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thanks for your interest..i would like to know you...but sorry i do not plan to stay long on the site because i want to cancel my profile... but if you want to get acquainted ...you can contact me on my this address(******@gmail.com)and i will attach a photo to my reply...


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アクセスありがとう。あなたに興味ございますわ。 残念ながら、近いうちにこちらのサイトから出払うつもりでおりますの。 プロフィールも削除します。 もしよろしければ直接わたくしのアドレス(******@gmail.com)まで連絡くださるとうれしいわ。 わたくしの写真をお付けしてご返事致いたしますわ。




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興味を持っていただき、ありがとうございます。 あなたのことをもっとよく知りたいのですが、 プロフィールを消したいので、このサイトには長く登録するつもりはありません。 もし、友達になりたい(知り合いになりたい)のであれば、 このgmailに連絡を貰えれば、返信で写真を送ります。 という内容です。 かなーり怪しいですね。 写真とプロフィールを載せたらバレるからサイトに登録しては退会して、 という感じでしょうか?





  • 訳してください。女性からのメールです。出合い系

    Thanks for getting back in touch with me...i would really like to know you.. but first i want to be sure if you're not one of those unserious men i have met so far on the website that only want sex......first i would like to know what you're looking for on the site with your experience... I'm personally looking for someone to share a chemistry filled with a long term relationship...so you can see how it's hard to find a man that will fit in my criteria...... Moreover,i have been hurt in my past relationship and to be very honest with you that my next choice of man have to be very stringent in my selection as i do not want to get heart broken again... i'll wait for your reply before i introduce myself to you... i have attach a photo so you can know who you're talking to.. where exactly do you live? cheers

  • この文章を日本語に訳してください。

    この文章を日本語に訳してください。 Hi, sorry, by the time I got back to you I had sold out of all my copies! Thanks for your interest though.

  • 日本語に訳してくださいその1

    海外からの、送金を受けたいのですが。。 訳して貰えますか? Hi Shuji, How are you doing? I came on here to reply you from my second e-mail, I just came back from Work and i want to login to my Gmail, I don't know who collected my Gmail please if anybody reply you don't answer this is my second e-mail for you to contact me any time. Have you heard from the bank today? because they should have start processing the money to your account Ok Let me know back as soon as they contact you from the bank. Thank You

  • 英語を日本語に翻訳してくださいm(._.)m

    (1)Also I know I still need to show you my area. I was just too nervous (Moon sorry)(Moon sorry)(Moon sorry)(Moon sorry)(Moon sorry)(Moon sorry)(Moon sorry)(Moon sorry) (2)Hmmm like I want to send a pic of that for you but I'm nervous. I must over come my fears for you lol ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

  • 英語についての質問<メール>

    『I think you have a good start. I suggest you concentrate on only one area of interest with XX. And a very big thing is that you should use academic journals in your research, not just things you are finding on websites. I see you have a few sources that are good, but we want to do some serious digging. I am happy to meet with you to discuss things if you'd like.』 あるテーマでペーパーを進めようとしたのですが、このトピックでいいかどうかとメールをしました。 その返信できたのが以上の英文です。 それに対して、 『Thank you for the reply. I understand.』だけでいいでしょうか? 少し文章が短すぎるなーという気がするのですが、だからといってダラダラ書くのも…と思っています。 『See you tomorrow.』 と最後に入れて送るだけでいいでしょうか? アドバイスがあれば教えて欲しいです。

  • この歌詞の意味

    どんな状況なんだろう。気になって寝られません(´・ω・`) Little Misty Say you Miss me Say you're sorry Be on My side Don't waste Your pride Say you're sorry I know something that you don't Know I will tell you if you want me To And when someone walks in here You will tell them what you know Little Misty Say you Miss me Say you're sorry Be on My side Don't waste Your pride Say you're sorry I know something you don't want To know I should shut up but I can't Please don't beg me not to say I need you to understand

  • ヤフオクで出品したのですが英語で質問されて困っています

    ヤフオクで出品したノートパソコンに映画で質問が着て困っています ないようは Hello seller, i am jues from Canada i saw you item paste on auction i have interest in it for my son in Nigeria i want to buy it for him i want to offer you $2,500:00USDollar including the shipment cost to my son, i want you to E-mail me back(********123@gmail.com) to my box so i want you to send me your full bank information for the payment Bank Holder Name.. Bank Name.. Account Number.. Tell Number.. thanks 翻訳サイトで訳してみましたがうまく訳せなくて困っています どうすればいいでしょうか

  • 下記の英文の意味を教えて下さい。お願いします。

    no problem sorry I did not get back to you sooner, but please let me know if you need anything else or if you want to declare it at a certain amount, thanks!

  • 和訳をお願いします。

    i am sorry if i make you think that way . but i will still get my japanese better .remember i am still new on and i want to know no mather what but is ok ,if you feel that way about me well i let you go .. is late for me and i dont want to make you Mad ... but sorry if i make you mad ..bye チャットで知人から送られてきたのですが、いまいち意味が分かりません。。。 どなたか和訳をお願いできませんか?

  • 女性からの出合い系のメールです。訳お願いします。

    Hi dearie i actually just joined the site today and i have gone through your profile to find it really fascinating and won't mind to get a reply from you,Pls i will Implore you not to reply if you are only here for flirt because am looking for something serious with a perfect match for Soulmate. kisses xoxo cynthia