My Boyfriend Met a Woman on Vacation: A Story of Work and Setting Her Up

  • My boyfriend and I have been together for 6½ years. He went on vacation without me due to my work commitments. During the trip, he met a woman on the plane who shared similar interests and they bonded over their love for beer. He gave her his number with the intention of possibly setting her up with our mutual friend whom he was visiting on vacation.
  • In this story, my boyfriend and I had to spend time apart because of my work. While on vacation, he had a chance encounter with a woman on the plane who had similar interests and a love for beer. He exchanged numbers with her, thinking of possibly setting her up with our mutual friend.
  • During my boyfriend's vacation without me, he met a woman on the plane who shared his age and interests, especially their love for beer. He gave her his number, planning to potentially set her up with our mutual friend whom he was visiting on the trip.
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get out of work

My boyfriend and I have been together for 6½ years. He went on vacation a few months ago without me (I could not get out of work), and he met a woman on the plane ride there. She is his age, had similar interests, and loves beer. He gave her his number with the intent of possibly setting her up with our mutual friend whom he was visiting on vacation. get out of workとsetting her up withの意味を教えてください。よろしくお願いします

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"I could not get out of work" 「私は仕事を離れる(休む)ことができなかった」 "setting her up with our mutual friend" 「私たちの共通の友人と彼女の間を取り持つ(お膳立てする)」




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get out of work 仕事から離れる。つまり仕事を休む。 setting her up with ~ 彼女を~とくっつける。





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