Red Underwear and Japanese Senior's Obsession: The Secret of the Local 7-11

  • The brightly colored red underwear is a hot item in Sugamo shops and is coveted by many Japanese seniors.
  • Miyoko Kaneko, a 66-year-old woman from Saitama prefecture, travels to Sugamo to buy red underwear for herself and her friends back home.
  • The local 7-11 near the Sugamo shops sells copious amounts of Japanese sake, beer, and wine.
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the entrance to the local 7-11.

Another hot item in Sugamo shops is red underwear. The brightly colored undershirts and underpants are coveted by many a Japanese senior, says Miyoko Kaneko, 66, who traveled from neighboring Saitama prefecture to pick up a few pairs for herself and her friends back home. "It's no good if it's not red," she says with the authority of someone who wears such things every day. "It keeps you warmer." As do the copious amounts of Japanese sake, beer and wine that stand out near the entrance to the local 7-11. という文章があるのですが、 1. by many a Japanese seniorが なぜ many Japanese seniors ではないのか 2. stand out near the entrance の stand outの主語はなにか 3. the local 7-11とは なにか。 宜しくお願いします(´_`。)

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1, many a と many は意味的には同じです。この使い方は辞書に載ってます。 2, 関係代名詞 that つまり sake, beer and wine です。 3, コンビにです。



早速のご回答ありがとうございました。 7-11には うっかりしていた自分に笑いました(´_`。)


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