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 友達に頼まれたんですが  和訳をお願いしたいんです。  文法とかもあってないかもしれませんが  いい方に解釈していただければ...  The telephone of the midnight was improper because, you, were the company of the extreme height class because I was happy because I didn't regret that extension could meet you, either, it was terrific useless tears made it wash away which it asked for after.  お願いいたします。


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"いい方に解釈" も何も、文がめちゃくちゃすぎて、何が言いたいのか全く分かりません。^^; 和訳は難しいかと。。。 "私がそんなにあなたに会うことができることを残念に思わなかったので、私が幸せだったので、あなたが最高のクラスの会社だったので、真夜中の電話は、不適当でした。後でそれが求めた、役に立たない涙が洗い流したことが、素晴らしかったです。" ... 私の精一杯です。 一応、訳してみましたが、やはり意味不明です。^^;



ですよね... 私も挑戦したんですけど まったく理解できなくて>< ありがとうございました。


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    Today was really nice. Although some of the big roller coasters were closed because they don't work well when it's freezing. But because of the snow it was so so so beautiful. There is this fairy tale village ... with all small houses with hobbits. When I was a small boy I loved it soooo much.

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    ”Thefacebook was still small. That's because you can only get it in certain schools,” he explained. ”But when Thefacebook opens at a new school, almost all the students join, and almost all of them visit the site every day.” That's because you can only get it in certain schools, のyouは誰、または何を指しているのかわかりません。文脈からyouに置き換わるものの見当がつきません。この一文の主語はThefacebookではないのですか?それならitになるとおもうのですが..... 解答よろしくお願いします。

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    次の文章は、ボクシング選手のコメントです。 『 I was 240 [pounds], for the last fight. Two weeks later I was already 255 [pounds] because of what it took me to be 240 [pounds], if you look at my body fat percentage, I dieted down. 』 上記の文章の、 『what it took me to be 240 [pounds]』 の訳がわかりません。 よろしくお願いします。

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逐語訳ではありませんが 真夜中の電話はよくなかったね。だってあなたはお偉いさんだし、内線がつながってすごく嬉しかったし、あとで言われたけど、無駄に泣かなくてよかった。 と、私は受け取りました。 出所を教えていただけないでしょうか?



ありがとうございます。 出所は私の友達が知り合いから 受け取った文章です。


  • 次の英文が分かりません。

    (英文) We spent a lot of time to explain why; it was obvious because everybody was frustrated by the situation of the company. (暫定的な訳) 我々は、理由を説明するために多くの時間を費やした。全員が会社のそうした状況によって失望させられているのが明らかだからだ。 (質問) it was obvious because~以下が分かりません。 これは、元の文は  it was obvious (that) because everybody was frustrated by the situation of the company. のthatの省略された形であり、 because everybody was frustrated by the situation of the company was obvious という文の強調構文である、 という仮説は正しいでしょうか? それともこのitは先述の文を受けているでしょうか。 以上、長文となり恐縮ですが、 快く御回答くださいます方は、 何卒、お力添え、よろしくお願い致します。

  • 和訳をお願いします。長いです‥

    和訳をお願いします。長いです‥ When we met it was so nice, but it's not the time we spend together that was like a dream ... it's you ... you are a dream ... and when I think of you or when I look at your picture ... it gives me a happy feeling, but also such an empty feeling, because we're so far apart and I don't know when we can meet again. If it's possible for us to meet again I will make it happen ... it doesn't matter if I need to travel to Japan ... go to the US ... I'll even fly to the moon just to meet you ... But if we can choose ... maybe we should choose a place that not so warm as Osaka in summer :) On my flight back I indeed got a very nice view of Fuji-san ... I'm sorry that the photo doesn't show how nice it really was. Did you go half way? It must really be nice! Actually do you want to go all the way to the top? Yes let's do that ... you and I, together we can walk all the way to top of mount Fuji and enjoy the view ... But we have to wait till July or August next year ... Do you know I followed a mountain climbing course and I climbed some summits in the Alps (Austria, close to the Italian border). And I also climbed Mount Meru (4566 meters) in Tanzania ... that's the mountain next to the Kilimanjaro (the highest mountain of Africa). So I was on the top of Mount Meru during sunrise. Only Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru were above the clouds and then ... the sun was rising from behind the Kilimanjaro ... soooo nice ... I got tears in my eyes. ... next time we meet or the time after that or after that ... I'll try to make it special for you ... so that you can say it was like a dream ... just like you are special for me and I can say you are like a dream for me ...

  • ざっと和訳をお願いします。

    I did not read the auction closely and just realized the blade has a crack in it. Because it was my fault, I have no problem paying for the razor, but would prefer not to waste the money to have it shipped to me. Can you send a new invoice without shipping and then dispose of the razor?

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    和訳をお願いします! ナレーション部分 The sensors in each room indicated they'd(窃盗犯) spent two hours moving about in the museum. Given that amount of time, the devastation of the paintings was all the more senseless. 以下は証言(警察?) Although it's considered by many people the art crime of the century, and in terms of value and in terms of sort of impact, it is. If you look at the details of it, it was also a botched crime. It was a crime in which a lot of good works of art that were there for the taking, were missed and art work that was taken was cut from its frames, which is obviously not something you want to do with irreplaceable Rembrandts. 有名な絵画が強奪された事件のドキュメンタリー番組です。 どうしても内容が理解できません。。。 長文ですがよろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m

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    "Oh," said Tommy. "What a waste! When you're through with the book, you just throw it away, I guess. Our television screen must have had a million books on it, and it's good for many more. I wouldn't throw it away." "Same with mine," said Margie. She was 11 and hadn't seen as many telebooks as Tommy had. He was 13. She said, 'Where did you find it?' "In my house." He pointed without looking, because he was busy reading. "In the attic." "What's it about?" "School."

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    I remember an incident involving one of the group whose name must go unmentioned because it occupies an elevated place in the history of electric lighting.Well,he too one night became frozen in the arms of Morpheus and began to breathe pretty loudly in his sleep.The disturbance was like intermittent approaching thunder with crashes between,ending with a periodical gulping that shook the laboratory in the silence of night.'I'll fix him,'said one of the boys with a fiendish grin,'I have a machine that will do the business,and you don't need to waste any more ammonia.'He went away and returned with a contraption that he had been working on the day before.It was a soap box upon which was mounted an enormos rattle that was actuated by a crankshaft turned by hand.'Which it work,boys,'he whispered as he placed the infernal thing near the sleeper on the table and gave it a few vigorous turns. It produced a terrific noise.The poor victim fairly bounced into the air thinking that a tornado had struck Menlo Park! The boys laughed.Some of us dubbed the machine a 'corpse revier'and others called it the 'calmer.'

  • 和訳して欲しいです、お願いします。

    I remember when you told me that can't love you 100 percent with my heart then it will not work between me and you and you said that it will be ok because I was honest and that I showed you the feeling of how to feel when someone really cares about you and that's ok. Do you still mean that? What happens if we were just good friends and not boyfriend and girlfriend could you handle that?????

  • 和訳確認お願い致します

    It's very complicated I feel responsible because she moved to Japan from Australia because of me それはとても複雑なんだ 僕の為に彼女がオーストラリアから来たから僕にはその責任がある。 Do you do not break up her? in future あなたは彼女とその先も別れるつもりはありませんか? I guess that will happen But tough situation as I said because she moved country, only for me 僕はそれは起こると思う でも、前にもいったけど、彼女は国から僕だけの為に来ている If it is my decision, I would meet you もし、僕が決断したら、僕は君に会いたい Oh. You don't want to meet me, because of her? え⁈君は僕に会いたくないの?それは彼女の為? 和訳は合ってますか?確認お願い致します。

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    … (1)The city-state was also important because it was possible for intellectual rebels to leave one location and go to another, thereby maintaining a condition of relatively free inquiry. (2)That the merchants would have wished to have their sons educated requires explanation in itself, of course, especially because, unlike in China, education was not a route to power and wealth.

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    和訳をしていただけるかた のみで、お願いできますでしょうか? 番外編です。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 For as detailed and complete as Soul Mate one was, it was maybe not enough for you. But I hope it has aroused your curiosity. For I want to guide you further. You are hungry for more. My insight has taken you this far now let it take you the rest of the fascinating journey. This path we are walking together, will end your loneliness, it will show your soul the other soul it was searching for. Has Soul Mate one left you with questions? Most people want to know the circumstance of the meeting with their soul mate. Soul mate two can tell you this. It can add to the very detailed description you have already received of your future partner, by describing his or her body, manner, and movements. This will add to the picture you have of him.