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When Jimmy arrived, he found the lecture hall crowded with () students. (1)only a few (2)very few (3)few (4)quite a few (), our plan has been going very well. (1)By now (2)In time (3)So far (4)Until then James had a bad cold.() ,he decided not to go to the movie with us. (1)Therefore (2)Meanwhile (3)However (4)Yet I'm not opposed to what you are saying . (), I completely agree with you. (1)On the contrary (2)The contrary (3)Contrary (4)In cotrast 答えの解説もよろしくお願いします!!


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When Jimmy arrived, he found the lecture hall crowded with (4) students. (1)only a few (2)very few (3)few (4)quite a few studentsと複数形がミソ。これに整合するのは4のみ。 (1), our plan has been going very well. (1)By now (2)In time (3)So far (4)Until then 現在完了形にマッチするのは『今まで』の1. James had a bad cold.(1) ,he decided not to go to the movie with us. (1)Therefore (2)Meanwhile (3)However (4)Yet 『故に』を表すのは1のみ。 I'm not opposed to what you are saying . (1), I completely agree with you. (1)On the contrary (2)The contrary (3)Contrary (4)In cotrast 『それどころか』という慣用句


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When Jimmy arrived, he found the lecture hall crowded with (4. quiete a few) students. ジミーが到着した時、彼は、講堂がかなりの学生で込み合っているのが分かりました。 * quite a few http://eow.alc.co.jp/search?q=quite+a+few&ref=sa (3. So far), our plan has been going very well. 今までのところ、私たちの計画は、とてもうまく行っています。 * So far http://eow.alc.co.jp/search?q=so+far James had a bad cold. (1. Therefore), he decided not to go to the movie with us. ジェームズは、ひどい風邪をひいていました。それで、彼は、私たちと映画に行かないことに決めました。 * therefore http://eow.alc.co.jp/search?q=therefore I'm not opposed to what you are saying. (1. On the contrary), I completely agree with you. 私は、あなたの言っていることに反対ではありません。それどころか、私は、あなたに全く同感なのです。 * on the contrary http://eow.alc.co.jp/search?q=on+the+contrary



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    『I think you have a good start. I suggest you concentrate on only one area of interest with XX. And a very big thing is that you should use academic journals in your research, not just things you are finding on websites. I see you have a few sources that are good, but we want to do some serious digging. I am happy to meet with you to discuss things if you'd like.』 あるテーマでペーパーを進めようとしたのですが、このトピックでいいかどうかとメールをしました。 その返信できたのが以上の英文です。 それに対して、 『Thank you for the reply. I understand.』だけでいいでしょうか? 少し文章が短すぎるなーという気がするのですが、だからといってダラダラ書くのも…と思っています。 『See you tomorrow.』 と最後に入れて送るだけでいいでしょうか? アドバイスがあれば教えて欲しいです。

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    1: A:Sam,why don't you tellMr.Sisler what happned? B:I'm afraid to. (). A:Are you kindding? I've never seen him get angry. B:I have. In fact,just the other day,he screamed at his secretary right in front of me. (1)He seems to be in a great mood (2)He isn't very happy (3)He's expecting me (4)He's a deep thinker (5)He has a terrible temper 2: A:Are you still going out with Jim? B:() A:Really? How come? B:We started arguing toomuch. It stopped being fun. (1)No,we broke up a few weeks ago. (2)No,we're getting married next month. (3)We're going to make upsoon,though. (4)Yes,we're getting married next weeks. (5)Yes,we're still very happy. 解答と全文訳をお願いします

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    I am not a bar-goer. Generally speaking, I don’t like the noise, the press of bodies when it gets crowded and I’m not a drinker (alcohol tends to either make me sick or sleepy with very little in between). with very little in betweenとはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

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    アメリカに住んでる知り合いに「一週間くらい家に泊まらせてください。それと、そちらの地域の観光地をネットで調べたんですが、特に見つけられませんでした。なのでおすすめの観光地を教えてください」 とメールしたら下記のように返ってきたんですが、(1)(2)(3)(4)の文がいまいち理解できません。 There are not a lots of places around Little Rock to visit. Little Rock is not a big city. It does not have national parks. You can ask Shota where he went last time. I can bring you some places he went. There is a Clinton Library in Little Rock. There is a limestone cave 3 hrs away from my home. There is a city called Dallas 5.5 hours away from my home. There is a roller coaster park you can ride if you like riding roller coaster.We need to stay there at lease one night in hotel though. There is a water park in a city 1 hr away from us. It has all kinds of water roller coasters. It depends what you want to do. It is impossible if you want to see those famous places in a week. (1)『I have not gone to those places yet except Disney.』 (2)『I want to wait for Alex a little bit older.』 (3)『It is ok if you want to have some fun.』 (4)『I can take few days off to go with you.』 (1)「私はディズニーを除いた上記の場所に行ったことが無い」 (2)「アレックスがもうちょっと育つまで待ちたい」←何を待ちたいのか分かりません (3)「もしあなたが楽しみたいのならokです?」 (4)「あなたのために数日休みを取ることができる」 僕とこの知り合いの関係や、他の事情を解してないと答えづらいかと思いますが、よろしくお願いします。

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    I expect to die a rich man. 全文 Sandy: (to Jimmy) Coop, I think you spent more on that dress than I make in a year. Man: That's why we trust him with our money. I expect to die a very rich man, Jimmy. I expect to die a rich manてどういう意味ですか?

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    以下、イギリス人とebyでやり取りの中です、google翻訳で何言ってるかわかりませんでした。 翻訳できる方お願いします。 What world do you live in where a buyer can dictate to a seller how much he can sell his good for ? I think it best if you found someone else to buy these parts from. Peculiar that you now know how to write in English. I find it very difficult to deal with fools who think they can tell me what they think and expect me to go along with it, I prefer not to deal with these people as is the case here.

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    今参考書を買って、英語を勉強しているのですが、どうしても次の2つのカッコがわかりません どなたか教えてもらうととてもありがたいです。 In the early days of the United States of America, it was not easy to go from one city to Another. There was not any train and the roads were very bad. If a man wanted to go from one place to another, he bad to ride a horse. And because the roads were very bad, He sometimes became very dirty. One day a man in dirty clothes came to a hotel in a little town. “Do you have a room here for me?” he asked. The man at the desk thought, “This man is too dirty to stay at my hotel. I will tell him to go to another hotel.” “I am sorry,” he said. “We don’t have any rooms for you. There is a small hotel across the street. You can ask there.” Soon a man in fine clothes came into the hotel. He looked very important. “I’ve come to see Mr.Jefferson,” he said . “Mr.Jefferson?” “Yes, Vice-President Jefferson. We meet here.” The hotel man was surprised and said, “A man wearing( 1 )( 1 ) came here a little ago. I sent him to (  2 ) (  2 ).”he hotel man went to the Vice-President’s room in the other hotel. “Oh, Mr.Jefferson !” he cry. “I am very sorry. Now I know you are Vice-President, Not a farmer. We have a room for you. Please come back, sir.” “No,” said Mr.Jefferson. “If there is not a room for a farmer, there is not a room for the Vice-President.” この( 1 )と2のカッコには本文中の文字が入るらしいです。 またどうしてその答えになるのかも教えてください 本当に困ってます、どなたかよろしくお願いします。

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    “私は短いあいだですがあなたと働くことが出来楽しかった。” これを英訳してみましたがどれが正しいでしょうか。自分で考えた訳なので、どこかが微妙に違っているかもしれないといけないので、わかる方、訂正またはアドバイスお願いします。 1. It was fun being able to work with you in a short period. 2. It was fun being able to work with you a short period. 3. I could work together with you in a short period and was fun.

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    (1)A is no more B than C is DはなぜA is not B any more than C is DにするとBがnotの後ろに来る んですか?noはnot... anyだと言われたんですがよくわかりません (2)I know,but contrary to what people say about her,she always finishes herwork before the deadline の文で contrary toの所が againstだとなぜいけないんでしょうか