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大学受験浪人生です よろしければ添削お願いいたします あなたは日本のどこかの大都市がオリンピックを招待すべきだと思いますか、思いませんか。 またそれはなぜですか。 あなたの考えを80語以上の英語でまとめよ I agree that somewhere city should invite Olympics. This is because I think that Olympics improve economics in many ways. For example, some people will want to watch Olympics directly so people will visit the city where Olympics are held and they will live in the city for a while. While they are living in the city, they will buy a lot of goods at the city and consequently, it will make economics improve. That is why I agree that somewhere city should invite Olympics.


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他にもあるかもしれませんが、私が気づいたのは・・・ - Olympics --> the Olympic Game - somewhere city --> one of the big cities in Japan - Olympics improve --> Olympics would improve - economics --> Japanese economy - live in the city --> stay in the city (住む人も中にはいるかもしれないけど) - and consequently, -->. Consequently, / ,thus creating a positive economic impact.



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    テーマはここ数年のニュースで話題になったものというものです。 I was interested in the news which the age of adult should be lowered to eighteen years old. I agree with this idea. Young people these days are overprotected. They can't know anything about the world. It is true that people in their teens still aren't mentally and physically mature. Many teenager don't have a full time job, live with their parents and depend on their parents, However, this is the reason why the age of adult should be lowered. Someday, they will have to live by their own. If they have to be responsible to everything they do, they will become aware that they should be independent. They would also appreciate their parents. よろしくおねがいします。

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    10/10で評価してくれると嬉しいです オリンピックの開催場所を自分の国の都市ですべきか、そうでないか、またそれはなぜですか I agree with the opinion that my country city invite Orympics ,because there are a lot of merits. In fact ,Tokyo is far more famous city than any other in japan and if various country tourists visited japan because of Orympics ,the country would get a lot of economical merits. Forexample, the tourist rate will be rapidly increasing and so tourists can get an opportunity to know a lot of japanese culture Ofcourse, if own country invited orympics there would be a variety of troubles such as fighting , arguement at a Orympics stadium ,and so on. However, If everyone had manners, it would rather transform such trubles into an opportunity to get international communication and contribute to grobarization. Therefore, I think that own country city should invite Orympics.

  • 大学入試英作文添削

    今回の質問投稿は2回目です。 現在、大学入試のための英作文を勉強中です。 添削を第三者にお願いしたいのですが、私は塾には通っておらず、ネットなどで英作文添削について調べても、課題が既に決まっていたり、趣旨が違ったりと、自分に合うものがなく、困っています。 もし、英作文の添削ができる方がいらっしゃいましたら、問題と私の解答を載せますので、添削をお願いします!! どんなご指摘でもかまいません!(スペルミス、カンマの使い方、おかしい表現などなど) 今回は、【早稲田大学政治経済学部2008年度】の問題です。 内容は、一般的でした。 よろしくお願いします!! ******************************** 【問題】 段落構成をとり、賛成、反対の立場を明確にし、少なくとも2つの理由を添えて、以下の内容について述べなさい。(100字程度) "Cars should be banned from city centers?" 【私の解答】 Some people say that cars should be banned from city centers, but I disagree with that. The first reason is that cars are very useful for many people, for example people who have children and have large laggages. If you think about a lot of advantage of cars in our life, it will be impossible not to use cars in city centers. The second reason is that cars are one of the most important factor in the economy. If cars are banned from city centers, that will be related to decreas in the demand for cars. Besides the economy be dameged by that. For these reasons, I do not agree that cars are banned from city centers.

  • 自由英作文を添削してください!

    慶応義塾大学の自由英作です、この大学の問題は解いたことがないので分かりません。 何について書くかというと まず状況から言うと、地元の高齢者ハウスを応援するために、二人の高校生がポスター何枚か学校に掲示します。 でも、少人数しか集まらなくてはじめられない。 指示が、どのようにしたら人数を集めることができるかということです。  ポスターの内容  ・場所がかいてあり  ・日時が毎週日曜・9時から   ・人数25人  ・活動内容は、話し相手、食事の補助、散歩の付き合いなど です  条件があって    ・生徒たちはなぜ少ししか応じてくれなかったのか。    ・どういう行動をとるべきか。    ・なぜその行動がうまくいくとかんがえるのか。 指定語数は100語です。 僕は136字書きました。 よろしくおねがいします。 Recently there has been a few young people who are interested in volunteers for caring elderly people. This is why, only a few students responded. I think that there are many things which they can in order to gather people. I think that they should interest people who are indifferent to the volunteer activity.For example , they talks eagerly over it with their friends in person. Then , I would like to mention poster. First, I think they change a.m.9:00 to a.m.10:00.This is because young people are poor at getting up early.when they are used to doing it, they should return to a.m.9:00 . I also think they should draw pictures and make it colorful in order to attract people. It is the most important thing is to convey their passion.

  • 英作文の添削をお願いします。

    昔は同じ町内に怖い人が何人かいて、子供が人として恥ずかしいことをすると、 いつも本気になって説教してくれたものである。そこには、子供を地域社会全体で 育てるのだという強い意識が存在していたのだと思う。そんな雰囲気のおかげで、 子供も自分は社会の一員であるという自覚をはぐくんでいくことができた。 There used to be some serious people in the same city as we lived. When children did something shameful as a peson, they used to preach the children seriously. Considering this, there must have been a strong belief that children should be brought up by everyone in the community. Thanks to the atmosphere, children were able to gradually understand that they themselves were one of the people in the society. 怖い 系が afraid と frightened しかでない残念な語彙力のため serious を使いました。 問題はないでしょうか? 回答よろしくお願いします。

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    明日英語ライティングのテストで、自由英作文の問題がそっくりそのまま出るとのことです。 そこでどなたか簡単に添削していただけないでしょうか。 問題:次のテーマについて賛成か反対かを明らかにし、60語程度の英語で自分の意見を述べなさい “Schools in Japan should have classes on Saturdays.” 1)I don’t think schools in Japan should have classes on Saturdays. 2)First, Japanese students are too busy, so they should have more free time to play with their friends. 3)Second, they don’t have much time to study what they want to study. 4)That time will lead Japan to more creative country. 5)For these reasons, I consider classes on Saturdays are not needed. (62語) よろしくお願いします。

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    添削をお願いします。 特に, for which they are exposed to second hand smoke inevitably. の部分は通じるでしょうか? よろしくお願いします。 歩きタバコは公共の場所では全面的に禁止することに賛成である。 確かに、喫煙者にはタバコを吸う権利があるが、しかし同時に、責任が伴う。 喫煙者は非喫煙者に配慮しなければならない。 また今日では、健康意識の高まりと共に、タバコが心理的にいやだという人が多い。 また、間接喫煙が周囲の人間に与える生理学的影響もよく知られている。 しかし、都市部では人口が増え、人と人の距離が短くなる。 そして彼らはどうしてもタバコの煙にさらされることになる。 上記の理由から私は禁止すべきだと考える。 I agree with an idea that smoking while walking should be banned completely in public places. To be sure,smokers have the right to smoke,but at the same time,it carries responsibility with it. they must have consideration for non-smokers. these days with the rise in the awareness of health,there are an increasing number of people who dislike smoking psychologically. In addition,it is also well known that second hand smoke have a physical effect on those around smokers. However,in the city the larger the population becomes,the more closely people stand to one another,for which they are exposed to second hand smoke inevitably. For the reason I have stated above,I think that it should be banned.

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    問い:What do you think of using mobile phones in the train? Do you agree or disagree? Put your opinion in English with 50-60words. I disagree with the opinion. it is because using mobile phones in the train may make other people feeling bad. For example, if a man calls someone in mobile phones, other people cannot help hearing the conversation even if they would not like to hear. Thus, I think we should not use sell phones in the train.(57words) 私はその意見に反対です。なぜなら電車内で携帯電話を使うことによって、他の人の気分を害してしまうかもしれないからです。例えば、もしある一人の人が誰かと電話で話していたら、他の人はたとえその話を聞きたくなかったとしても、聞かざるをえません。 よって私は車内で携帯電話を使うべきでないと思います。

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    自由英作文の添削をお願いします。 少子化について原因と対策を100語以内で述べています。 Nowadays the number of children is decreasing in Japan. Since it costs a lot of money to raise their children, many young people don't marry. I think the Japanese economic is so bad that they can't earn enough money to raise. So the Japanese government should help them. I think it should make a plan to establish more preschools for mothers. If that came true, they could work at noon. Children will play a important role in the future. So I want the Japanese government to make efforts to get out of this situation. <94語> ミス、また説得力の有無などもご指摘いただけると嬉しいです。 よろしくお願いします。

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    英作文の添削をお願いします。 テーマ:食の安全について(自分の食生活とみんなが健康的で安全なものを食べるために社会はどうしたらよいか) 錠けン:150字以上 3パラグラフ構成以上 序論・本論・結論が明確であること      Today, the problems of food quality and safety have been in the news more than before. As you know, eating is one of the most important habits in daily life, so I care about what I eat every day. Because I live with my family, my mother or I can cook by her or myself. Thus, I can eat healthy food such as flesh vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. However, if I have to live alone, I should sometimes buy the meal at the convenience store when I am busy and unable to cook. In addition, this is the problem for people who live alone. Although a lot of convenience store stand everywhere in the city, most of meals they sell are not healthy, like high-calorie, salty, or including high levels of chemicals. Eating these foods usually harm their health. I suggest that society should make the convenience stores sell more healthy food if they make sure that we all eat good and healthy food. When they so, even people who live themselves will be able to eat safety and be more healthy.(183words) 本論の展開(自分の食生活から社会全体に結び付ける展開)が思い浮かばず、 無理やり結論にもっていった感じがいなめません。。。 英作文を書くときに軽く構成は書き出すものの、何度も消して書いてを繰り返してしまうのですが、 これをあまりしなくて済むコツなどあれば教えていただきたいです。 よろしくお願いします。