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this IS NOT radiohead, decent song but it sounds like muse if anything. this fake version has been floating around online for years now


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レディオヘッドの曲じゃないよ。どっちかと言えばもっと行儀良くて瞑想チックでしょ。 この偽ヴァージョンはここ数年オンライン上で世界中を駆け巡っているよ。





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    Later in 1993 STP performed on MTV's Unplugged. The acoustic version of “Plush” was a hit, having already being performed earlier in 1993 on MTV. Atlantic Records wanted the band to record an EP based around an acoustic version of Plush, but the band shot this down, telling the label they didn't want to be known as the Plush band. STP debuted “Big Empty” during their Unplugged performance, which ended up appearing on The Crow film soundtrack and Purple. STP had originally planned on contributing a new version of their 1990 demo “Only Dying” to the soundtrack, but lead star Brandon Lee's death on set made the band decide to use another song. Steve Stewart recalls, “I don't recall a new version of Only Dyin' actually being recorded, but it might have been.

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    I've been married for 47 years to a man who is 13 years older than I am. He reminds me often that he is 86 and set in his ways. For much of our marriage, I have carried the load around the house, but now it is worse. My husband barely does anything. carried the load around the houseとはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

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    Scott Weiland’s ‘Last Unreleased Music’ With Huge Names May Be Coming On New Album “Massive Heart Attack,” an unreleased track from late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland and the Wondergirls, leaked in December 2016, a year following the legendary STP singer’s death. “Drop That Baby” has been available online for several years. Now, Foley Entertainment has written on YouTube that more unreleased music from Weiland and the Wondergirls is coming.

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    Obviously the choice is Scott's and Scott's alone (I know from being around people with similar problems), but he needs to get away from any possible enablers. The Memorial section on this website is too full, and it just pains me to even think about the worst happening. Not only is Scott one of the best singers of the past 20 years, but more importantly he has children and that takes precedence over anything else. We all want to see Scott happy and conquer his darkness once and for all. ※『Scott Weiland』は人物名です。

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    金曜日に英語のテストが返ってきたのですが、どこがどのように間違っているのかわかりません。教えてください!! 1.I have been too busy with this work just now to this about anything else. 2.Medical science has made great advances since these fifty years. 3.Please return this guidebook as soon as you will have finished reading it.

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    So unless I have already given you prices (and I don't remember) this is what I have come up with now. L2 host and copper heat sink is $55.00 and the Hydra focus adapter is $25.00, the E2 host is $26.00 and the copper heat sink is $65.00 (normally I would charge $75.00 but you have been a good customer ) and the flat focus adapter is $20.00, the V5 driver with silicone wire leads is $28.00 I'll throw in the L2 battery contact for free and shipping to you is $24.00 and paypal fees are $10.00 for a grand total of $253.00 minus the $50.00 you already sent leaves a balance of $203.00. If that sounds correct to you please PP funds to: ****@gmail.com and I'll get this all packed up and on the way to you I hope this works for you if I have given you any other price please let me know

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    What has the response been like for you? Patrick: I was walking over from the bus and some kids freaked out and came over and they looked exactly like [Chester] -- with the ear thing and the flannel. I said, “You guys are Linkin Park fans, aren't you?” And they said, “Yeah! You're the Filter dude!” Then some 20 year-old is on their phone, looking me up. ... It's awesome because Chester is bringing a younger crowd and, at the same time, we have a single out now and it's doing it's job, bringing in younger people to mix with our longtime fans. For a while there, we'd do a show and go, “Gee, everybody's the same age.” [Laughs] So now we have this song that connects to the youth.

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    Scott Weiland was supposed to stop by to promote his new record, "Happy in Galoshes," but got delayed on the way in so Howard spent some time talking to the album's producer, Doug Grean. Then, while Howard was playing his version of "Hurdy Gurdy Man" for Doug, Scott showed up...but not before Doug told Howard that he really liked the song. Scott talked about how he was "freeing himself" now, like David Bowie did during his LA period. Scott also claimed he'd been heroin-free for almost 6 years and dealing everyday with his bi-polar disorder. Howard wondered if Scott had ever had a "full psychotic break," and Scott replied: "Only when I was smoking or shooting cocaine."

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    Daddy-Long-Legsの一節です。 I have been thinking about you a great deal this summer, having somebody take an interest in me after all these years makes me feel as though Ihad found a sort of family. It seems as though I belong to somebody now, and it's a very comfortable sensation. (1)havingはand haveの分詞構文でしょうか。 (2)makesの主語は何でしょうか。

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    In time, this would bring non-European nations (such as Brazil and the United States) into the war. The German U-boat force was now primarily based at Ostend in Belgium, giving the submarines better access to the sea lanes around England. The Germans made use of this advantage, sending out about 20 U-boats to begin the naval blockade. In January, before the declaration of "unrestricted submarine warfare" as the submarine blockade was called, 43,550 tonnes of shipping had been sunk by U-boats. The number of sinkings then steadily increased, with 168,200 tonnes going down in August. Attacking without warning, German U-Boats sank nearly 100,000 GRT per month, an average of 1.9 ships daily.