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海外で部屋を借りようと思いますが、オーナーより以下メールが届きました。 お恥ずかしながら、英語力不足のため理解に苦しんでおります。 よろしければ要約願います。 Presently, I am in the UK, {London to be precise}, This is the reason I want to rent my apartment out The only option at hand now is, if we can both go through the normal proceedure.. we can still arrive at exactly what you wanted. You can move in even if i am not there to usher you in. The processes are not much, you only need to sign a Lease document {which we can both do online}, then you need to have some documents to yourself as proof of assurance, then we proceed to the payment level and giving you a reference number {like a code} which you would take to the FEDEX head office, to get the keys, because without the reference number, nobody can get the keys except someone i give it to and i would be called to confirm first. Incase you want to be sure of how genuine the person is...this is the reason I would be willing to make available a scanned copy of my Passport and my Certificate of Occupancy, which I am not supposed to expose over the internet for security reasons.... but in this situation, we need to be sure of whom we are both dealing with. I would need to prepare the Lease document with your {Full name, Present Contact address, and Phone number}. So, I would need you to give me the information required for the form which I listed above. I would be expecting to read from you very soon.


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現在、私は英国(正確にはロンドン)にいます。これが、私が私のアパートを賃貸したい理由です。 現在手近にある唯一のオプションは、我々双方が通常の手順を行うことができるならば、我々は正にあなたが望んだものに到達することができます。たとえ私があなたを案内して入居させるためにその場にいないとしても、あなたは引っ越してくることができます。手続きは煩雑ではありません、あなたは賃貸借契約文書に署名する必要があるだけです(それを我々双方は、オンラインで行うことができます)、そして、あなたは保証の証拠にあなた自身で何通かの文書を持っている必要があります、それから、我々は支払いの段階に進みます、そして、あなたに参照番号(暗号の様なもの)を与えます、その番号をあなたはフェデックスの本社にキーを受け取るために持って行きます、なぜならその参照番号がないと、私がその番号を与え、まず確認のために電話をしてもらう人以外は誰もキーを受け取ることができないからです。 あなたがその人物が間違いなく(私)本人であることを確認したい場合には、...これが私が自分のパスポートのコピーと(不動産)占有証明書を進んで利用できるようにする理由です、その様なものはセキュリティ上の理由からインターネットで公表するとは考えられないものですが...この様な状況では、我々は我々双方が誰と取引をしているか確信を持つ必要があります。 私には、あなたの(フルネーム、現在の連絡先と電話番号)が書かれた賃貸借契約文書を準備する必要があります。それで、私はあなたに私が上記のようにリストアップした書式のために必要な情報を私に与えてもらう必要があるのです。 私は、素早いあなたからの連絡を期待しております。



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    海外のショップに問い合わせをして、その返信メールです。 翻訳をお願いします。 We ship to Japan often. We also ship orders to shops in Japan. On our website is a list of overseas shops that sell our threads and some tatting supplies. All of our orders we ship US Priority Mail. If your order was small enough we could ship it in a flat rate box which would be cheaper. To order you need to go to what threads you want, put in how many balls you want and click on “Add to Cart”. When you are done ordering you will need to finalize your order and enter all of your shipping and billing information. If you have more questions please ask.

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    The shortfall is I am old and my memory is not what it once was, thank you for bringing that to my attention So I have checked and you are correct you have paid a total of $140.00 As you can see I did not originally charge you enough for shipping for both hosts I only charged you for shipping for one host now there are two hosts. OK lets start over you paid $90.00 and that completely covers the L2, we'll call that good ! So on the E2 here is the low down for the E2 host, it is $26.00 and the copper heat sink is $65.00 (normally I would charge $75.00 but you have been a good customer ) and the flat focus adapter is $20.00 shipping to you for this weight will be $12.00 and if sent as a gift then no PP fees so that would be a total of $111.00 You paid a deposit of $50.00 on 6-7-13 so the balance will be $61.00 round that off to $60.00 as a gift and I'll get em packed up and ready to go on Monday Let me know if that sounds right to you I don't want you to think I'm trying to pull the wool over your eyes or something

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    At this present time I would need a week to process and test them we have to do this for overseas orders,if another payment order comes in before you they make take another couple of days, the good news due to size and weight we would spend £40 on DHL or FEDEX delivery which is about a 3 day service the grand total is £194 please remember how much we are spending on delivery thanks. イギリス人からのメールです

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    I’d like to get a little bit of weight-related plastic surgery, and my husband is adamantly opposed to it. Both of us work, and I would be using my own money to pay for it. I will be usingではなくI would be usingとwouldが使われているのはなぜでしょうか?よろしくお願いします

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    英語は苦手なのですが海外通販をしています。 1回、オーダーしたことのある化粧品ブランドですが 日本に送れないものがあるということで オーダーをキャンセルして返金をしてもらったことのある ショップです。突然、下記のメールが届きました。 そのメールを翻訳して頂きたいのです。 後、メールの下部(Orの下)に We would be happy to offer you a refund on these items and 20% off your next order placed on ○○○.com. とあるのですがこれは次回の注文は20%オフになるということでいいのでしょうか? 以上、どうぞ宜しくお願い致します。 We are please to tell you that your ○○○ order is ready to be resent to you. We would like to thank you once again for your continued patience and support at this time. Unfortunately we are now of stock in Pure Pigment in Incite and will not be able to include this in your order, please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause you. We would like to offer you the following options to continue your order. We would be happy to offer you replacement Pure Pigments(s) in any shade of your choice from our website to replace your out of stock item(s)http://www.○○○.com/shop/products/eyes/furore-pure-pigment Or We would be happy to offer you a refund on these items and 20% off your next order placed on ○○○.com. Please let us know which solution would be best for you and we will organise this right away and resend your order to you. Kind regards,

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    Ascribing one's influences is always heady, squeamishly self-important business. And l come to this end now bemused, thinking yes, had these influences not worked on me all these years, nothing of me or mine would be the same. Though, of course, nothing of me would be at all. You can't remove a crucial term from the equation and have the same equation. Popeye can't be a jet pilot or a bond salesman and be the Popeye we love.

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    It may be a few days before I'm able to access my store's supplies, check out the photo on my website's main page it's underwater and difficult to access now, water has come up even more since then. would you need my to do a payment request for this and I can hold the item for you once payment is made - as far as a shipment date I can't advise yet, this flood water has to go down before I can reach the store's inventory again... I would update as soon as it ships however. Shipping is $10 first class now on the website for international orders so you actually can just buy the host from the site and it would cost you around $37 total shipped.

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    今日、迷惑メールが届きました。もちろんすぐに削除しましたが、何と書いてあるが気になります。翻訳お願いします。 件名:Hello 本文:My name is Miss Kate Kambo, i am single girl never married seeking true love with marriage potentials and i am happy to contact you today after going through your profile which got my interest! i will love us to be good friends or a lot more, you can contact me through my email so that i can send you my photo, bye and kisses!

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    大変困っています・・・・ 海外のサイトで楽天カードが使用出来なかった為、キャンセルとなり AMEXカードに変更して注文しようとしたら次のようなメールがきました。 どなたかお分かりになる方よろしくおねがいします。 The way you would be able to place an order with us is that you would provide the associate with your item number(s) and/or descriptions, also the size, color, and quantity that you would like in the item(s). You would then provide your email address. If you have a Saks.com online profile, your information would come up automatically. If not, you would provide your first and last name, along with your shipping and/or billing address and a secure phone number. Next you would give your credit card information (i.e. card number, expiration date, security code, and name on card). After that we would enter any promotional codes or gift cards that you may have. We would then go over the order details to ensure accuracy and place the order, upon your request. After the order is confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation. Our Distribution Center receives the order and fills the order for you and prepares it for shipping. A tracking number is then generated for your order, and emailed to you. It is sent to our FedEx courier for processing and then shipped out to your shipping address. In the event that the item that you want is not online, we are able to check our stores for you. If the stock is high enough, we can place an order for the item(s) through our store Locator system. Once an order is placed on this system, it is sent to all stores showing stock for the desired item(s). The stores then have 7 days to pick up and fill the order. If not filled within that time, the system automatically cancels the order. If you are having trouble speaking with us over the phone, we recommend contacting us via our live chat option by clicking on the icon at the top of the screen. We have reviewed the items from your order. We do regret to inform you that the Prada Printed Logo Denim Tote Bag is no longer available. When you are ready to place the order, please contact us via live chat and one of our knowledgeable associates will gladly assist you with the order. !

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    健やかなるときも、病めるときも、喜びのときも、悲しみのときも、富めるときも、貧しいときも、あなたを愛し、あなたを敬い、あなたを慰め、あなたを助け、この命ある限り、真心を尽くすことを誓います。 を、無料の翻訳サイトで翻訳したところ、 I promise what I make true heart for as far as I love you when it can be rich at the time of both joy and sorrow when I can be sick when I am healthy when I am poor and worship you and make sport of you and help you, and there is this life. と出たのですが、英語がさっぱりな私には合っているか合っていないかわかりません… どなたか正しい翻訳をしていただけないでしょうか… よろしくお願い致します。