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Last year alone, more than 4000 new comic book titles hit the shelve in France and French-speaking Belgium and Switzerland━a threefold increase since 2000━with more than 40 million copies sold, according to market reseachers GfK. But in recent year, characters with names like Takashi and Mamoru have been jostling for attention with their French-sounding counterparts, with manga now accounting for 40 percent of all comic book sales in France. この文章は、大まかに、フランスでの日本漫画ブームという内容のものなんです。   Last yearからの訳は、 リサーチ会社GfKによれば、フランスやベルギー、スイス含めたフランス語圏において、昨年だけで4000以上の新タイトルの漫画が発売されている。これは2000年度と比べて3倍の数に当たり、売上部数はおよそ4千万部を記録している というふうになると思うんです。 僕がわからないのは、But in recent yearからの段落なんです。  この段落をうまく訳せる方いませんでしょうか? 難しいとは思いますが、よろしくお願いします。



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前半はだいたいそれでOKです。 まずは後半部のポイント ・jostle for A with B:「BとAを争う」 ・counterpart:「片方」ですが、ここでは代名詞の"one"と同じような使い方をしています。 ・account for A:「A(割合)を占める」 ・with 名詞 Ving:「名詞がVする状態で」(SV関係あり) 文構造は、 But in recent year,    [characters](S) with names like Takashi and Mamoru    [have been jostling](V) for attention                   with their French-sounding counterparts,    with manga now accounting for 40 percent of all comic book sales in France. よって、訳は 「しかし近年、タカシやマモルといった名前のキャラクターが、フランス語の名前のキャラクターに劣らず注目を浴びてきており、mangaは今やフランスにおけるコミック売上の40%を占めている。」 といったところでしょう。 ただし、  「~のキャラクターがフランス~のキャラクターと注目を争う」 ⇒「~のキャラクターがフランス~のキャラクターに劣らず注目を得る」 としました。



本当にありがとうございます。すごいわかりやすいです。とても感動しました。こんなにきれいに訳せるんなんてやばすぎですよ。 答えがわかってすっきりしました。なんてお礼を言ってらいいのかわかりません。  


  • 下記の英文を訳してくれる方はいますか?

    The average college graduate enters the work force later, at 22 to 25, and consequently works fewer total hours, but the lifetime earnings are greater than the average worker’s, totaling about $550,000 (Miernyk, 1975). College graduates are also likely to be more satisfied with their job, although in a recent survey 90 percent of all workers reported satisfaction with their job (but more whites than nonwhites were satisfied) (Troll, 1975). お願いします。

  • 文法に関する質問

    A spurt in job growth between March and May raised hopes that employment would emerge from the doldrums. But job growth slowed sharply again in June and came to a virtual standstill last month. In July, businesses added a mere 32,000 jobs, and for the first time this year more businesses let workers go than hired new ones. 最後のところは more businesses let workers go than those who hired new ones. となるべきと思いますが?どうなんでしょう?

  • 以下の英文を訳して下さい。

    Attempts were made by Germany and the Ottomans to influence conditions in the French colonies, by intriguing with potentates who had been ousted by the French. Spanish authorities in the region informally tolerated the distribution of propaganda and money but a German plot to smuggle 5,000 rifles and 500,000 bullets through Spain was thwarted. The Teskilat-i Mahsusa maintained several agents in North Africa but had only two in Morocco.The Zaian War was fought between France and the Zaian confederation of Berber tribes in French Morocco between 1914 and 1921. Morocco had become a French protectorate in 1912 and the French army extended French influence eastwards through the Middle Atlas mountains towards French Algeria. The Zaians, led by Mouha ou Hammou Zayani quickly lost the towns of Taza and Khénifra but managed to inflicted many casualties on the French, who responded by establishing groupes mobiles, combined arms formations of regular and irregular infantry, cavalry and artillery. By 1914 the French had 80,000 troops in Morocco but two thirds were withdrawn from 1914–1915 for service in France and more than 600 French soldiers were killed at the Battle of El Herri on 13 November 1914. Hubert Lyautey the French governor, reorganised his forces and pursued a forward policy rather than passive defence. The French regained most of the lost territory, despite intelligence and financial support from the Central Powers to the Zaian Confederation and raids which caused losses to the French, when already short of manpower.

  • 「レベルアップ」を英語で

    「レベルアップ」って和製英語ですよね。さて、次の文を英訳してみました。 “英語を介してフランス語を勉強すると、フランス語よりも英語のレベルアップになるのではないかと思います。英語とフランス語を比べると 動詞の活用はフランス語の方がはるかに多いですが、時制に関しては英語の方が細かいです。例えば フランス語の複合過去は英語の過去と現在完了に対応していますが、フランス語の複合過去に両方の意味があるのではなく、区別がないだけなんです。” I think that if you study French through English, you'll improve your English rather than French. Compared English with French, though French has the much more complicated conjugation than English, It's English that possesses more detailed tense than French. For exemple, French compound past correponds both to English past and present perfect, but it is not that French compound past expresses two notion of time, but it just makes no ditinction between these two. 手持ちの和英辞典に「レベルアップ」という単語がなかったので、ここでは improveを用いましたが、それでいいんでしょうか? その他にも、英文でおかしな箇所がありましたら ご指摘くださいませ。

  • snow とsnowy

    snowとsnowyの使い分けがよくわかりません。 It snowed more this year than last year. It was snowy more this year than last year. これは同じ意味で使えますか? また具体的にどういう時にsnowを使い、どういう時はsnowyを使うのが適切か 教えてください。

  • 英文翻訳をお願いします。

    In the second 1916 volume of the British Official History (1938), Miles wrote that total German casualties in the battle were 660,000–680,000, against Anglo-French casualties of fewer than 630,000, using "fresh data" from the French and German official accounts. In 1938, Churchill wrote that the Germans had suffered 270,000 casualties against the French, between February and June 1916 and 390,000 between July and the end of the year (see statistical tables in Appendix J of Churchill's World Crisis) with 278,000 casualties at Verdun. Some losses must have been in quieter sectors but many must have been inflicted by the French at the Somme. Churchill wrote that Franco-German losses at the Somme, were "much less unequal" than the Anglo-German ratio.

  • 和訳お願いします。

    In the early 1800s, explorers in north america came back from the west with stories about a strange land with boiling mud, streaming lakes, and trees made of stones. The stories seemed incredible but they were true. The explorers had discovered Yellowstone. In 1892, it became America's and the world's first National Park. Today, more than two million people visit Yellowstone National Park every year. One of the most popular sights is it's famous geyser called Old Faithful, which erupts every 90 minutes, day and night. The park has more than 300other geysers more than 60% of all the geysers in the world.

  • これらの文章を訳して欲しいです。

    これらの文章を訳して欲しいです。 特に、But the way to~の文がさっぱり分かりません。lain throughというのは、~を通して横たわったと訳しますか?? (1)At present,in the most civilized countries,freedom of speech is taken as a matter of course and seems a perfectly simple thing.But the way to its attainment has lain through lakes of blood. (2)The test of a great book is whether we want to read it only once or more than once.Any really great book we want to read the second time even more than we wanted to read it we find new meanings and new beauties in it. (3)And after all the weather was ideal.They could not have had a more perfect day for a garden-party if they had ordered it.Windless,warm,the sky without a cloud. (4)Human life consists of a succession of a small events,each of which is comparatively unimportant,and yet the happiness of all man depend upon the manner in which these small events are dealt with.

  • 和訳 お願いします!

    we have a class text by some subject for example the 4th of December I'll take the French text but the exams will be at the last year of high school in my case the last year from June to July more or less メールをやり取りしている友人から届いたのですが、いまいち理解ができません。取り敢えず区切ってみたのですがやっぱりいまいち分かりませんでした。 text だと上手くつながらないのですが、testのスペルミスでしょうか?もしくは私のミスリードか、実は別な意味があるとか...?それから、but~からを和訳して頂けると助かります。よろしくお願いします。

  • Given the French theme

    This was my first stay at this hotel, and only my second stay in the Ginza area of Tokyo. Given the French theme, I was expecting a more western style hotel. The appearance was western, but other aspects were more in line with low cost Japanese hotel. given the french termの部分は、どういう意味でしょうか? ウェスタンタイプのホテルを期待していたのに、見た目だけがウェスタンで他は安っぽい日本のホテルと同じだったという内容ですよね。何故フランスがでてくるのでしょうか?