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The depth of infantry breastworks was increased to 6 m (20 ft) and new positions were reinforced by tree trunks, 50 mm (2.0 in) steel sheets and overhead cover of 1–5 m (3.3–16.4 ft) of earth. Fields of fire were improved by cutting down trees and demolishing houses, much of the village of Élesmes to the north-east of Maubeuge, being levelled.
In three weeks, 1.5 million pickets were driven into the ground for thousands of kilometres of barbed wire, covering 100 ha (250 acres) around the fortifications and intervals. Behind the forts, workers levelled the ground for a narrow-gauge railway to connect the forts and the Maubeuge citadel; in twenty-seven days, 20 km (12 mi) of track was laid. The fortress guns had ranges of only 5–9 km (3.1–5.6 mi) and were brought forward to the perimeter to counter German artillery with a range of up to 14 km (8.7 mi). The artillery had a reserve of 250,000 rounds and dumps of 300 rounds per gun were established. Work began on a reserve position in the eastern sector near Élesmes and Assevent, 2–3 km (1.2–1.9 mi) behind the outer works. The support line from bois Mairieux to bois des Saris, Douzies, the outskirts of Louvroil and bois des Bons Pères, was too close to the forts and ouvrages, vulnerable to being overrun if the main defences fell. There were no fortifications between the support line and the old Vauban ramparts. An advanced position was created in the south-west from bois Hautmont to Quesnoy, close to Hautmont, in the main defensive line. The Maubeuge garrison had been so busy on the defences that by August 1914, the men were exhausted and there had been no time for the Territorials to receive refresher training, despite them having only just received St. Étienne Mle 1907 machine-guns. Fournier planned to fight in the open as well as under cover, since the fortifications would be bombarded. Troops would have to fight in the open to shift machine-guns to threatened points but the reservists had to rely on requisitioned civilian vehicles. The mobile reserve (General VinckelMeyer) comprised the balance of the active and reserve troops of the 145th, 345th, and 31st Colonial regiments, the two squadrons of the 6th Chasseur Regiment and the four mounted 75 mm batteries.
From mid-August, the Maubeuge defences were divided into five sectors; the 1st sector (General Peyrecave) west of the Mons railway to the Sambre with four territorial battalions and a battalion of the 32nd Colonial Regiment in reserve at Douzies. The 2nd sector (Colonel Guérardel) in the south-west from the Sambre to Solre was held by five and a half Territorial battalions, with one battalion of the 3rd Colonial Regiment at Ferriéres la Grande in reserve. The 3rd sector (Colonel de La Motte) from the Solre to the Ouvrage du Feignies was defended by five and a half Territorial battalions and a Customs battalion. The 4th sector (General Ville) from ouvrage du Feignies to Héronfontaine was garrisoned by Five Territorial battalions and a battalion of customs officers.


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>The depth of infantry ~ of Maubeuge, being levelled.
⇒歩兵用胸壁の深さは6 m(20フィート)に増やされ、新しい陣地は木の幹、50ミリ(2インチ)の鋼板、1~5 m(3.3~16.4フィート)厚の土砂による頭上カバーによって補強された。砲火場は、木を切り倒し、家屋を取り壊すことで改善された。モーブージュの北東にあるエルム村の大部分が平らにならされた。

>In three weeks, 1.5 million ~ 300 rounds per gun were established.

>Work began on a reserve ~ the main defensive line.

>The Maubeuge garrison had ~ four mounted 75 mm batteries.
⇒モーブージュの守備隊は防御施設(の建造)に忙しく、1914年8月までに兵士らは消耗し、聖エティエンヌMle 1907型機関銃を受け取ったばかりであるにもかかわらず、この国防義勇軍にとっては再訓練を受ける時間がなかった。フルニエは、要塞が砲撃されることになるので、覆い付きだけでなくそれと同様野外で戦うことを計画した。軍隊は、機関銃を危険地点に移動するために野外で戦わなければならないことになるものとされたが、(作業)予備軍は要求された民間車両に頼らなければならなかった。機動予備軍(ヴィンクル・メィエ将軍)は、戦闘行動と、第145、第345、および第31植民地連隊の現役および予備軍、第6シャスール連隊の2個飛行隊、および4門の75ミリ砲などとのバランスを勘案した。

>From mid-August, the Maubeuge ~ a battalion of customs officers.

お礼率 88% (2752/3097)

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