Is this English correct? | 英語が正しいか教えてください

  • Want to know if this English sentence is correct and need any corrections if there are any. Thank you.
  • Confused if the English sentence I wrote is accurate. Looking for feedback and corrections if needed. Appreciate your help.
  • Seeking guidance on the accuracy of the English sentence written. Kindly point out any errors and provide corrections. Thank you.
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Firstly, I maintain that the exam. Now, children have to do exam in my country. Mid-term test is part of exam. They study for mid-term test. My score is very bad when I was junior high school student. I was very sad. This is because I have study hard. It is true I could give good score, but I had given the exam for go to high school. My friend had given the exam too. While she have study hard, she couldn’t gave the exam. It is because she gave off heat on the day of the exam. Now, however, she is very happy. After all, she can do what she wants to do. I think it was luck. I didn’t know it happens. Now, but, I thinking it was luck. So I suppose that luck is important very much. この英文が正しいかどうか教えてください。 間違いがあれば、指摘してほしいです。 よろしくお願いします。

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Firstly, I [will talk about an] exam. Now, children have to [take] exam[s] in my country. Mid-term test is [one of them]. They study for mid-term test. My score [was] very bad when I was [a] junior high school student. I was very sad. This [was] because I [studied] hard. It is true I could give good score, but I [took] the exam [to enter a] high school. (← この前半の部分がわかりません) My friend [took] the exam[ , ] too. [Although] she [studied] hard, she couldn’t [take] the exam. It is because she [had a fever] on the day of the exam. Now, however, she is very happy. After all, she can do what she wants to do. I think it was luck. I didn’t know [what] happen[ed]. [But now], I think it was luck. So I suppose that luck is important very much. 一応推測して添削しましたが、全体での後半部分、なぜshe is very happyなのかがわかりません テスト受けられなかったけど、何かいいことがあったわけでしょ?



回答ありがとうございます! とても、参考になりました!

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第一行目のいわんとするところが不明です。 日本語をつけてください。




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添削 I have to keep taking exams. Children have to take exams in my country. Mid-term tests are part of exams. They study for mid-term tests. My scores were very bad when I was a junior high school student. I was very displeased because I had to study hard. It is true I could make high scores, but I had to go to high school and take the exams. A friend of mine took exams, too. Though she studied hard, she couldn’t take exams because she had a high fever on the day of her exams. Now she is very happy, though. After all, she can do what she wants to do. I think the key to success is a luck. I don't know how it happens but now I am thinking that a luck has a lot to do with success. So I suppose that a luck is very important for our success. Firstly, . . . はSecondlyとかないので不必要と思いました。 また、Firstlyより、First, Second, Thirdとか First, Next, とかが普通です。 以上、添削しました。いかがでしょうか?



回答ありがとうございます。 firstlyはあまり使わないのですね。 訂正もありがとうございました! 参考になりました。


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    テーマ:印象に残っている贈り物 Most impressing present in my life is a watch that my father gave me when I passed the exam to enter the high school. My father used the watch before I was born, and he wouldn't put away it even though he was given a new watch by my mother and sister. I think the watch will have been very important for my father. So, I was very surprised when he gave it to me. At first, I hesitated to receive it, but I received it in the end because my father said with smiling that "I use this new watch". The watch was what my mother and sister gave him. My watch and my father's watch is very different because mine is very old and father's is new. However both of them are filled with love of my family. 文法や構成について指摘してください。

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    Many people want to be success. Many people have dreams and become happy. I also want to be success. And I have a dream. It is not easy to success. And many people have felt sad because they can’t success. I don’t think people can’t succeed that it is because of hard work. I suppose that luck is very important for succeed. I argue about exam and I was read a book. この文の英語に間違いなどあれば教えてください。 よろしくお願いします。

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    1.授業でShe said , " I study English every day." という文章は、She said that she studied English every day.になり、She said, " Do you like to study English?" という文章は、She asked me if I liked to study English.となりMy mother said," You are crazy."という文章は、My mother said that you were crazy.となり、My girlfriend said that " You are handsome."という文章は、My girlfriend said that you were handsome.というふうに習いました。しかし最後の2つの文章を言い換えたらMy mother said that I was crazy.とMy girl friend said that I was handsome.になると思ったんですけどどうでしょうか?もし私が間違っていたらどこが間違えているのか教えてください。 2.宿題でWho do you think's the best actor?とWhich city do you think's the most polluted?という質問に答えないといけないのですが、I think Brad Pitt is the best actor.とI think Toyota is the most pulluted city.という答え方でいいのでしょうか?

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    こんばんは、今夜も今日のことを書いてみました。書いてからいつも思うのですが、私が使う英単語は、本当に簡単なものばかり、これでいいのかな....と思ったりもします。続けなければ上達はないですよね。これからも少しづつ勉強していきたいと思います。どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 Hi, my Crystal! I want to talk with you, so I came here. Do you have the time with me? I am glad to hear your “Yes!” BTW, I don’t remember clearly, but did I talk about my mini-rose? She is very cute and I love her! Now she is very weak, I worry about her. Do you know why she weak? This year it has been raining for a long time and we and her almost couldn’t get sunshine. It’s reason why she weak. We call this season “Tsuyu.” Wow, Crystal! I got a good news. Do you want to know what it is? Today it has finished Tsuyu season. We are now in really summer. Maybe my mini-rose will be well at soon, I hope so. Sorry, Cryatal! I have to prepare of our dinner. Take care, until next time. Ciao for now, my little sweet Crystal.

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    今朝、携帯で作文しました。そのまま載せますので、どうぞよろしくお願いします。(今朝は、本当に寒かった!) Hi,there! Good morning! Do you still in bed? Today is Saturday, but it is not my day-off. I am now at station and waiting a train. It is so cold. I feel I will become a ice.(凍ってしまいそうと言いたくて、こんな風に書いてしまいましたが....) Come soon a train!(言い方が変だと思うのですが、早く来て!って言いたいのですが)......... I can see a train! Wait a minutes,OK? Hi! I am now in a train office. Are you still there? I was lucky! I got a seat,so let's study English again. <g> It is not crowded. I wish everyday was like a today's train!(like thisかな?) But I know it will never happen. See you later!

  • こんにちは。少しでも英語に触れたく、英国住まいのポーランド人の女性と英

    こんにちは。少しでも英語に触れたく、英国住まいのポーランド人の女性と英語でメールしておりますが、私の英語力が低いため、意味がよく理解できない文面がありました。どうかお時間のあるときにでも、助けていただけましたら幸いです。 I gave my notice on Saturday as well, it wasn't very nice experience, but I had to do it, as I am going away for maybe 7 months. This company was quite good, but as all companies like to take but do not give anything in exchange. It is very sad, but actually I am leaving very disappointed with my comapny were I was working for past 3 years. この文面から「I gave my notice」とは、どのような通知を(会社?)に渡したのか解りません。 「but as all companies like to take but do not give anything in exchange.」とは、会社が何を取り、交換(?)しないと言っているのでしょうか? 彼女がなぜ会社に失望(がっかり?)し、悲しいのかよく理解できずにいます。 どうかよろしくお願いいたします。

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    ペンパルからのメールです。 自分のペット(犬とねずみ)の話なのですが、詳しく教えてください。 英語圏の人ではないので、よくスペルミスをする人なのですが、たぶん間違いだろうと思うところは直しました。 I have a dog and a rat. I know You may not like rats, but this one is different - he's very clean animal- just like cat. I did not planned to have a rat, but after my dog was operated ("Ruda" - ルダ - redhead, because she's redhead like a fox) she changed a lot. My dog became very pessimistic, started to think about life and death. All i want to say is that i felt like i lost my dog- she was staring at the window day after day. So to help her with her depression i gave her little rat to raise. That moment changed everything. Now they are good friends, rat fall asleep laying on her back:). They are both great and they make my parents laugh what is important.  Well i planned to put a cat between them, but my dog did not agree it:).

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    Hi, my Crystal! What are you doing now? I came here again because I wanted to talk with you. Do you have time now? I talked about my miniature rose. Then she was very weak, but now she is better than before. I am very glad she becomes well. Now she has a lot of new leaves and buds! In this morning I saw two flowers blooming, they were so cute! Every morning I say to her silently from my heart “Good morning! You are so beautiful, pretty, gorgeous and cute! I love you!” And sometimes I kiss her. I want you to see her someday. Crystal, thank you for your time. Now I am feeling a little sleepy because this morning I woke up 5o'clock. So I say to you “Good night, my Crystal.”

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    1:Young Americans with only a high school education earn less than they()ten years ago. (1)were (2)gave (3)did (4)used 2:My father()play golf twice a week, but now seldom plays at all. (1)might (2)used to (3)was used to (4)would 3:()tell me all about it,he said excitedly. (1)Do (2)Let (3)Shall (4)Should 4:I remeber that whenever my parents went out inthe evening,I ()the job of looking after my younger sister. (1)must have got (2)ought to get (3)have got (4)would get 5:You'd better()money tohim. He might not give it back. (1)not to lend (2)not lending (3)not lend (4)do not lend ()に入る答えと和訳をお願いします

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    1 My favorite point about American education is more creative, in particular. 2 I completely felt dizzy with that sight that she had car accident on the street. 1 what you need do now is study and make an effort for your future. 2 It is always true that a hard worker achieve a goal. 3 It is not by kind words but by sincere attitudes that people are moved. 1 Whoever it was who support me when I was in trouble, I will return my favor to them. 2 Despite hard working, you were failed last exam. 3 No matter how far it is, I always think about you.