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以下の英文をより簡単な語彙で、日常会話的により自然で、より日本語のニュアンスを反映させた英文に改正してほしいです。 A: Hey, have I kept you waiting?(ハーイ、待った?) B: No, I’ve just come here .Well, have you finished practice teaching yet?(いや、僕もちょうど今来たところだよ。そういえば、教育実習はもう終わったの?) A: Yes.(ええ。) B: How did it go?(どうだった?) A: That was very fun.(とても、楽しかったわ。) A:In my old school,first, most students are obedient.So I could get along with them.(私の母校でやったんだけど、みんな素直な子だったから打ち解けることができたわ。)But I had a difficulty when I must scold them.(だけど、叱らなきゃいけない時は困ったわ。)It's important to make defference clear between pleasure time and serious time.(遊びの時間と真剣に勉強する時間ははっきり区別しなきゃね。) B:Wow,sounds good!(へえ、いいね。)What do you think is important in teaching ?(君は教える上で何が大切だと思う?) A:It's important to know learning conditions of students.And in addition, a teacher needs to asks good questions so that students can lead teh answer by themselves.(生徒側の学習状況を把握しておくことね。あと、教師は生徒が自力で答えを導き出せるようにうまく質問できなきゃいけないわ。) And it's important for students to express what they think and feel. (あと、生徒が考えていること、感じていることを表現できることも大切ね。) Well, that reminds me, you want to be a teacher at a high school, right?(そういえば、あなたも高校の教師になりたかったはずよね?) B: …yeah….but…umm…actually, I don’t want to be a teacher at a high school but at a prep school.(うん…まあ、じつは、その、僕は高校の教師じゃなくて、予備校の講師のなりたいんだ。) A: Prep school!?,,,like YOZEMI, SUNDAI, KAWAIZYUKU?(予備校!?…って代ゼミとか、駿台とか、河合塾とか?) B: yeah.(そうだよ。) A: Why?(どうして?) B: When I was a student preparing for an entrance exam, I met a science teacher at a prep school, who is not only very good at teaching but also rich in humanity, so, I want to be a teacher like him. (僕が受験生だった頃、予備校である理科の先生に出会ったんだ。その人は教えるのがうまいだけじゃなくて、人間性も豊かで…。だから、僕も彼みたいな先生になりたいなと思って。)And if I became a teacher at a high school, I would have to obey ministry's curriculum guideline. But I want to teach in my own way.(それに、もし高校の教師になったら文科省の指導要領に従わなきゃいけないだろ。だけど、僕は自分のやり方で教えたいんだ。) A: Yeah… I see… but I’ve heard that such a world is very severe to survive.(うん…わかるわ。だけどそういう世界は生き残るのが厳しいって聞いたことあるけど。) B: Yes. I know. ..but, I never give up.(うん、それは承知の上さ。だけど、僕はあきらめないよ。) A: Wow…well,hoping our success,,,Cheers!(あら、すごい。じゃあ、二人の成功を祈って、乾杯!!)

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以下の英文をより簡単な語彙で、日常会話的により自然で、より日本語のニュアンスを反映させた英文に改正してほしいです。 ご質問の真意は何でしょうか? 立派な口語体の日常会話になっていると思いますが。 幼稚園児の会話内容ではないのですから、簡単な語彙も何もないと思います。



返答ありがとうございます。 「簡単な語彙で…」というのは、日常生活の会話で使われないようなレベルの語彙があったら訂正してほしかったということです。あと、日本人がどう頭をひねっても思いつけないようなネイティブ特有の表現があったら盛り込んでほしかったです。


  • 和訳お願いします

    Both the park and the school are home to wild animals such as giraffes, impalas, and warthogs. Students at the school study the same subjects as other students in South Africa. But at Southern Cross, the staff and students go out into the wild to learn.

  • 英語の前置詞

    お世話になっております。 私は大学で野球がしたい。 私は中学校で社会を教えたい。(社会の先生になりたい) これらの前置詞で悩んでいます。 I want to play baseball in the university. I want to play baseball at the university. I want to teach social studies in junior high school. I want to teach social studies at junior high school. I want to be a junior high school teacher of social studies. どれが正しいのでしょうか?またニュアンスの違いがあればぜひ教えてください。

  • 英語の得意な方、和訳お願いします!

    Like most Japanese junior high school students,you come to school every day and go home after school. These are activities that are natural for you. But many children in other countries cannot go to school. They cannot spend time at their homes. These children may live in countries at war,and they suffer. They are treated unfairly,and they suffer. Because and homes behind. These children are refugees.

  • 英語の添削をお願いします

    A高校からB高校に転入して、B高校で自己紹介をするという設定なのですが、英文の添削をお願いします。 I lived in A until last month, and went to the A high school. But I will move in to B high school by the father's transfer. I want to become you happily early. Because I have a lot of things that do not become accustomed, I want you to teach. I belonged to the brass band at the previous school. Therefore, I like music very much. I want to enter the brass band also at this school. Because a lot of nature overflowed, the B high school thought that it was a very wonderful school. Life in this school of the future is the enjoyment. My best regards. 最初の部分は、「早く皆さんと仲良くなりたいです。慣れない事が多いと思うので、色々と教えてください」としたかったのですが、よく分かりませんでした。最後の部分は、「これからのこの学校生活が楽しみです。これから宜しくお願いします。」という文にしたかったのですがよく分かりませんでした。吹奏楽部はbrass band で良いのでしょうか。 宜しくお願いします。

  • 英語の問題お願いします!

    ()に適した関係詞もしくは関係詞を含む語句を語群から選んでください! 1.Facts are important, but () is more important is how to them. 2.Margaret had many pearls,() are of a rose color. 3.Hikaru went to an American school, () all teaching was in English. 【in which/ what/ when/ which】 すみませんがお願いします!

  • 英語の問題((長文です

    本文 1 "Mom, my car Dosen't move,″a boy said. 2 His mother answered, "Don't worry. 3 Let's take it to the toy Hospital. 4 Students at Omori Gakuen High School in Tokyo repair toys. 5 They open the "Toy Hospital″ at their school once a month. 6 They use techniques learned at school. 7 Through this service the students learn the spirit of saving things, and they pass on the same spirit to many children. 8 At this school, the students also volunteer for repairing wheelchairs and some other activities. 9 Students enjoy their volunteer work. 10 In Nepal many children cannot study because there aren't enough school. 11 In 1998, students at Nagayoshi High School in Osaka heard about this. 12 That summer, they ren five hundred kilometers for six days through many cities and towns, and collected money. 13 Since then, many students have run for the same purpose. 14 As a result four schools were built in Nepal. 15 But recently, they heard that some children living near the schools could not go to school because they had no money. 16 So the students started to run for a different purpose for these children. 17 Their goal has no end. 18 In Japan, many students are active in various kinds of volunteer work like the students from these two school. 19 How about your school? 次の質問の答えを本文から探して英語で書きましょう。 (1) What do the students at Omori Gakuen High School use to repair toys? (2) How many schools were built in Nepal through the volunteer work by the students at Nagayoshi High School? (3) Are many students active in volunteer activities in Japan? 次の英文を和訳しなさい (a) There is someone waiting for you at the station. (b) Andy likes the singing birds. 本文の訳はいいのですが、 問題が分かりません。。。 どうかお願いします。

  • 英語で自己紹介

    英語で自己紹介をしなくてはいけません。文章を考えたのですが、どなたか添削していただけないでしょうか。 “I’m not good at speaking English, so please pardon me. I’m teaching home economics at a high school. I’m a homeroom teacher, and there are 33students in my class. They are too much energetic, so I’m awful tired every day. But I really enjoy our school life, fight with the students. I belong to the student council, it supports our baseball team, school election or the school sports. Recently, we went to the baseball game of our school. We have a strong baseball team. Our team has been to Koushien twice. Last day, we entered the quarterfinal. That day was very hot, and I was really tired, but it was good memory. Now I’m studying English here in Tokyo. Though I’m poor at English, it’s very hard to study. Thank you so much for teaching me politely. I’m also a teacher, I know how difficult to teach. To study English is very difficult for me, but I will study English much harder. Thank you very much for your attention.”

  • 長文和訳お願いします!

    長いですがお願いします…。 People in Bhutan learn English from a young age. Of course they learn their own language at school,but their teachers teach math,science,and other things in English. Some Bhutanese high school students go to universities in India after finishing school. It is not difficult for them to study in India because many Indian university classes are taught in English. Bhutanese students also go to universities in Bhutan. There are many Indian and other foreign people teaching there. Because most of those teachers speak English,the language used in those classes is English. 大変長くて申し訳ありません…泣 至急です!

  • my wing of the school

    I am a teacher at a large high school, and typically only interact with those in my wing of the school. my wing of the schoolとはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • 英作文

    学校の課題で、"My High School Days"という題で英作文をしました。 文法的な間違いや、不自然な部分等あると思いますので、添削していただこうと、質問させていただきました。 よろしくお願いいたします。 I went attended ABC High School. This school was founded in 1961 by Taro Oda. It is co-education now. But it was a boys' school before 1994, DEF girl's High School was next to it. They merged it in 1994 and became ABC High School. It has generally course only now. But generally course has three courses, A course, B course and C course. When I was senior, there were 48 classes in this school, and more than 1,700 students were studying in this school. I belonged to B course. In the B course, we studied aiming at entrance to school to the university. I and my friends always went to the school by bicycle. I was doing it for exercise and a saving. It takes me about fifty minutes from my home to the school. My favorite subject is civics. I liked the modern society in particular. My best friends in high school were Yuichi Masuda, Yoshitaka Ito and Toshimitsu Kato. We used to go to Miyawaki Bookstore or Book Square in Matsusaka after school by bicycle. It was late that I always arrived at the house because these bookstores were long way from my house. I belonged to the rugby club. But I have never play rugby. Because my teacher made me and my friend the member of the club by force to direct our life and to let me study. So we studied mathematics in the teacher's room while other members did club activities. My impressive teacher was Mr. Ishimoto. He was my teacher when I was junior, and teacher was mathematics and rugby club. He was severe, grim and strong.  Therefore I and my friends could not disobey. If we had not good exam result, he punched us. So my friends studied English and mathematics very hard. But I knew his good point. He always thought about students. Therefore he was very strict with us. It will not still change.