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If you use Facebook, WhatsApp or emails at work, your chats may not be as private as you think. Here’s how to stop anyone from snooping. People need to remember their work email address is the property of their employer. Basically, if you're not happy for your boss to see it, don't type it!


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「もしあなたがフェイスブック、ワッツアップまたはe-mailを職場で使っているとしたら、あなたの会話は必ずしもあなたが思っているように個人的なものでは無いかも知れません。どうやって(個人的なやり取りを)のぞきみさせないかをここに書きます。 みんな認識しないと行けないのは、仕事のe-mailアドレスは会社の資産であること。基本的にあなたがあなたの上司に知られたくなければ、それを使わないことです。」



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    和訳を教えてください お願いします! Question:Why is it that if you tickle yourself it dosen't tickle,but if someone else tickles you,you can't stand it? Answer:If someone were tickling your body and you managed to remain relaxed,it would not make you laugh at all. Of couse,it would be difficult to stay relaxed,because tickling causes tension for most of us,such as feelings of unease because of physical contact,the lack of control,and the fear of whether it will tickle or hurt. However,some people do not laugh when they are tickled―those who do not get tense for some reason. When you try to tickle yourself,you have complete (4)of the station. There is not need to get tense and therefore no reaction. You will notice the same result if you close your eyes,breathe calmly,and manage to relax the time sameone tickls you. (4)は無視して 大丈夫です(>_<)

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    I'm asking you if sent by mail not put a real assessment of the amount in the declaration. Please mark it as a "souvenir" or vote up to $ 500 maximum. I hope for your understanding and happy to cooperate.

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    和訳を教えて下さい。アメリカの401Kについての内容です。 「The contribution that was deposited on 01/17/2018 was an employer contribution due in 2017. Based on your account history, the employer deposits the employer contribution January of each year for the previous year. There are not any details on this plan stating you would need to return the contribution to the employer.」 どなたかお願い致します。

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    I am however looking to buy a stand for it, similar or the same as those used in your eBay pictures. Do you sell them, or if not, can you recommend where I could buy one?

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    海外のサイトで注文したのですが、カードの支払は済んでいるのに商品が届かないため問い合わせをしたところ、再送か返金でどうしますか?という様なメールが来たので、再送をお願いしたつもりなのですが次の様な返事が返ってきました。 We have previously sent your order as you requested. Could you please advise if you have since received it or not as we are trying to establish if you still need further assistance regarding your order. Please advise accordingly. 上記の訳と、こちらとしては商品が欲しいのでキャンセルはしたくないのですが、どんな文章にしたらいいのでしょうか?

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    They were very interested to know how your trip went? And my mother said that your are very "kawaii so" because it has not been so cold in more than 100 years. Come to think of it ... you're really not very fortunate. In summer you visited Osaka and it hasn't been so warm for 100+ years. And when you visit Belgium in winter ... it hasn't been so cold for more then 100 years. You really go through cold and heat to see me ... I'm so happy to know you ... Of course you can stay in "our" hotel room as much and as long you want. . I come to Tokyo for you. If you ask me about my top 5 things I want to do when I'm in Tokyo,

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    You have within yourself a touchstone by which finally you can test every book that your brain is capable of comprehending. Does the book seem to you to be sincere and true? If it does,you need not worry about your immediate feelings,or the possible future consequences of the book. You will ultimately like the book,and you will be justified in liking it. Honestly in literature as in life, is the quality that counts first and counts last. 和訳をお願いします。

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    こんなメールが来ました。 Dear kachan48, You have successfully registered as affiliate on FilePost.com. Your FilePost.com account login is(アドレス) If you have any questions about the affiliate program and your account settings, we recommend you to visit our Support Center and review Frequently Asked Questions: ○○○ Please do not reply to this letter, it was created automatically. If you have any questions contact our support team at We are happy to work together with you! Sincerely Yours, Filepost Teamと来ました。次も同じ人から Dear kachan48, You have successfully registered at FilePost.com file hosting service. Feel free to log into your account using the following credentials: Login:(アドレス) Password:○○○ If you have any questions about our service, we recommend you to visit our Support Center and review Frequently Asked Questions: Please do not reply to this letter, it was created automatically. If you have any questions contact our support team at Sincerely Yours, Filepost Teamと来ました。OOOはURLです。 このメールを和訳してくれませんか? 回答お願いします。

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    和訳をしていただけるかた のみで、お願いできますでしょうか? 番外編です。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 For as detailed and complete as Soul Mate one was, it was maybe not enough for you. But I hope it has aroused your curiosity. For I want to guide you further. You are hungry for more. My insight has taken you this far now let it take you the rest of the fascinating journey. This path we are walking together, will end your loneliness, it will show your soul the other soul it was searching for. Has Soul Mate one left you with questions? Most people want to know the circumstance of the meeting with their soul mate. Soul mate two can tell you this. It can add to the very detailed description you have already received of your future partner, by describing his or her body, manner, and movements. This will add to the picture you have of him.

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    They also didn't like the idea of Scott making money on his own off Core/Purple without them, basically milking his status as the singer and leaving them out to dry. Their position is/was that if you're going to perform using STP to sell your tour, then it needs to be with us as your band.