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One of the most powerful ways children learn what to do and what not to do is by watching you. As you “model’’ various behaviors, sooner or later your children will imitate you. If you shout to get your way, you can expect your children to do the same. If you watch television instead of doing the dishes, your child will likely put of a homework assignment. 「子供達がすることやしないことを学ぶ最も説得力のある方法の一つはあなたを見ることによってである。あなたが様々なふるまいの見本となるにつれて、遅かれ早かれ、あなたの子供達はあなたをまねするだろう。もしあなたが思い通りに怒鳴りつけるなら、あなたの子供たちは同じことをするだろうと思う。もしあなたが料理をするのではなくてテレビを見ていたら、あなたの子供達は多分宿題を延期するであろう。」 この訳で誤訳があれば訂正し、正しい訳を教えてください。 大変だと思いますがよろしくお願いします。


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  • signak
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 基本的な誤訳は無いと思いますが、少しこなれた日本語という意味で参考まで。  することやしないこと→していいこととしてはいけないこと  説得力のある方法→有効な方法  あなたを見る→あなたを見習う  様々なふるまいの見本となるにつれて、→様々な仕草のお手本を示すにつれて  遅かれ早かれ、あなたの子供達はあなたをまねするだろう。→あなたの子供たちはそのうちあなたの真似をするようになるだろう。  思い通りに→気分に任せて  同じことをするだろうと思う。→同じようなことをするようになるのは想像に難くないだろう。  料理をするのではなくて→料理の支度をほったらかして  延期するであろう。→後回しにするようになるであろう。(put off)


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下でだいたい指摘されていますが、ざっと読んで致命的な誤訳は、 「思い通りに怒鳴り続ける」(不定詞を理解していない)と「料理 をする」(基本的な表現を理解していない)の2点だと思います。 私が採点者ならば、この辺りは厳しく減点すると思います。それ以 外は、「こなれた日本語」にできるか、という問題でしょうね。 さて、上記の表現をチェックしようと思ってgoogleの検索を使ったら、 この入試問題の元ネタが発見できました。The Tribuneというインドの 新聞に載ったコラムのようです。信大の先生も、意外なところから入試 問題のネタを持ってきているのだなあ、と思いました。 回答の本筋から外れてすいませんが、ご参考までに。 (下の中段くらいの「Parenting sans stress」という記事) ↓    ↓    ↓    ↓ http://www.tribuneindia.com/2002/20021124/herworld.htm


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what to do and what not to do = what they should do and what they should not do = すべきことやしてはいけないこと powerful = having great effectiveness, as a speech, speaker, description, reason, etc. = 非常に効果的な get one's way = 思い通りにする、わがままを通す 自分の思い通りにしようとして大声を出す = 大声を張ってわがままを通す likely = probably (副詞) 多分、おそらく 後はきちんと日本語を推敲し、翻訳調ではない日本語にしましょう。


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  • karrie
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do the dishes = 皿洗いをする ですので、 「料理をするのではなくて」⇒「皿洗いをせずに」 ではいかがでしょうか。



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    英文の訳をお願いいたします。 With regards to your aim of presenting classically inspired music in a different light: Is there also an educational aspect in what you do? こちらなんですが、二行目までがわからないです。 よろしくお願いいたします。

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    1. Because of the bad weather, neither of the boys showed up. 2. People of all cultures seek privacy at some times and companionship at others. 3. Do you remember where that bicycle shop was? Something has gone wrong with the bicycle I bought at the sale. 4. Those who need information will usually be able to find it if they know how to use a library. 5. Your essay is weak because there are few examples to support your idea.

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    Write a poem that is a response to your experience in the library or bookstore from the Week 1 Discussion Assignment. この上記にある英文はどういった意味でしょうか? 詩を書きなさいと言っているのはわかるのですが、どのような詩を書けば良いのかがよくわかりません。図書館や本屋で経験したこと(例えば図書館は寒かったなどといった感じのこと)を詩にしたらいいのでしょうか? ちなみに、この文章の前には... This week, I asked you to go read poems in a library or bookstore and reflect on their meaning to you. A great way to draw inspiration for our own writing is to read what others have written. That's what you will be doing this week. 「今週、わたしはあなたに図書館や本屋にある詩を読み、あなたにとってそれらがどんな意味を持っているかどうかを考えるようにいいました。自分のライティングのためのひらめきを引き出す良い方法とは、他の人が書いているものを読むことです。そしてこれが今週あなたがやることです」とおそらく書かれていました。 よろしくお願いいたします。

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    訳は 彼が約束破ったのはなぜだと思いますか。 というもので、 why を使うものだと思っていたら、答えは What do you think caused him to break his promise? なので、What do you think で「なぜだと思いますか。」という意味になるってことですよね?どうしてそうなるのでしょうか? 解説もないため、よくわからないので、教えてください。お願いします。

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    ○○, I want to help you ahieve your dream of learning English. What kind of design do you like? I am planning to come to Japan in October. Are you planning to come to NYC again? If you do I will show you around. Otherwise see you in Tokyo. なんとなくしか分からなく、、、 よろしくお願いしますm(._.)m

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    iPhoneから送信 2014/04/03 9:45、Tapjoy Customer Service<mobilehelp@support.tapjoy.com> のメッセージ: Hello and thank you for reaching out to us! We appreciate you taking the time to let us know how we can help, and it will be my pleasure to assist you. I am sorry to hear of the trouble you've experienced in taking offers and not receiving your virtual currency quickly. In order to get that resolved for you, I just need a little help from you. We will need one of the following information (some may not apply): 1a) If you made a purchase or signed up for a service, we will need your confirmation email, billing invoice, or welcome email. 1b) When making a purchase or signing up for a service, you provided an email address when registering for this offer. Please provide us with that e-mail address. 2) If taking an offer that requires you to call for information, please provide the number you called FROM (your mobile number) as well as the date/time of your call. 3) If the offer you attempted was to download and run an app, please provide us with a screenshot of the app running on your device. Once we have this, we'll be able to get you credited right away. Again, thank you for reaching out to Tapjoy Customer Service. We look forward to your response so we can resolve this for you. Regards, Edwin Scott Tapjoy Customer Support mobilehelp@tapjoy.com www.tapjoy.com Ticket Details Ticket ID: 7532123

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    大学入試の問題を解いたのですが解答がなく答え合わせができない状態です。 なので下の四つの問題の 解答をつくってほしいです。 よろしくお願いします。 It was (at night / until / that / ten / o'clock/ not ) we got to the hotel. ( do / you / your request / have / to / is / type / all / in ) for information and the computer will check the sources. ( a microwave oven / using / the / time / first / when / for ), you should refer to its manual in order to learn how to prepare delicious dishes. ( face / the / TV presenter's / lies / behind / smiling ) some of the most sophisticated technology in the world. 、

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    In that case you will be aware of the fact that to do a good job of acting,you willneed to know what other performers who have appeared on the stage in earlier scens have said and done. この英文のthat to do a good job のところの文法がわからないです。このthatの用法はなんですか??thatのあとにto不定詞がきているのがわからないです。 よろしくお願いします!

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    Many people feel so much stress at work that they hate going back on Monday morning after a weekend at home. They are fearful, anxious, and uncertain because work gives them little job security and heavy workloads. Peter Fielding, a Canadian psychologist, says,"There is no longer the feeling of being a long-term, valued employee. Just look at the newspaper and you read about layoffs, strikes, shutdowns." With downsizing, workers also have increased workloads. "We are all expected to do more with less and that's difficult,"he explains. Workers who used to have autonomy, freedom, and control now feel powerless. They are beginning to question the value of their work. "Professional identity is a real part of personal identity," says Nan Gardener, an unemployment counselor. "When you don't feel that you are making a significant and worthwhile contribution, it's hard to keep going." Although the work climate today is difficult, there are wars for individuals to fight the stress. ・Take back some control. You may not be able to Control events that happen around you, but you can control your response. Ask yourself, "Where can I get some job satisfaction and job challenge? What can I do with what l've got?" Try to find something each day that provides a challenge, even if it is just a different way of doing ordinary tasks. Challenge creates excitement. It motivates and revitalizes. ・Balance work and play After many years of education, many people are unable to find a job in their field. Instead, they have to take any job to get a paycheck. The job may not be suited to their capabilities. It may not present the challenge they are looking for. If this describes your job, remember you are more than your occupation. Enrich your life in other areas. Involve yourself in activities outside of Work. Gain strength from the areas in your life where things are going Well. Realize that this job may be temporary and do the best job you can. Remember, too, many people don't have a job to hate. ・Get support from colleagues We all need support from our colleagues in the workplace. Little things mean a lot, like potluck lunches and birthday celebrations. We also don't laugh as much as we used to in the workplace, yet a sense of humor can be vital. Decide that you will laugh at whatever you can laugh at and take advantage of the mutual support of colleagues. ・Have realistic expectations With increased workloads and cutbacks, many people are feeling they can't do their best work. Keep your work in perspective. Look at the big picture and establish reasonable objectives. Prioritize and make lists. Do what you can each day, and recognize each accomplishment. Look at what you can achieve, not at what you can't.

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    英文の添削、よろしくお願いします。 この道を行けばどうなるものか危ぶむなかれ。 危ぶめば道はなし。踏み出せばその一足が道となる。 迷わずにゆけよ、ゆけばわかる。 I'm just wondering what will become of me if I go on this way. Don't be afraid. There is no way if you are afraid. A step taken forward will open the way to your goal. Never hesitate to go and you will find out what what there is to do.