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和訳お願いしますm(._.)m (1)People on Samso saw the island's future in the use of biomass. (2)Biomass is not harmful to our health or to the environment and can produce energy repeatedly. (3)Today the people have begun to say, “This renewable energy project is our project.” (4)Samso's main energy sources-wind and solar-are also renewable. (5)They have been successful in setting a model for countries that are poor in natural resources, and for the people in the world who worry about the day when fossil fuels run out. (6)No wonder this small island of about 4,000 people is visited by as many as 1,000 people every year.


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(1)サムソの人々はバイオマスの使用にその島の未来を見た。 (2)バイオマスは我々の健康に対しては有害ではない、環境に対しても有害ではない、そして繰り返し可能なエネルギーを作れる。 (3)今日、人々は「再生可能なエネルギープロジェクトは我々のプロジェクトだ」と言い始めている。 (4)サムソの主たるエネルギーの源、風力と太陽、は再生可能である。 (5)彼らは天然資源に乏しい国々や化石燃料が枯渇寸るのではないかと心配している人々にモデルをセッティングしているのに成功している (6)4000人の人口しかない小さな島に毎年1000人の人が訪れるのも不思議ではない。



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    訳お願いします! (1)People living in farmhouses have been recommended to use biomass stoves because heating by solar energy may not be enough for winter. (2)For biomass stoves they burn straw, elephant grass, and potato tops grown on the island, or sometimes ox manure from the farms. (3)If other types of stoves such as gas or electric were already being used, people were asked to change to biomass stoves in order to meet the island's energy policy. (4)But people were not forced to change their living habits. (5)Samso's environmental policy for this project was to conduct it in a democratic way. (6)So, people studied about energy until they understood why they were doing this.

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    訳お願いしますm(._.)m (1)By 2004, Samso was already 70% self-supplied by renewable energy. (2)The wind generators supplied energy for electricity, and solar panels and biomass stoves for heating. (3)In addition to tourists, researchers and students of environmental studies visit the island. (4)They attend the seminars at the Energy Academy or visit the eco-museum on the island. (5)The Energy Academy itself is built according to the principles of an ecological building. (6)The use of water is cut down to a minimum and rainwater is used for flushing toilets. (7)The building is heated by solar collectors and a district heating system that burns straw. (8)Slar cells on the roof and local wind turbines supply the building with electricity. (9)Low-energy electrical appliances and lighting are used throughout the building. (10)Windows in the building are designed to provide the best lighting conditions.

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    訳お願いしますm(._.)m (1)Samso is a small island in Denmark with an area of 114 squbre kilometers and about 4,000 citizens. (2)The island is a beautiful place, so many people visit there for pleasure on family holidays. (3)Some farms on the island welcome visitors and children get a chance to play with animals. (4)Cyclists visit there because the air is clean. (5)People use the ferry to go to Samso. (6)It takes about two hours from mainland Deoark. (7)The first sight that catches the visitors' eyes is their “offshore wind turbines.” (8)These wind turbines are the symbol of living in a sustainable way on the small island.

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    訳の回答がなくてわかりません。簡単な訳でいいのでどなたかよろしくお願いします。 Stop for a moment and consider that we spend,on average,86% of our time communicating. For this reason,it is vitally important to have a full understanding of what communication is all about. This means understanding the basic principles that lead to good communication and the breakdown in communication that results when those basic principles are ignored.That is the aim of book. Communication occurs when people send and receive messages.A30-minute speech by a politician,a five-minute talk with a friend, a nod of the head or a wave of the hand are all examples of communication. We can communicate by speaking or by remaining silent. When we consider that communication plays such an extremely important part in our lives, it is perhaps surpring that our schools and colleges are unlikely to train us how to be better communicators. We learn about communication simply by doing it.大変長くてすいません。

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    fast food is available just about everywhere. the typical McDonald's is usually a burger, french fries and a soda. the fast food industry uses many tricks to get you to eat more, and keep you coming back for more. They target kids and adults alike. their tactic skills will make you become addicted to the fast food they serve. once you get used to it, you cannot escape frnm it. the bad effects of fast food have been shared with the public. with the heavily processed standard American diet, nearly seven out of ten Americans are overweight, and one in four is affected with diabetes or pre-diabetes. many studies in the US have been shared to warn the public about the dangers of eating too much fast food. the university of Minnesota studied 3,031 men and women for fifteen years, and they discovered that people who ate fast food twice a week gained five extra kilograms. according to a BBC survey conducted in 13 countries, people in the uk are ranked top for junk food addiction. what is more, many studies have shown that chemicals in fast food, including food additives, are harmful to our health. the more you find out about processed food, the less attractive it becomes.

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    Anyway, being able to understand comments about body shape and type is very important in an age where the body is so important and more and more people are getting self-conscious about how they look:

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    お世話になっております。 どうしても以下の一文が上手く訳せません。 ブログの一文でこれだけでは何とも言いようがないかもしれませんが、 感じだけでもよければお願いします。m(UU;)m It is fully understandable coz people change due to age, and it is certainly normal that our actions are reflected due to this :-)

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    内容がよくわかりません なので訳をお願いします (1)Individuals differ greatly in the degree in which culture shock affects them. Although not common, there are individuals who cannot live in foreign countries. Those who have seen people go through a serious case of culture shock and on to a satisfactory adjustment can discern steps in the process. (2)It is then that the second stage begins, characterized by a hostile and aggressive attitude toward the host country. (3)Their sense of humor begins to exert itself. Instead of critizing,they joke about the people and even about their own difficulties. They are now on the way to recovery. (4)Only with a complete grasp of all the cues of social communication will this strain disappear.

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    This week in Newsweek's frontpage there was an article about "whatever Happened to Having Kids" and It says, more people prefer to have a child or stay childless. I think people is getting wiser about life conditions year by year. More children means more responsibility and people should be aware of being parents. What do you think, you have one and do you plan to have another baby? "whatever Happened to Having Kids" の意味がわかりません。自分なりに訳して”子供を持つことに対して起こるあらゆること”でいいのでしょうか?誰かお願いします。 私は以前gooの英語のカテでたくさん質問をしていたのですがお礼を出す前に質問と自分のIDが全て消えてしまったためお礼できずに名前を変えてしまいました。そのお詫びをここでさせて下さい<(_ _)>

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    英語を訳してもらいたいです。 Do you know how many languages are spoken in the would? About 6,000! Butexperts say about half of them will probably die out during this century because the would is getting smaller in terms of communication. There is a clear need for languages that many people can understand. As a result, minor languages are being forgotten. When a language dies out, what happens? Its culture is lost. Culture is the whole body of human activies and language plays an important part in them. What can we do about this? In many parts of the would, people are trying to save their native tongues. よろしくお願いします!