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英語の答え合わせをお願いします。 1.Leaves are to the plant ( ) lungs are to animal. what? 2.There is no rule ( ) exceptions. without? 3.He bought two ( ) of the new book. pairs? 4.He ( ) his leg broken in the accident. was? 5.Strike ( ) the iron is hot. when? 6.The student was ( ) in an examination. taking? 7.I met her on the campus yesterday.--( ). Did you? 8.My ideas are different from ( ). their? 9.She is an adult,and should be treated ( ). such as? 10.( ) is the English for the Japanese'yuri'? What? 11.I was ( ) a loss what to do. at? 12.I will tell about it on condition()you won't reveal my name. while? 宜しくお願いします。


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あらら、選択肢がある問題だったんですか。それなら最初からそれらも提示してくれたら、あれこれ悩まずに済んだのに^^;; 3. 同じ本を何冊という場合にcopy を使って表現します。 例:Five thousand copies of the book were sold. その本は5千部売れた。 4. have+目的語+過去分詞 で「~を・・される」という意味になります。 もし主語にHis leg が来ればwas broken in the accident. とつながりますがね。 辞書でhave のところをご確認下さい。 こちらの辞書では↓Cの2ですね。 http://ejje.weblio.jp/content/have 5. これは「鉄は熱いうちに打て」という諺で決まった表現なのでwhileにしました。 http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/Strike+while+the+iron+is+hot でも検索したところ、when を使っている人も随分いるようですね。本来の諺からすると間違いじゃないかと思うのですが、これだけ実際に使われているとなるとこちらの言い方もすでに定着しているのかもしれません。 http://www.google.co.jp/search?hl=ja&q=%22strike+when+the+iron+is+hot%22&btnG=%E6%A4%9C%E7%B4%A2&lr=&aq=f&oq= 6. この場合in があるため、他動詞のtake はここでは使えないので、これではないということは分かりました。 8. from のあとに来るのは「誰々の考え」、つまり「誰々のもの」という所有代名詞が来なくてはなりません。ただの所有格の their だけでは文として成り立たず、their ideas に当たるものが来なくてはならないので、theirs と#1では答えたのです。 でも選択肢にhis があり、ほかの所有代名詞がないならそれですね。he の所有代名詞はただの所有格と同じ形のhis ですから。 9. これはas such で「そういうものとして」という決まった言い方ですので、理屈抜きで覚えてしまった方がいいでしょう。 でもちょっとだけ理屈も言いますと、such as とするとさらに後ろに何かを続けないと用が足りないのですが、as such の場合は、such が名詞で「そのようなもの、そのような人」という意味になり、その前に前置詞 as「~として」をくっつけて、「そのような人として」という完全な形になっているのです。 12. このthat はit とはまったく関係なく、on condition that.... で「~という条件で」という決まった言い方になるんですね。このthatは接続詞で、後ろの文を導いて名詞節を作る働きをして、その名詞節がcondition と同格になり「~という条件」としているわけです。



すみません、解答の選択肢ははしょってしまいました^_^;。 ほとんど知識問だったってことですね~。ありがとうございました。

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  • tjhiroko
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3. copies 4. had 5. while 6. 何かは分かりませんが、taking は違うと思います。cheating だったりして 8. theirs (ここでは「彼ら」というのを用いることになっているとしたらtheirs となりますが、条件が与えられていないならyours でもhisでもhers でもありですよね) 9. as such 12. that



ありがとうございます。よければ、解答の根拠についても、教えていただけ ませんか。 3.知識問題ですか? 4.これが一番理解できません。彼は、事故で足を怪我「させられた」のでは。 5.日本語訳ですと、whenでも意味が通じます。 6.cheating、選択肢にあります!知識問題ですか? 8.hisは選択肢にあるのですが、正解はいかに?? 9.such asという表現方法のほうが一般的によく見かけたので選びました。 12.itがあるから、thatということですか?でも、whileでも 日本語訳自体は完成すると思うのですが…。 宜しくお願いします。


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    He is not what he was ten years ago. ()is written in this report is full of mistakes. (1)what(2)it(3)that (4)which Lungs are to body () leaves are to the tree.(1)what(2)that(3)when (4)which 訳もお願いしますm(__)m

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    <答え合わせ> 次の英語の問題の答え合わせをお願いします。 また,出来れば,解説・和訳もお願いします。 (1)He was quite(1.for,2.at,3.in,4.with)a loss what to do. (2)He seems to be worrying(1.with,2.of,3.for,4.about)the results. (3)I have no knife to sharpen the pencil(1.by,2.at,3.for,4.with). (4)She was late(1.with all,2.because of,3.by means of,4.in spite of)the traffic jam. (5)He had to cope(1.for,2.with,3.on,4.about)a lot of difficulties. (6)His business resulted(1.from,2.with,3.in,4.to)a great loss. (7)The photo reminded me(1.of,2.for,3.by,4.to)my happy childhood. (8)I can’t tell him(1.for,2.from,3.with,4.against)his twin brother. (9)She is entirely ignorant(1.of,2.on,3.with,4.to)the world. (10)He succeed(1.on,2.in,3.to,4.at)getting a new job. (11)He bought the book(1.for,2.by,3.with,4.in)a dollar. (12)She is independent(1.on,2.from,3.of,4.with)her parents. (13)A gentleman was sitting(1.on,2.with,3.in,4.by)his legs crossed. (14)They sang(1.with,2.to,3.along,4.after)his guitar. (15)Mother is leaving(1.from,2.to,3.for,4.out of)Paris tonight. 答えは (1)4 (2)4 (3)4 (4)2 (5)2 (6)3 (7)1 (8)4 (9)1 (10)2 (11)3 (12)3 (13)2 (14)2 (15)3 になりました。お願いいたします。

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    Don't believe the press telling only the bad news that motherhood is all dirty nappies and sleepless nights which are said to cause mothers to abuse kids. When I got married, it seemed the most natural thing in the world that I would that I would have three babies in four years. Having children was what I had always wanted. I was fulfilled in my work and happy generally, but having children was the absolute high point. Fortunately my partner shared this view. But for some people, raising their children is a tough thing. Surely, raising children is a responsibility. You make a baby and you can't get drunk, stay out all night or go on holiday on impulse. In fact, you can't really have any arbitrary thought at all when everything you do has to be so well-organized. It's also true that I would love just occasionally to be totally irresponsible, unmindful of anyone's needs but my own. I remember the time I was seven months pregnant and struggled with a stroppy three-years-old son and a crawling one-year-old daughter. My back ached, and what is worse, I couldn't find the right colored crayon for my son to shade in Batman's cape. He repeatedly complained to me, "A pencil just would not do." I was greatly embarrassed, at last lay on the kitchen floor, and sobbed. Then he was filled with wonder.

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    英語の問題の答え合わせをお願いします。 問:()の中に入る適切な語句を選びなさい。 1:Please help ( ) to the fruit.  答え.yourself? 2:I owe ( ) I am to the inspiration of my mother. 答え.that? 3:He cannot distinguish fact ( ) fiction. 答え.as? 4:A ( ) child dreads the fire. 答え.burned? 5:If he ( ) up smoking, he might soon be well again. 答え.gave? 6:Laugh,( ) the world laughs with you. 答え.and? 7:He who laughs last laughs ( ). 答え.any longer? 8:She looks very nice ( ) that new dress. 答え.on? 9:He is looked up ( ) as an authority. 答え.to? 10:We ( ) each other since we were childred. have been knowing? 11:They saw a strange object ( ) in the air. 答え.flying? 12:I can't find my keys. I must ( ) left them at school. 答え.be? なんだか見づらくてすみません。宜しくお願いします。

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    1 Admittedly, the capitalistic system is far behind from American one’s. 2 Reportedly, Chinese GDP is going to overtake Japan in 10 years. 3 Strangely enough, Yumi had seen ghost on the way to go home yesterday. 1 We will take steps to stop the unclear experiment. 2 You have to tell me the reasons why you were late last night. 3 Japan will be the top industrial country in the world someday even more than In the United States 1 He is being really tired now because he was running for 2 hours after school. 2 As I was going home, I saw an alien. 3 As technology is improving so rapidly lately, we also tend to forget what most important things are.

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    この文章を添削していただけませんか? 「父は昔、テーブルマナーに厳しかったが、現在は注意しなくなった。」という内容です。 特に、時制は正しいかを知りたいです。 長文ですが、よろしくお願いします。  My father would often say to me, “Table manners are important for you.” When I was a child, my father was strict on table manners. He was always stern with me, but he was especially fastidious about table manners. For example, he said, “Don’t put your elbow on the table.”or “Don’t speak while eating anything.” These examples are general table manners. That is why he used to make a big fuss over my table manners, every time I ate.  Furthermore, My father was pedantic about even trivial matters. For instance, he said, “Don’t leave even a single grain.” This was really difficult for me. When I finished eating, I had to show my rice bowl to my father, because he wanted to check if I had eaten every grain of rice. If hadn't, I had to eat again. This bothered me, but I now realize that eating even the last grain of rice was to show my respect for a person who had cooked for me.  I hated such my father when I was a child. However, as I got older, he no longer told me about my table manners. Probably, this was because he could not find any faults in my table manners which I must have improved since. Now, I can understand his strictness on table manners. Mealtimes are not only the time when we eat something but also the time when we can enhance friendship with someone. Good table manners make the other feel good, but bad manners hurt their feelings. Therefore table manners are very important.  Thanks to my father, I don’t have any problems about them. These days, parents are not strict on table manners. However, I think that parents should show good table manners to their children. I want to be a father who is strict on table manners like my father in the future.