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Dear Agony Aunt: My mother drives me crazy. She always meddles in my affairs. I want to pierce my ears, but she tells me I shouldn't do it. I'd like to dye my hair, but this is also forbidden. she says I should do what my parents say until I'm twenty. What do you think I should do? この英文に対する解答を英文10行程度で考えて頂けるとありがたいです。 よろしくお願いします。


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これは英検準1あたりのライティング問題でしょうか、それとも本当のシチュエーションでしょうか。 First, think about who has brought up you so far. I understand what you are complaining about your mother, but I think what she's saying is all for you. She must take responsibility for what you did, in other words. Do you know why? Because she is your mother, and nobody can change the fact. Parents just want you to take care of yourself since they love you. Probably, you will get it when you have a child. Therefore, I believe that you should follow your parents until you're independent. とりあえず個人的な解釈で勝手に書いたので回答になっているのか分かりませんが使えそうな箇所だけ参考にしていただければ幸いです。



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    My name is Tom and I am cat. I have a major problem. It is my owner,Eva. She does not understand how people should take care of their pets. She has very strange ideas about the retionship bet ween people and pets. Eva treats me like a human child. she worries about me and tells me what to do all the time. she does not want me to go every night while she watches television. Boring. The programs she watches are totally tastless. There is more. Eva brushes and combs me twice a day.

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    以下の英文がなんだかよくわかりません。 "This is what I would like to do the rest of my life." 意味は、なんとなく、 "これが私の人生の残りにやりたいことだ。" であるような気がするのですが、この"do the rest of my life" という部分がしっくりしません。 "do"を辞書で引いてみると他動詞の意味で"もたらす、与える"という意味があるとのことでしたが、上記の英文の"do"は、"もたらす、与える"という意味でよいのでしょうか? そうだとすると、もう1つ、疑問が出てきます。 "もたらす、与える"なら、"give""bring"などが思いつくのですが、 "do"はどのようなときに使うのでしょうか? この文で"do"の代わりに"give"を使うのは間違いですか? (bringは同じ"もたらす"という意味でも自分の方にやってくる、というイメージなのでこの文では不適切なような気がしますが・・・)

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    どうしてもわかりません。宜しくお願いします。 (1)My job pays well and, what is better, I enjoy it. (2)We should judge people not by what they have but by what they are. (3)One's worth lies not so much in what one has in what one is.

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    以下の英文を和訳していただけますでしょうか。 I can sell you all of these items i ship form over 30 countries see my web page but my prices list is out of date Tell me what you need and i QUOTE you the prices

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    この英文を訳してください。あと"time suck"の意味も教えてください。 "I can see his point, but, really, my gossip addiction has less to do with me wanting to feel close to Brangelina and more to do with the fact that surfing the web is my favorite time suck."

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    以下を英語にするとどうなりますか?英文を作るので添削お願いします。 一般では"努力の分だけ報われる"というけども、 "どんなに努力しても結果は付いてこない。" それが俺の現実。運命なのか? General Speaking, we can get rewards by making our efforts. however, I never get those by doing my own efforts. It's reality. Is it fate? どうしたら良いか判らないけど、死にたくなるけど、自殺はできない。 I don't know what I should do. Even I wanna die, though I must not commit suicide. 生きるために努力はしなければいけないけど、報われない。どうしたらいいんだろうね。 Even I have to make efforts to survive, never get outcomes. What can I do... そこからまた学ぶこともあるでしょう。 Anyway, I wish something I can learn. But I don't wanna do any more... Well .... what should I do..can I do...?

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    何時に行ったらいい? what time should go to see you? これを What time should come to see you? に、直されました。 なんでcomeになるんですか!? ................................................ 英文チェックしてください 1時にそっちにつけばいいということ? You mean the I right there at 1 o' clock? 今から1時間後? One hour later from now? お願いします

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    お世話になります。英文1センテンス↓教えてください。 ・娘の前髪を切ってみたけど、切り過ぎたみたい。 自作すると↓こうなりますが、自然な言い回しが知りたいので質問しました。 I tried to cut my daughter's front hair, but I think it was too short. どうぞよろしくお願いします。^^

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    この英文どうやって日本語訳すればいいのかよくわかりません。。 The way that Flora looked at me was horrifying, but this was not my only problem. Now Mrs Grose was staring at me angrily. "What a terrible thing, to be sure, Miss! Where do you see anything?" I pushed her towards the lake and pointed across it at Miss Jessel. よろしくおねがいします!

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    英文で Should I wait what till next year?と What should I wait till next year?では どのように意味合いが違いますか?