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(1)The study, published in a magazine called the Archives of Internal Medicine,found adults who sat for more than eleven hours a day had a 40 per cent higher risk of dying within three years, compared with those who sat for fewer than four hours a day. (2)We sit while eating our breakfast, we sit as we drive,we sit behind our desk all day, we’re always sitting down and this is a health risk.


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>(1)The study, published in a magazine called the Archives of Internal Medicine,found adults who sat for more than eleven hours a day had a 40 per cent higher risk of dying within three years, compared with those who sat for fewer than four hours a day. ⇒「内科医療アーカイブ」と呼ばれる雑誌に掲載された研究で、1日に11時間以上座っていた成人は、1日に4時間以下しか座らなかった人たちに比べ、3年以内で死亡する危険性が40%高い、ということが分かった。 >(2)We sit while eating our breakfast, we sit as we drive,we sit behind our desk all day, we’re always sitting down and this is a health risk. ⇒私たちは、朝食を食べる間は座っていますし、運転するときも座っています。一日中机に向かって座っています。私たちはいつも座っていますが、これは健康上のリスクになります。




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1。 「Archives of Internal Medicine(内科の過去録)」という雑誌に出た研究では、一日11時間以上座っている大人は、1日4時間以下座っている人に比べて、ここ3年以内に死ぬ可能性が40%高いことを発見した。 2。朝食を摂る間我々は座っている、ドライブする間も座っている、一日中我々は机の前に座っている、我々はいつも座っている、これは健康に悪い。





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    和訳です。 中々いい訳が出来ずに困っています。 Innovation & Excellence Our dedicatead Center of Excellence focus on innovation, delivery excellence & quality, and creates new solutions for addressing challenges faced by various industries We have gained the reputaion of being a sustained partener to our clients who value our relationship. We enjoy an implicit univaled status of being a one of a kind solutions provider. We provide analytical value and an undeniable cost of owenership to clients, enabling them to enhance their competitiveness and revenue growth. イノベーションとエクセレンス。エクセレンスって何だよ!!どう訳したら良いんだよ!! delivery excellence とか訳せれるか!密かな状況楽しんでいるんじゃねーよ! って感じで訳ができません。 適訳が中々に難しいです。 会社の自己紹介(っというかPRですね)の資料で、Oracle技術の紹介の一文です。 良ければよろしくお願いします。

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    In Fig.13, we compare our results with those of Nishiida (1983) and Wetherill and Cox (1985). Nishida studied the collision probability in the two-dimensional problem for the two cases: e=0 and 4. For the case of e=0, his result (renormalized so as to coincide with our present definition) agrees accurately with ours. But for e=4, his collisional rate is about 1.5 times as large as ours; it seems that the discrepancy comes from the fact that he did not try to compute a sufficient number of orbits for e=4, thus introducing a relatively large statistical error. The results of Wetherill and Cox are summarized in terms of v/v_e where v is the relative velocity at infinity and v_e the escape velocity from the protoplanet, while our results are in terms of e and i. Therefore we cannot compare our results exactly with theirs. If we adopt Eq. (2) as the relative velocity, we have (of course, i=0 in this case) (e^2+i^2)^(1/2)≒34(ρ/3gcm^-3)^(1/6)(a_0*/1AU)^(1/2)(v/v_e). (34) According to Eq. (34), their results are rediscribed in Fig.13. From this figure it follows that their results almost coincide with ours within a statistical uncertainty of their evaluation. 7. The collisional rate for the three-dimensional case Now, we take up a general case where i≠0. In this case, we selected 67 sets of (e,i), covering regions of 0.01≦i≦4 and 0≦e≦4 in the e-i diagram, and calculated a number of orbits with various b, τ,and ω for each set of (e,i). We evaluated R(e,i) for r_p=0.001 and 0.005 (for r_p=0.0002 we have not obtained a sufficient number of collision orbits), and found again its weak dependence on r_p (except for singular points, e.g., (e,i)=(0,3.0)) for such values of r_p. Hence almost all results of calculations will be presented for r_p=0.005 (i.e., at the Earth orbit) here. Fig.13. Comparison of the two-dimensional enhancement factor R(e,0) with those of Nishida (1983) and those of Wetherill and Cox (1985).Their results are renormalized so as to coincide with our definition of R(e,0). 長文ですが、よろしくお願いします。