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This guys an idiot. How long are we going to let this total fool .., Ah fuck it. I can't even finish this post I'm so disgusted. This asshole just makes shit up. He just lies like a child and we're all ok with this.


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この男は間抜けだ。一体どれだけ長い間俺達はこの完璧な馬鹿に... 、あ~、ちくしょう。あまりに気分が悪くてこの書き込みを終わらせることもできない。この間抜けはただヘマをする。やつはガキのようにウソをつき、俺たちは黙ってみてるんだ。





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    Proposition 666 is the bill I'm sponsoring next year that limits the amount of junk mail proposition supporters can send me. Can't we just do this shit on the internet people? My front porch looks like a garbage dump.

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    So, media (social and news) has been blowing up over this Charlottesville thing. Yes, there are racists who still believe in white supremacy, but not very many. I think we're giving them way more attention than they deserve, and at a cost of our own collective peace of mind. Listen, I can't stand this neo Nazi bullshit, either, but I'm not going to let them ruin my day. Maybe I'll just listen to some Dead Kennedys, and remember this shit has been around my whole life. This one's for the ignorant racists everywhere, not just in Charlottesville.

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    I think that I won't be an excellent photo maker…perhaps… I just want to learn feeling this world we own by watching,listening,smelling & touching. When I'm being an adult,this development,and I remind myself that I would experience something new. The most important is a pure of mind as well as a child's curious eyes. Sometimes I have one marvelous emotion that lets me know how fortunate we were. Because the truth: we still live. You think? というメールをいただいたのですが、翻訳ソフトを使っても訳の意味がよくわからず困っています。写真についての話をしていました。どうぞよろしくお願い致します。

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    Sarah sanders is complaining that the medias biased against this administration. They are hostile to him because he's a dangerous asshole. Not because of anything else. Sanders says it's not fair. She been called a liar - She has lied - If the people are hostile to you then there's probably a reason. They wouldn't act this way towards a real president. They never have. This guy is a dangerous malignant senile racist women hating narcissist - And the press is treating him that way. If they weren't we'd be in big trouble. They want to be able to lie and be racist horrible people. And they don't want anyone quoting their lies back to them. That's unfair!!

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    この英語を和訳にしてください。 よろしくお願いします。 This makes me smile! Working on new music as we speak! Dope new shit! Hope to share soon!

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    I wonder what would happen if we burned and spat on the Abo flag because ONE person said something we found offensive? Oh I forgot, it's only offensive and "racist" when the whites do it isn't it? Blacks can do whatever the they want. I don't give a shit if you find what Abbott said (or whoever the fuck) offensive, burning and spitting on the flag is fucking disgusting. What a disgrace.

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    動画サイトのコメント欄で気になるコメントがあるのですが、翻訳サイトで翻訳してもさっぱりわかりません。 i hope u die a slow painful death u little peace of shit why is this a good job what did the kitten do to you ? they don't do anything they just do what is natural like dogs or parrots etc. whats wrong with you guys ? これは何と書いてあるのでしょうか? 翻訳サイトは何故に長文だと滅茶苦茶な翻訳になっちゃうんですかね?

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    Hey guys. If you like Saturn Returns go check this out- Hi Everyone, Many of you may (or may not!) know about Facebook's new plan to, basically, steal money from those who have a fan page on FB. They are throttling the views on people's news feeds, for pages they have liked, in order to force those with fan pages to pay "promotional" fees. This means every time we post something, unless we pay FB, only 15% of the people who indicated they wanted to hear from us by "liking" our fan page, are actually getting our posts. In order to have our posts reach you, and also to show FB that what they are doing is crappy, we would ask that you do the following: 1) Go to the fan page 2) Hover over "Liked" and click "Add to interests lists" This way you can see ALL our posts, not just what randomly shows up in the newsfeed. Sincerely, ※「Saturn Returns」というのは、バンド名です。

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    いつもお世話になります。 ぜひ翻訳をお願いしたい文章がありますので、翻訳をお願い出来ないでしょうか? この文章は僕の憧れのバーナード・ラガト選手の言ったことです。 曖昧には理解できますが、ぜひ彼が何と言っているのかしっかり知り、参考にし、学びたいんです! 宜しくお願いします! One of the things that I do is really good training. When I run 10 miles or even 15 miles I am running at a hard pace. I attribute it to my good training. Now, more than ever, I am having so much fun. Before, I just wanted to win so badly. Even now, I hate when I lose, but I don’t beat myself up about it. I used to want to win all the time. Now I’m having so much fun. Being a family man, having kids, it makes me even more relaxed. When my kid comes to watch me train, I’m having a blast. My son is like my coach. It’s so funny. He does cooldowns with me. But most important is my mental toughness. I tell myself that I am the toughest guy here. I have the experience. Some of these guys are even 16 years younger than me. But I say, “OK, you are a young guy, but when we square off, you know what? I’m going to be the winner, because I’m tough. I have the most experience. And I’m fast.” These are the things that are inside me. I’m not cocky. I just want to psyche myself up. I want to be the best. I think of a good workout that I did. And I know that I am ready for the race. There are a lot of things that come together. I’m enjoying it more than ever now.

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    英語でお店に自社商品を置いてとメールしたところ、 下記が返信できました。 A bit of confusion though, I was told this would definitely be a free trial on the day you guys came into the shop, we wouldn't usually sell trainers but just thought we would give it a go to see how it goes? . but以下が分かりません! 教えてください!