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Our need to affiliate - to feel connected and identified with others - boosted our ancestors' chances for survival, which may explain why humans in every society live in groups. When ostracized (excluded or shunned by others), people suffer from stress and depression - a real pain that increases activity in the same brain areas that respond to physical pain. Those who are socially secure in their friendships, families, or marriages tend to be healthier and to have lower levels of depression, suicide, and early death. When socially exclude, people may engage in self-defeating or antisocial behaviors.

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私も、勉強のために訳してみました。  私たちは仲間を求めます。お互いが関係を持って仲間であろうとします。こういう欲求があるということが、私たち人類を生き延びさせてきました。このことが、どんな社会においても人間が仲間を作ろうとするのはなぜか、ということを説明しているのではないかと考えられます。人は自分が集団から仲間外れにされるとストレスや不安を覚えます。これは、私たちの脳の中にある、肉体的な苦痛を司る部位の活動を活発化させるからです。友人関係、家族関係、夫婦関係がスムースで円満な人の場合、肉体的にも健康が維持され、精神的な鬱状態や自殺、早死にといったものに襲われにくい傾向がありますが、逆に、反対に、社会的な疎外感を抱いている人は、自滅的な精神状態になったり、あるいは反社会的な行動に走りやすいという傾向があります。



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我々が求める集団行動-互いを認識しあい繋がりを感じる為の意思-は、 集団で行動する人間の社会形態からも説明できるように、私達の先祖の生存率を飛躍させた。社会や他人から敬遠、拒絶された時には、人間はストレスや鬱(本当の痛みは肉体的な痛みを感じる脳の部位を活性化させる)に苦しむ。 友達や家族との繋がりを大事にする人間や、既婚者などは健康である確立が高く、欝や自殺、早死になどをする確立が低いとされている。人間が社会から隔離された場合、自己の破滅や非社交的になる可能性を高める。 カッコの部分は以下の文の和訳なのですが、よくわかりませんでした(´∀`;;) a real pain that increases activity in the same brain areas that respond to physical pain. 完璧な訳ではないので、参考までに。





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    Now that Congress and the President have shown their true colors to the American people and free citizens around the world, it is our civic duty to expose and resist this descent into lawless tyranny that not only keeps the American people from having the basic right to know what’s in our food, but also prevents open and independent scientific studies to be conducted on patented GMOs crops.

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    英文を和訳していただけるかたのみで お願いできますでしょうか? 1段落の前半部分となります。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 He has always had an interest in music, and may enjoy Mozart or Beethoven, Haydn. He likes travel and new places Like to make notes or carry a pencil and note book for when he is inspired.. Though he has a deep love or nostalgia for his homeland and the things about it the traditions and flavor that make it uniquely his homeland. Rather conservative in that sense. A little patriotic. But loves travel and adventure. He is also interested in Africa, in wild animals, lions, elephants, or game reserves. African life. and similar wild open places. May like films or books set in Africa. Or wild like photography. He may like painting, or used to paint at one time. He likes masculine hobbies, that have a hint of adventure and excitement and the wild outdoors about them. Though he is not much into team sports. May like fighting sports though.

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    Asking and volunteering information-Conflicting ways of divulging information It is not hard to see the problems that arise during an encounter between people from two cultures that differ so dramatically in their practices of divulging personal information. A Japanese may ask many questions in order to express personal interest and to place the order person in the proper perspective. He in turn expects the other person to ask similar questions so that he can provide that information without seeming to brag, and may feel rejected or ignored when the other person politely, by Western standards, avoids asking them. 日本語訳 情報の募集とボランティア - 情報の開示方法の矛盾 個人情報を漏らすという実践において非常に劇的に異なる2つの文化の人々との出会いの間に発生する問題を見ることは難しいことではありません。日本人は、個人的な関心を表明し、注文者を適切な視点で配置するために、多くの質問をすることがあります。彼は順番に他の人が同様の質問をして、自慢しているようには見せないでその情報を提供できるようにすると期待しています。

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    下の文を和訳していただけませんか? Altrhough tecnological changes seldom reverse, it is not necessarily true formegatrends that are triggered by social changes. When major changes in society occur that force people to think and act differently, they may be permanent, or they may late only a generation or two. The aging society is one example. Today, the population 65 and above is increasing in postindustrial countries worldwide, forcing governments, businesses, and families to change in order to care for the large number of senior citizens.

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    できるだけ、意訳を避けて訳していただけると助かります。 知らない化学物質の名前などが多く、難しく感じました。あと、人の名前もよく分かりません… スペルのチェックはしましたが、もしも間違っていましたらすみません。 お願いします。  Dr.Michael Liebowitz has found that love is not that spontaneous, mysterious feeling, but is the result of chemical reactions.  Scientists still do not know very much about the chemistry of human emotions; however, they have known for some time that specific chemicals are the cause of feelings and emotions.  Working at New York State Psychiatric Institute, Dr.Liebowitz has identified the chemical that transfers the feeling of love to the brain. This “love chemical” has the formal name phenylethylamine and is a member of the amphetamine family. Amphetamine are chemicals that cause adrenaline to be produced in the body. When your body produces adrenaline you will breathe faster and will feel your heart beat faster. Also, your face may get red and your hands may shake. In other words, you will be acting as if you are in the first stage of falling in love.  In addition, Dr. Liebowitz has found another connection between love and the “love chemical” phenylethylamine. This connection is chocolate, which contains large amounts of the chemical. When observing parents who tended to fall in and out of love rather more often than the average person, he noticed that when a romance ended, these people tended to eat chocolates. Dr. Liebowitz concluded that brokenhearted people, without actually realizing it, eat chocolates to get a similar feeling of being “in love”. So he or she eats chocolates to increase the body´s level of the love chemical. (Could it be that when we give our loved ones chocolates, we unconsciously expect to increase their levels of the “love chemical”, and consequently their feelings of love?)  It has also been found that love is based in the brain, not in the heart. Dr. J. Money, of John Hopkins University, has found that people who have had certain kinds of brain operations are incapable of experiencing romantic love, although they can experience other emotions. Dr. Money thinks that the day will come when we will be able to fully explain the chemistry of love. 以上です。

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    In order to foster international cooperation, it is also essential that the United States rejoin the global community and lead efforts to secure an international treaty at Copenhagen in December of next year that includes a cap on CO2 emissions and a global partnership that recognizes the necessity of addressing the threats of extreme poverty and disease as part of the world's agenda for solving the climate crisis. Of course the greatest obstacle to meeting the challenge of 100 percent renewable electricity in 10 years may be the deep dysfunction of our politics and our self-governing system as it exists today. In recent years, our politics has tended toward incremental proposals made up of small policies designed to avoid offending special interests, alternating with occasional baby steps in the right direction. Our democracy has become sclerotic at a time when these crises require boldness. アル・ゴアの演説の一部です。 どなたか和訳お願いしますm(__)m

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    I speak tonight for the dignity of man and the destiny of democracy.  I urge every member of both parties, Americans of all religions and of all colors, from every section of this country, to join me in that cause.  At times history and fate meet at a single time in a single place to shape a turning point in man's unending search for freedom. So it was at Lexington and Concord. So it was a century ago at Appomattox. So it was last week in Selma, Alabama.  There, long-suffering men and women peacefully protested the denial of their rights as Americans. Many were brutally assaulted. One good man, a man of God, was killed.  There is no cause for pride in what has happened in Selma. There is no cause for self-satisfaction in the long denial of equal rights of millions of Americans. But there is cause for hope and for faith in our democracy in what is happening here tonight.  For the cries of pain and the hymns and protests of oppressed people have summoned into convocation all the majesty of this great Government--the Government of the greatest Nation on earth.  Our mission is at once the oldest and the most basic of this country: to right wrong, to do justice, to serve man.  In our time we have come to live with moments of great crisis. Our lives have been marked with debate about great issues; issues of war and peace, issues of prosperity and depression. But rarely in any time does an issue lay bare the secret heart of America itself. Rarely are we met with a challenge, not to our growth or abundance, our welfare or our security, but rather to the values and the purposes and the meaning of our beloved Nation どなたかお願いしますm(__)m

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    英文解釈 次の2つ目の文の説明をおねがいします。なるべく詳しくして頂けると助かります。 We love our kids,and it's only natural that we rejoice when they succeed and feel pain when they don't.But we must make sure that our hopes and expectations for our kids are tailored to their personalities and strengths,not to our own unfulfilled wishes for ourselves.

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    Senescence, according to the dictionary, simply means the process or condition of "growing old". However, to biologists and psychologists it connotes "those manifestations in structure and function of a declining or deteriorating nature which take place during the period of life when the mortality rate of a population is accelerated". It also implies progressive and irreversible deterioration. Thus, the connotations are entirely negative. It ignores all the recovery, restoration, growth, development, and improvement of abilities that are possible as humans age. The assumption that senescence or deterioration is all there is to human aging is a negative from of ageism. On the other hand, to deny the senescence or declines in function that usually accompany aging is a positive from of ageism. Senility is defined as "the physical and mental infirmity of old age. It is not actually a medical or scientific term, but it is often used by doctors and laypeople alike to "explain" the behavior and condition of older people. Many of the reactive emotional responses of older people, such as depression, grief, and anxiety, are labeled senility and mistakenly considered to be irreversible and untreatable. This is another form of ageism. Actual brain damage from cerebral arteriosclerosis or Alzheimer's disease probably accounts for only about half of the mental disorders in old age. Only 5 to 10 percent of those over 65 have mental disorders severe enough to interfere with normal function.

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    和訳をしていただけるかた のみで、お願いできますでしょうか? 定型文となります。 1段落の前半部分となります。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 The image created is meant to form like a picture in your mind and imagination., my readings can draw out your own inner psychic powers and these may add or embellish on what is said. The chart is only really a reflection of what your soul already knows. Describing things so accurately in minute intricate detail is an immensely complex task for any astrologer. I try to be as graphic as its possible to be in just one reading, in order to distinguish your soul mate from the crowd. Our time in this reading is essentially limited and fragments are taken from all over the chart to build this picture. You may feel that when these aspects are put together, your Soul Mate or future partner is either too handsome to be real, or more ugly and dreadful then you envisaged.