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あるミュージシャンのライブが急に延期になり チケット会社からメールが届きました。 下記の文章が訳せませんので至急翻訳お願いします。 The Red Hot Chili Peppers are sorry to announce that they will have to postpone their shows in Osaka, and Tokyo due to lead singer Anthony Kiedis having bronchial pneumonia and under doctors order not to fly for 10 days. The Red Hot Chili Peppers wishes to tell all of the Japanese fans how sorry they are to not be able to play the shows as scheduled but are very much looking forward to seeing them soon. Rescheduling of the performances will be announced as soon as possible once scheduling of the world tour can be confirmed. At present, it is thought to be rescheduled for this fall. Regarding ticket refunds of the performances planned this March, information will be available upon announcement of the rescheduled performances. If your tickets are being held at the box office for will call there is no need to do anything. If you have your tickets in hand, please be sure to keep them further notice. Please accept our deepest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.


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「レッド・ホット・チリペッパーは、遺憾ながら、リード・ヴォーカルの アンソニー・キーディスが気管支肺炎にかかり、医師の指示により10日間は フライトできないため、大阪と東京での公演を中止することをお知らせいたします。 メンバーは、予定通りに公演を行えないことを非常に申し訳なく思っており、 近い将来に日本のファンの皆様にお会いできることを心待ちにしております。 公演の再スケジュールにつきましては、ワールド・ツアーのスケジュールが 確定し次第お知らせいたします。現時点では今秋の予定です。 今月に予定されておりました公演のチケットの返金に関しましては、 再スケジュールのお知らせの際に合わせてご報告いたします。 チケットをまだお受け取りでない方は何もする必要はございません。 すでにお手持ちの方は、詳細が分かるまで大事に保管しておいてください。 このようなご不便をおかけしますことを陳謝いたします。」



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    You may purchase tickets to the XIV International Tchaikovsky Competition using Visa and MasterСard credit cards. Tickets will be available in April online to all competition performances including Opening Gala Concert tickets for June 14 in Moscow and Laureates’ Concert tickets for July 1 in Moscow and July 2 in St. Petersburg. Tickets will remain available for online purchase up to three days prior to each concert with a limit of six tickets per concert. Before purchasing, please review the details of the 2011 competition schedule. Your successful purchase will provide an on-screen printable receipt and you will also be sent an e-mail confirming your order. If you wish to pick up your tickets ahead of time, please print the receipt and bring it with you to the International Tchaikovsky Competition office between May 12 and June 5: Moscow: Povarskaya, 10 bld 1, room 701. 10:00 – 18:00 weekdays Beginning June 6 the tickets you have purchased will be held for you at the box office of the theater hosting the performances of the disciplines you have chosen. Please bring along your receipt. You may also have your tickets mailed to you by a guaranteed delivery service. The rates for postage and handling are included on the purchase order form.

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    The reflection phase includes leader evaluation, focusing on the replaying of the scene,or on the skills /behaviors to be mastered for subsequent performances of other story drama. 反省段階にはリーダーの評価も含まれる。 物語の場面を再上演する事や、スキルに対して焦点を合わせる。 /behaviors to be mastered for subsequent performances of other story drama. の後が分かりません.. 何故スラッシュを使うのでしょうか? 和訳の指摘と、回答をお願いします!

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    We as spectators have the opportunity to watch wonderful performances by our favorite professional athletes for the price of an admission ticket or by turning on the television. よろしくお願いします!

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<フリーの機械翻訳サイトでの翻訳です。意味は分かると思います> 気管支肺炎にかかっているリードシンガーアンソニーKiedisのため大阪、および東京で それらのショーを延期して、10日間飛ばないように医師の下で注文しなければならない と発表して、レッドホット・チリペッパーズはすみません。 しかし、予定されるようにショーを演じるように彼らができることになっていないのが どれくらい残念な扇子のすべてに言うかレッドホット・チリペッパーズ願望は、まもな くそれらを見るのをたいへん楽しみにしています。 いったんワールドツアーのスケジューリングを確認することができると、性能の時期変 更はできるだけ早く、発表されるでしょう。 現在のところ、今秋に時期変更されると考 えられます。 この3月に計画されていた性能のチケット還付に関して、情報は時期変更している性能の発表のと きに利用可能になるでしょう。 あなたのチケットが意志のための興行収入で保たれているなら、 そこでの呼び出しは何もする必要性ではありません。 あなたのチケットに取りかかっているなら、 それらがさらなる通知であることを必ず保ってください。 これが引き起こしたどんなご迷惑も深くお詫び申し上げます。



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翻訳機に掛けただけですのであっているかは分かりませんが・・・。 『気管支肺炎にかかっているリードシンガーアンソニーKiedisのため大阪、および東京で それらのショーを延期して、10日間飛ばないように医師の下で注文しなければならない と発表して、レッドホット・チリペッパーズはすみません。 しかし、予定されるようにショーを演じるように彼らができることになっていないのが どれくらい残念な扇子のすべてに言うかレッドホット・チリペッパーズ願望は、まもな くそれらを見るのをたいへん楽しみにしています。 いったんワールドツアーのスケジューリングを確認することができると、性能の時期変 更はできるだけ早く、発表されるでしょう。 現在のところ、今秋に時期変更されると考 えられます。 この3月に計画されていた性能のチケット還付に関して、情報は時期変更している性能の発表のと きに利用可能になるでしょう。 あなたのチケットが意志のための興行収入で保たれているなら、 そこでの呼び出しは何もする必要性ではありません。 あなたのチケットに取りかかっているなら、 それらがさらなる通知であることを必ず保ってください。 これが引き起こしたどんなご迷惑も深くお詫び申し上げます。』



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    海外のHPからサッカーチケットの購入を考えています。 以下のような英語の文面があるのですが、いまひとつ 和訳ができません…。 長文のためお手数をお掛けしますが、 宜しくお願いします。 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Advance ticket sales for this Champions League final phase first knockout round match commence on 4 February for members that do not have a season ticket. Each member will be able to buy a maximum of two tickets. The seats will be available at a price of $73 and members will be able to claim a five per cent discount on their first ticket. This application for tickets can be made by non-season ticket holding club members. Depending on the number of seat the club sell, the Free Seat process will be available. Conditions for sale of tickets for games at the Camp Nou to members and general public Members The start of the season sees the opening of an exclusive period of ticket sales for members. During this period, sales will be restricted to members without season tickets. They also get a 5% discount on the price.. For this game, a maximum of two tickets will be sold per person, club member or general public. Ticket availability Further ticket sale periods are dependent upon the availability of tickets freed up through the Seient Lliure service and members and the general public will be informed of this in due course. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

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    海外のフェスのチケットを購入しましたが商品が来ないので質問したところ、以下の文章が返ってきました。 この内容は、書かれている住所に直接行って水曜から日曜の間に直接取りに来いというものでよろしいのでしょうか? もしよろしければ翻訳の方をお願いいたします。 You have been charged a total of £98.00 and this will appear on your statement as 'EVENT TICKETS' THERE WILL BE NO COLLECTION POINT AT THE FESTIVAL SITE Your tickets will be available for collection from the See Tickets collection point located at The Reading Hexagon, Queens XXXXXXXXXXXX This will be open from 8am - 8pm, Wednesday, 22nd August - Sunday 26th August 2012. Do not arrive outside of these times as you will be unable to collect your tickets. Please note that this is only staffed by See tickets staff from the Wednesday to the Sunday of the festival and the normal Hexagon Box Office staff will have no record of your booking and will be unable to deal with any queries by phone or e-mail from See tickets customers. Please collect your tickets before travelling to the festival site. Please do not attempt to collect your tickets at the festival as you will not be able to do so and you will be redirected to the collection point at The Hexagon. Please quote the reference number(s) above and take the card you booked with for identification when you collect your tickets. IMPORTANT - tickets will only be issued to the card holder, on production of the card used to place the order. The collection point will not have any tickets for sale and will not be able to assist with any issues regarding lost or stolen tickets as these cannot be replaced.

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    The new GOP health bill only has 20% approval - but they are going to move heaven and earth to get that thing passed. I don't understand the pride of men. This is going to get people killed. There is no place for politics or pride in health care. This is a criminal undertaking and someday these guys will all have to answer for it. We need to tattoo this onto the foreheads of all who voted for it - this kind of cruelty should not be forgotten.

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    We have been trying to answer this question using techniques from magic performances. 上記の文の using の構造が分かりません 分詞として question にかかっているのでしょうか? それとも何かが省略されているのでしょうか? 教えて下さい。

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    長文で、御手数ですが、どうか分かり易く翻訳お願い出来ないでしょうか? But if asked to get to the heart of her greatness as an interpreter and draw out what distinguishes her from other great pianists, it is not this "feminie" aspect we would evoke, but rather the powerful virllity of her playnig. "Does she play like a man? No, she plays like an Argerich!" is a phrase one often hears. This is what comes across from her performances of music by those 20th-century composers who moved away from the romanticism of the past and established themselves as the embodiment of modernity. To appreciate this, we need only go back to her performances of the Prokofiev concertos, whose machine-like energy certainly derives from the virtuosity acquired from playing Liszt but also stands out for a tomado-like tangibility of sound in tune with the "technical", urban dimension of 20th-century music. In tha same way, while her liszt shows that she possesses the necessary resources to give romantic music its full evocative power, she nevertheless does so in a controlled way bound up with the modern sense of how to shape the sound, with no disgressions into the facile or mannered. This is the basis of her Mozart and early Beethoven in particular: both are interpreted with a bright, limpid sound in which logic prevails over sentiment. 音楽評論の一部です。非常に長いですが、どうかお力添えお願い致しますm(_ _)m

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    英文を日本語に訳してください。 宜しくお願いします! There is a powerful bond between you. This echoes back to older lives together. And after knowing him your present day life will become changed forever. You will take a step forward and there will be no way to reverse that or to go back. It might be a good step or a bad one, but something new will be created and you will feel slightly altered by it all. There is both dark and light in this love. You also both have a certain need for independence and to feel in control of your own life and emotions, this relationship erodes the edges of that feeling of being in control.. The psychic energies are deep between you. So sometimes things you wish for happen. But you have to be careful what you wish for, wish only good. - This aspect though small and generally referring to small issues can accomplish the seemingly impossible at times.. His Jupiter in your first house in Libra means that he is a man who wants to do the right thing. The good thing, by you. In the charts of single people this nearly always means a marriage, not just a love affair. He is keen to do with he thinks is right. He is kind, generous. He wants your approval and the approval of other people. Being well thought of, of having a good reputation is important to him. He has the need to please you and to feel that you like him and appreciate him. He can be lavish and extravagant may give you expensive gifts His seventh house conjuncts your tenth in Gemini. This is a very promising sign it shows that you will one day begin a business together, and will most likely also live together. The business you begin will either have two distinct branches to it. Or else you may begin your own business while still working in employment, so that for a time there are two sides to your working lives. You will have a secure and modern business, based on your talents and interests. It will work out well.

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    メタリカ.com記事です。マイブログにいれたいので。 All the Fillmore Theatre love and good vibes continue outdoors as we are proud to announce that we have been invited to headline the Outside Lands festival here in our hometown of San Francisco the weekend of August 10-12 in beautiful Golden Gate Park. This will be the fifth annual Outside Lands, so we are honored to finally get to play in the park! The line-up this year is stellar and we're super excited to sharing the same stage as the Foo Fighters, Jack White, Beck, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Stevie Wonder, The Kills, Justice, and Skrillex, just to name a few of the artists who will appear during the three day festival. Advance 3-Day and VIP Passes go on sale this Thursday, April 19 at 12:00pm PDT here: www.sfoutsidelands.com/tickets. For more information, visit www.sfoutsidelands.com.

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    すいません、翻訳お願いします。 Thanks for your email. Sorry for the inconvenience it caused to you. We have checked that we have received your package, it may on its way now. Please be patient and we will definitely help you out of this.You may wai for another a few days.Your understanding and patience will be highly appreciated! Please feel free to contact us whenever you have questions. Have a nice day!

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    翻訳お願いします。 いつもお世話になります。 ぜひ翻訳をお願いしたい文章がありますので、翻訳をお願い出来ないでしょうか? この文章は僕の憧れのバーナード・ラガト選手の言ったことです。 曖昧には理解できますが、ぜひ彼が何と言っているのかしっかり知り、参考にし、学びたいんです! 宜しくお願いします! Will you be doing anything differently in training to prepare for this record attempt outdoors? BL: Yes. I’m heading to Flagstaff on April 1st. I normally do that every year. But when I’m there this year, I’m going to be focusing on endurance, working on long, nice runs—nothing less than 10 miles. We will be doing long tempo runs. We will be doing a lot of long hill work. We will be doing soft-surface repetitions as well, like on a golf course. We will be doing things this time around that will really get me ready for the 5,000m. I’ve realized when you run the 5,000m, when they show seven laps to go, that is when the tempo sometimes picks up and I start to feel it a bit. We are going to be working on that feeling in the race. By training harder, we are going to get me physically capable to keep up that kind of pace. Let’s say the guys try to slip in a 59- or 60-second lap in there when we have five or six laps to go—that is the territory I have never been in. And it would hurt if I were not ready. So we are going to make sure my training will be ready to handle any kind of surge or sudden difference of pace. This isn’t a world championship year, so it is very important that we aim at something like the 5,000m and the 3,000m.

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    According to TMZ.com, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS members Robert DeLeo (bass), Dean DeLeo (guitar) and Eric Kretz (drums) have filed a lawsuit against their former lead singer Scott Weiland claiming that he sabotaged their 20th anniversary tour by being chronically late for performances and missing promotional gigs. They also allege Weiland refused to communicate with other bandmembers in attempt to "hijack" the tour.