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すみませんが誰か此方の英文章を翻訳していただけませんか? ちゃんとした文章で読みたいので、英語の得意な方、宜しく御願い致します。 Zidanerfox: Do you have a favorite sex position? Chess: Laugh I knew this question would come up eventually. Hmm, I really love to be on top, but my personal favorite is definitely doggy style. Zidanerfox: What are your measurements? Chess: 40 29 39. Zidanerfox: If I am allowed to ask...are they real? Chess: Laughs again Yes, they are real. I believe you should accept yourself and be proud of your body, ya know what I mean? I like my breasts as they are even though they CAN get in the way sometime. Zidanerfox: I see. Well, what kind of things turn on a woman like yourself? Chess: Oh, that dependson the moment...but I tend to feel especially hot when I work with the kind of guys that actually see women as a real person and not as a mere sex object. Zidanerfox: Understandable. And what are yourturn offs? Chess: That would definitely be big, dumb, macho men. Zidanerfox: What kind of kemono male do you find most attractive? Chess: Oh giggles, I really, really like canine males. They have thiscute little thing, a knot at the base of the penis, I really like that. It feels so good. Blushes Zidanerfox: I.. ahm. Well, I have one last question, this one coming from a big fan of yours: Do youhave 2 or 6 nipples? Chess: Laughs once again That's a rather unusual question. Well, I actually have 6 nipples, but only the ones on my



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Zidanerfox: 好きな体位はあるのですか? Chess: 笑いながら・・よくある質問ね。ハ~ン。乗っかるのがすきよね。でも、個人的にはワンワンスタイルが一番いいわ。 Zidanerfox: サイズは? Chess: 40 29 39インチよ Zidanerfox: もし質問が許されるなら...ほんとのこと? Chess: また笑いながら・・そうよ。ほんまもんよ!自分自身を信じてそして自分の体を誇りにもつべきと私は信じるわ。言っている意味分かる? 私は均等で釣り合いのとれた胸がすきなの。時には邪魔になりうることもあるんだけど。 Zidanerfox: 良く分かります。ところで、貴方の様な女性を如何したら振り向かせられます? Chess: そうね その瞬間によりけり...でも特に熱くなりやすいの。私が女性をセックスの対象としてでなく女性として認めてくれた人と一緒に仕事をする時が。 Zidanerfox: 良く理解できます。 それでは逆はいかがですか? Chess: そりゃ大きくて、間抜けで、精力的な男達よ。 Zidanerfox: どんな獣犬であれば魅力的ですか Chess: もちろん 面白い人達。私ほんとうに雄犬がすきなの。彼らはこんな可愛いこぶをペニスの元につけているの。それがすきなの。感じが何ともいえないわ・・ Blushes Zidanerfox: わァ、私は~なんと言ってよいのか、1つ最後の質問があります。 これは貴方のファンが聞いているのですが:乳首は2つ?それとも6つですか? Chess: 又笑いながら・・それはめったに無い質問ね。そうね,実際は 6つあるわよ, だけど1つだけは私の・・・一番・・たいせつな・・・



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    すみませんが誰か此方の文章を翻訳していただけませんか? ちゃんとした文章を読みたいので宜しく御願い致します。 Zidanerfox: I'm sorry to hear that. Let's change the subject then. Do you have a family of your own? Are you married or single? Chess: I have a boyfriend, Leonard. We have been living together for 2 years now. Zidanerfox: Do you have siblings? Chess: Yes, I have a half brother. Zidanerfox: Do you want to have children? Chess: giggles Yes, someday I want a child of my own.

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    すみませんが誰か此方の英文章を翻訳していただけませんか? ちゃんとした文章で読みたいので、英語の得意な方、宜しく御願い致します。 Zidanerfox: Okay then, those were all the Questions today. Thank you for your time, Miss Chess. Chess: The pleasure was all mine giggles. I hope my fans like the answers and that they will continue to enjoy my work. Thanks! Credits Basic Idea: Zidanerfox Rewriting Editing: Shad Devil Zidanerfox.

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    誰か此方の文章を翻訳してください。 どのよう内容なのか知りたくて投稿させて頂きました。 宜しく御願いします。 Interview This Interview was completed Feb. 3. 2005. Zidanerfox: Welcome Readers! Today we have a special treat for you. Namely, an Interview with a special Guest and here she is: Miss Chess! Chess: Hello. Zidanerfox: Well, Miss Chess, can you tell the Readers a little about yourself so they can get to know you? Chess: Sure, my name is Chess, I'm 29 years old and I was born in Sweden. Sadly my parents died in a car accident when I was newly born but I didn't let that put me down. I moved to America at the age of 18 but moved backto Europe after 5 years. In the past few years I've been working as a model, mainly for artists, and participated in some adult movies. Zidanerfox: Could you tell us something how you came about to your rather unusual fur pattern? Chess: Oh. Actually I don't really know myself. I've managed to find out that my grandfather on my Mother's side was a lion, maybe this had some 'impact' on my genes. Dueto this pattern I had a pretty bad childhood. I didn't have any friends in school for example. I guess most people can't accept what's different. Sometimes I was even treated as a monster. They were hard times... 翻訳していただく方、無理を言ってすみません、とても大変だと思いますが…、どうか御願いします。

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    すみませんが誰か此方の英文章を翻訳していただけませんか? ちゃんとした文章で読みたいので、英語の得意な方、宜しく御願い致します。 Live to Tell 66 Sally:We are very close now, I can't wait to present you to my friends... Ru:Tee hee... Sally:Gasp! Oh no! I didn't think that they would ever come here! They're the Killer Fists! One of the more violent gangs in the city! B-but what are they doing? Oh my! They're beating Josh! One of Spinel's friends!...

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    my friends are like its so cool that I have a penpal now and I was like I know right ^_^ Do your friends have penpals as well?

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    Well I love those guys and I really wished they'd get a long too. They are an amazing band and great guys and it's been really sad for me to have a front seat to their struggles as a band for so many years. But I guess there are some resentments that never pass. Very sad stuff.

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    すみませんが誰か此方の英文章を翻訳していただけませんか? ちゃんとした文章で読みたいので、英語の得意な方、宜しく御願い致します。 Live to Tell 58 Vulpa: Mmmmmnnnnh! Aaaah! Spinel! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeh!!!! Oh oh! Annnnnh! Ah! Aah aah... Uf! *huff huff* That was good. I needed that. Thinking: Damn! I got my panties dirty, too. I should have ditched them before hand, but I was in too big of a hurry. I can wash them tomorrow, no big deal. Wolufu: He he he he, looks like you really miss somebody! Who was he? Your boyfriend by any chance? He he he he... Vulpa: WHAT THE F!!!!...

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    To just sit there and know ‘I can just cancel a show, I'll just cancel a show!’ You know what I mean, and it's like, wow dude really? Because you were partying? It stuns the imagination when it comes to that kind of stuff, how far people can be kicked around before they realize, Chester can sing too.”

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    "Look, man, anyone can go online and be what they call a 'hater' or have an opinion and that goes in many different directions. We're just really trying to do something that feels good and not only honors the catalog of what we have but moving forward musically. "Looking at the last 10 years of STP, not much has gotten done and that's very, very frustrating to live with. I don't want the next 10 years of life to be like that. I want the next 10 years to be great and we contribute or at least try to contribute really valid music. It's really what I got into this for — to write the best songs I can write."

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    「そこに何があるか知っている」という文を英訳すると I know what kind of stuff is there.であってますか、他にも作ってみたのですが I know what there are there. I know what kind of things are there. 自然な表現を教えてください