the occupation of certain land in the interior and protecting him and his agricultural people against the tribes of the desert, who frequently raided them. Propagandising during the war, British historian F. A. McKenzie wrote of the sultan: Under our protection the Sultan of Lahaj had waxed very prosperous. His city, with its palace, its gallows— built for ornament rather than use—its purely Oriental life, its fine horses, its little show army, and its constant traffic in camels and caravans, seemed like a vision out of the Arabian Nights. When war broke out the Abdali Sultan proved that his loyalty to Britain was real. Though other tribes turned against us he came to our side and prepared to help us. He soon made himself an object of special detestation to the [Ottoman] and to many of the surrounding tribes by his open and unwavering friendship for Britain.

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    The nation's first domino liver transplant was carried out in July 1999 at Kyoto University. The operations simultaneously saved the lives of three people. A portion of a healthy donor's liver was transplanted into another man, and the recipient's liver was divided into two, removed and transplanted into two people. The success of these operations has raised hopes that a shortage of organs will be overcome. Since February 1999, when the country's first organ transplants from a brain-dead donor took place, 4 liver transplants from such donors have been undertaken. However, there is still a long way to go before liver transplants become firmly established in the country. The major obstacle is the serious shortage organs 41 patients registered with Kyoto University Hospital for a liver transplant from a brain-dead donor. Of course, 16 have changed their request to a liver transplant from a living donor. Five of the applicants have died while they were still on the waiting lists. Even in the US, where liver transplants from brain-dead donors have become common, organs for transplants have become scarce. The average wait for an organ transplant from a brain-dead donor increased to 477days in 1997 from 34 in 1988. The situation is the same in European countries where organ transplants are conducted. This prevailing shortage of organs has prompted doctors to conduct domino or partition transplants. The operations at Kyoto University Hospital combined the two methods for the first time. Although it is still amid a degree of controversy, the merit of domino transplants is far greater than the demerit. 【設問】 ・1段落3文目、the recipientの本文中の別の表現 patientsにしました。 ・1段落4文目、these operationsの内容説明 健康なドナーの肝臓の一部が別の人に移植され、また受取人の肝臓が2つに分割され、(身体から?)除かれ2人に移植されるという手術。 ・3段落3文目、their requestの内容説明 ・4段落3文目、The situationの内容説明 臓器移植のための肝臓が不足するようになったという状況。←この解答だと不十分でしょうか? ・5段落2文目、the two methodsの内容説明 設問に全て自信を持って解答出来たわけでは無いですが、分かったところまでは載せてみました。 お願いします。

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    Defending villages as outposts, with most of the rearguard posted at the western exits, left them vulnerable to encirclement and attacks from commanding ground and the predictability of such methods provided Anglo-French troops with obvious objectives. Cyril Falls, a British Official Historian, criticised the British army for the failings it showed during the German withdrawal to the Hindenburg Line, writing that the divisions were "bewildered and helpless", until they gained experience in the new form of warfare. The commander of the 8th Division, Major-General William Heneker wrote on 2 April, that it had taken three weeks for his division to become proficient in open-warfare techniques. In April 1917, an analysis by II Corps had found that patrols coming under fire had stopped to report, ground of tactical importance had been ignored by patrols which had returned to British lines, forfeiting opportunities to force German withdrawals and artillery had been reluctant to push forward.

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     It was in 1979 that the systematization of postwar pedagogy was culminated, while the educational system, which postwar pedagody had examined as an object of analysis and criticism, manifested its functional failures in the form of a series of pathological phenomeon in education like school bullying or violence, clearly representing and revealing a division between theory and reality.

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    The Tsar had provided large amounts of artillery and shells for Brusilov's army, however this had repercussions for the Russians as Brusilov reverted to the tactic of extensive barrages followed by waves of advancing soldiers, a tactic that had proved unsuccessful since 1915 with German commanders observing the new similarities between Kowel and the Western Front.