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Sorry but which is the company name, which is street, which is city and also you didn't advise if you need us to quote you the transport or you will organize on your own?


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済みませんが、会社の名前、通りの名前、町の名前、は 何でしょうか。また移動の費用を私たちに見積もってほしいのか、ご自分で手配なさるのかご連絡いただきませんでしたが、、、





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    Yep that is the extended version which will also work with the 9mm stock lens(G-9) and is for when you have custom focus adapters that need the longer threading. If you are not using a custom focus adapter just grab the standard length.

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    Whichの使い方で質問があります。 英語の本を読んでるとき、文と文のをの間にたまに Which is,,などと書かれてるのを見るのですがアレは日本語でドウ訳せばいいのですか? 例えば↓の文 Aparment building lined both sides of the narrow street, which I didn't already of the narrow street, which I didn't already fallen. Which I didn't のところをドウ訳せばいいのですか?

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    1.This assignment look easy. 2.The new business can start with 100 employees. 3.Our new products were released last week. 4.Do you know the person who lives in the house? 5.You need to fill out both your phone number and e-mail address. 6.All the applicants should send their resumes either by personal delivery or e-mail. 7.The new soap developed by the company smells fresh. 8.Our company began exporting appliances overseas 20 years ago. 9.Our company manager went to the capital of the country which is bigger than Tokyo. 10.The company will send clients e-mail updates at the end of each working day.

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    翻訳お願いいたします。 This is the mail system at host fbmtan502.mail.kks.yahoo.co.jp. I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below. For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster. If you do so, please include this problem report. You can delete your own text from the attached returned message.                    The mail system

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    I'm sorry but we have no dealers in the US that stock this sink that you need. The best I could do is give you list of our other dealers in the San Francisco area (see link below), but it would still take 8-12 wks to get to the US. You might want to contact our main office in Germany, so that you could check the possibility of going through a dealer there and having it exported from Germany.

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    以下の英文の翻訳をしていただけるかた、 お願いできますでしょうか。 部分的におかしなところがありましたら 意訳でもかまいません。 よろしくお願いします。 Your moon is in Scorpio, his in Aquarius, Your emotional natures and needs are different. This can be resolved, through learning to accept each other. However, you are both quite fixed in your own ways and are not always receptive to changing unless it is on your own terms. Emotions are a powerful force in your life and you can become obsessed with a feeling or a desire, and yet you are practical, restrained too. You find it hard to forget an forgive. While this man will seem a little more detached. Inwardly you are stormy, full of turmoil that doesn’t always show outwardly, while he is calm and collected both inside and outwardly. Your intensity may be met in a cool, dispassionate, highly rational way. He will seem to need the relationship, the future less than you, but it is not so, he will always keep coming back.

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    Thank you very much for your kindly email.   Sorry, we didn't receive any of your notice said you paid for the goods already before, until now I received your email to asked where is the goods after your payment almost for 1 month.   Your goods is still not arrange because we don't know you paid money for it already! You didn't notice me after your payment is done!! I'm really sorry to tell you this truth.   So do you need we ship the goods to you now or just refund the payment to you now??  We'll have holiday for Chinese Moon festival and Chinese National day from Sep.29th to Oct.4th. on Oct.5th we'll back to work.   So if you need we ship to you before holiday, please kindly confirm it back to me within today. Cos tomorrow we'll start have holiday.   If you need us refund payment to you, please kindly confirm your paypal address to us, then we'll return the payment to you soon.   Best Regards,   Jone

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    > first of all yukio > > i need your promise keep(no angray.no sad ,no hate)do not say that to me > when you know it please ok? > > but it think many times to say not now it is not good time now it is better > later when it is good time . > > when you are cool in that day and happy then it is okey to say it. > > so in that day which it is*(soon soon soon very soon) in that day i want you > be like this: > > 1)be sure that ************************ > there was some one his name (kain)he really consider you everything for > him > > he was not play . he is not sly as you said before > > he always remeber your thing and mention your name every minutes > > he trust you more than you think.he is not sly.he wants best for you. > > > 2) > > be cool be happy always do not be sad > > trust that he will do any thing make you happy any thing > > he will be there when you need any help from him > > > he will be glad very much when he can make something for you make you happy. > > > > 3) > i want do something for you that let you happy person in this life > > so yukio please i ask this: > > when you are sad or need something i will be glad to help you > > > do not refuse it,,,,,,,,it will be there any time any where. > > okey?are you agree with all this it is waiting your answer. -------------------------------------- 急ぎの為、翻訳をどうかお願いいたします。 きちんとポイントはおだしします。 よろしくお願いいたします

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    いつもお世話になっております。下記の文章を翻訳お願い致しますm(__)m This email is to update you on the status of your HealthPost order. So sorry but the Trilogy Everything Balm 95ml that you have on back order as part of your order is still currently out of stock and we do not have an ETA from our supplier. We have unfortunately had to cancel this product from your order. Can you please advise by return email if you are happy for s to dispatch the balance of your order -we will of course still honour our special and send you the Gift with Purchase Instant Radiance Collection. Looking forward to hearing back from you -however if we do not hear back from you by 1 April 2014 we will have to cancel your order.

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    They also didn't like the idea of Scott making money on his own off Core/Purple without them, basically milking his status as the singer and leaving them out to dry. Their position is/was that if you're going to perform using STP to sell your tour, then it needs to be with us as your band.